Hi everyone,

This is it. Do the Bills continue their remarkable ride into the playoffs? Or do we start counting the days until training camp? With a win over the Steelers on Sunday, the Bills will be going to the playoffs if the Jets lose to the Rams or the Broncos lose to the Colts.

The Bills and Steelers kickoff at 1:00 pm on Sunday. There is no local TV coverage, so unless you really want to see the Patriots and 49ers (I didn't think so) come on down to the Harp and watch the biggest Bills game in five years with your fellow Bills fans!

Of course, we'll also have the Jets and Rams game (1:00 pm) on some of the TVs at the Harp. The Colts and Broncos start at 4 pm. This is gonna be a great day of football!

For a rundown on all the playoff scenarios relating to the Bills, look here:

Here's the weekly release from One Bills Drive:

The Bills are offering a special "BILLIEVE" t-shirt at their Pro Shop. Check it out!

Happy New Year .... GO BILLS!!!

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