Richard Herring Newsletter
August 2016
Summer Holiday
Hi all
I am about to go away on my summer holiday, so there's not much happening in August. But there's loads of stuff coming up later in the year, so just keeping you up to date on that.
We've done three days filming on the new series (look there's a man drowning a tiny Andrew Collings Punch doll) and things are shaping up nicely. We're making the most of your money, but it's a very tight budget. If we manage to sell out all the Leicester Square Theatre shows we will be able to do another 10 days filming. So support us if you can - buy tickets to the live shows here.
All the money will end up on the screen (not literally).
We're not releasing the shows until they are all completed, so you will get to see the fruits of our labour in early 2017. The main shows will be online for free, but there will be extras for badge subscribers and people who pledged to the correct level on Kickstarter.
For sneak previews and exclusive bits donate a pound or more a month here.
The Best
My next tour which will be a Best Of... called Richard Herring: The Best.
That'll be a short show, right? No, you clearly don't understand the concept of Best. It doesn't mean it;s good. It's just the least bad stuff. So it will be 90 minutes long at least.
There are new gigs being added all the time. Camberley and Leicester are the most recent ones. We haven't yet secured a Bristol date (but we will) and the Oxford one has been cancelled as the Glee is closing down (but hopefully we'll find an alternative).
You can see all the confirmed gigs for the tour in
 my gig guide. Some theatres have tickets on sale
There's not much time to get your name in the charity programme. You need to have donated by August 15th to be sure of getting your name in the programme.
Go to my new justgiving page and donate at least £15 (you can give less but you won't get the above benefits). The more you donate the bigger your name will appear. Then email me your address (even if you've done so before) to and I will send out the signed limited edition programmes as soon as they are ready.
You can also buy quarter, half of full page ads. Contact me for rates.
The ninth series of RHLSTP has now all been recorded and being released every Wednesday. There are some really brilliant ones out already and more to come, including Tim Minchin, Russell Kane, Graham Linehan and Elis James. 
You can watch the series on video on Youtube
(also vimeo and iTunes)
Or listen at the British Comedy Guide
The next three series are already confirmed and on sale.
We will soon be launching a kickstarter to pay for the filming of series nine and ten. Hopefully we'll hit our target as we've obviously already paid for series 9! But we've got some great potential rewards so hopefully we'll do it!
Me1 Vs Me2 Snooker
Thanks to those hardy fans who came to see Me1 Vs Me2 snooker at Tempting Failure, a celebration of Transgressive Performance Art. They also saw a naked lady pull teeth out of her genitals. There will be a video (of the snooker) for those of you who wish you'd been there. There were five astonishing frames of self-playing snooker and an amazing result which you just won't believe. Any money we make from this (and I am dubious about whether we will cover our costs) will be ploughed back into making more podcasts. 
And remember it is officially a work of art, and almost certain to rocket in value.
Happy Now?
The DVD should be out soonish and there is one remaining chance to see it live.
9th September Stratford-upon-Avon
TV and Radio
I have completed the second draft of my Alternate Universe sitcom "Everything Happens (for no reason)". I am hoping I am in one of the infinity of universes where it gets made and not in one of the bigger infinity universes where it doesn't. The odds don't look good.
Radio 4 have commissioned four episodes of my dark-ish family sitcom Relativity. I don't know when that will be on (I have to write them first).
Anyway I am off to Devon to celebrate my dad's 80th birthday - Happy Birthday TK and then off to Indiana and then New York. If I get through all that then I will be back with you all for AIOTM in September. Start spreading the news....
Richard Herring