IAHF Needs Your Help to Get More People to See The Biggest Threat to Health Freedom and to Oppose It
This Threat is Much Bigger Than FDA's NDI Guidance Document..... Yet Almost No One Is Paying Attention....This Must Change!!(L-R: FDA Commissioner Hamburg (daughter of President of American Eugenics Society) "Occupy Wall Street" Movement Exposed as Orchestrated by Globalist Soros, "Bear" (dog) Jumps on John, the Person Sounding This Alarm Who Needs Your Help To Alert More People..... Please donate here to help me get to the Weston Price Conference in Dallas Texas in November where I'll have the chance to educate Dr.Mercola and others who can help us to properly address the Sleeper Issue I'm calling to your attention here.

IIAHF List: This is one of the hardest hitting radio show's I've evern done in the 23 years I've been fighting for health freedom!  Please listen to this archived audio file of the radio show I did yesterday What I provided on the air on  
Ron Paul Revolution Radio was a tour de force on current health freedom issues in which I provide an abundance of evidence to illustrate that the biggest threat to health freedom in America today is NOT the FDA's NDI Guidance Document, its something else altogether that not nearly enough people and groups are focused on... The FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter With Canada and Mexico. Please sign this petition which has been signed by more than 25,000 people.
Does that mean we should ignore the FDA's NDI Guidance Document? No! Of course not! I've suggested a strong course of action against it in this alert which I encourage you to take if you haven't already!

What I'm saying is this: Attorney Jonathan Emord has filed extensive comments with the FDA on this issue which gives him standing to sue them, if necessary, in Federal District Court to challenge the FDA's NDI Guidance Document. Having read his comments, it obvious to me that FDA has been very clearly nailed violating US law in numerous ways. They won't get away with this when hauled into court, but this issue is currently distracting supplement consumers from something much more dangerous that only IAHF has been calling attention to.
Yesterday's radio show about FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter With Canada and Mexico was a tour de force on the sleeper issue I'm striving to call to public attention. This helps Americans grasp that FDA has already set us up like bowling pins for harmonization to Canada and Mexico while Canada is harmonizing to the EU via the CETA Trade Agreement, and while Health Canada and RCMP is runnning amok raiding everyone in site.

Health Canada has just announced that the cost of DIN numbers (Drug Identification Numbers) is to increase by 50%. This is a naked bureaucratic effort to destroy supplement manufacturers.  NHF Canada seeks to file an injunction against Health Canada due to numerous recent guns drawn Gestapo raids committed by Health Canada and the RCMP against Naturopaths, Alternative Practitioners, Compounding Pharmacies, Health Food Stores- see www.nhfcanada.com

The FDA used to have a whole section of their website devoted to their Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico, but due to my probe via FOIA, due to two high level conference calls I had with FDA officials re my FOIA request in which they were in a damage control mode, clearly very worried by my probe, due to my efforts on the Hill to push for congressional oversight, and due to this petition in cyberspace thats been signed by more than 25,000 people, FDA has removed almost everything they used to have on their site about this because they're trying to evade further scrutiny and make it harder for us to stop their plans.

They still do have this document on the web: http://www.fda.gov/downloads/InternationalPrograms/FDABeyondOurBordersForeignOffices/QuadtilateralandTrilateral/Trilateral/UCM193251.pdf

This is what they removed from their site, I saved it suspecting they would try to cover their tracks: https://ymlp.com/zf8bMW

Health Canada still has this information on their site: http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/fn-an/intactivit/trilateral-coop/charter_charte-eng.php
FDA, Health Canada and their Mexican counterparts have made "addressing Health Fraud" to be their prime focus. We all know what they constitute to be "fraud" (any health claim made on any natural product, regardless of how valid it might be, indeed, they consider the mere EXISTENCE of natural products on the market to constitute "fraud".

NHF Canada has documented numerous recent Gestapo like guns drawn raid that have occurred north of the border, see http://www.nhfcanada.com/   Learn about how the RCMP and Health Canada have been terrorizing innocent people in pre dawn guns drawn raids in which people have been threatened with death if they don't cooperate.  If we don't help file an injunction in Canada, and if we fail to push for congressional oversight on FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter, we're going to wish we had. I need your help to help more people connect the dots on this issue.

I've got this petition signed by more than 25,000 people pushing for oversight on the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter that we're being blocked from getting because the members of the oversight & investigations subcommittee of the House Commerce Committee are awash in Pharma PAC donations.

What are you going to do to help me get congressional oversight on this? Every member of the Oversight & Investigatinos Subcommittee of the House Commerce Committee must be pressured on this issue. Call them and demand they hold oversight hearings on FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter. Any member of congress can be reached via the Capital Switchboard (toll free) at 1-877-SOB-U-SOB  Get their email address and email them this alert.

The "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations that are spreading to more parts of the country are a Stephen Lerner (SEIU), Wade Rathke (Acorn) Soros/ Van Jones instigated effort to counteract the Tea Party in order to keep Obama in power. Rather than a push to protect Constitutional liberties, Occupy Wall Street is a naked attempt to destroy American more Obama driven Big Government corruption to impose communism and to force us into the elite's planned NAU Collectivist Dictatorship via which health freedom would be destroyed through FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter.
To prove to yourself that Obama is nothing but a tool of the genocidal killers in the Bilderberg Group, you have no further to look than FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg who was ably exposed in this well researched article by Byron Richards "The Revitalized Eugenics Movement and the FDA's Role"
Soros is a deeply committed Globalist while Van Jones is a self admitted Communist. The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations are a direct attack on America that threaten to destroy us as a country.

The idiots who are marching in these demonstrations are being used by the ruling elite as part of their effort to bring the dollar down and to crush America so we can be forced into the CFR's planned NAU Collectivist Dictatorship which is being modelled after the EU, which is a collectivist dictatorship. Evidence: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/seius-stephen-lerner-invokes-bill-ayers-days-of-rage-to-take-down-wall-street-this-september/  http://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/politics/9269-big-soros-money-linked-to-occupy-wall-street

This is a much bigger threat to DSHEA than FDA's NDI Guidance Document, that we can beat in court, this, we can only beat if enough people and groups start understanding whats going on, and take the necessary steps to stop it.

Will you please help me? I will be on the air again on Monday October 23rd from 1-2 PM (listen live here on the web) with Gottfried Lange, MD, author of this book (How to Really Prevent and Cure Heart Disease- The Billion Dollar Scam) which I encourage you to buy. I'll once again discuss this sleeper issue. I'm making an effort to reach out to more people and groups in an effort to break through the logjam thats been blocking people from learning about this issue.
If you have any contacts who can help IAHF, please let me know. I especially need more clients, I need more alternative MDs with big newsletters to pay me something each month to assist me in doing this work. I need supplement companies, health food stores and of course more people to sign up for the free IAHF e-alerts via the site.
Your urgently needed donations will help me attend the Weston Price Foundation Conference in Dallas Texas November 11-14 where I hope to get the ear of key people such as Dr.Joseph Mercola who reaches huge numbers of people on health freedom issues via his website!Donations can also be made by sending a check or money order to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA....
Please help! Most people are only looking at FDA's NDI Guidance document- your help is needed to call this sleeper issue: FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter With Canada and Mexico to far more widespread attention, and IAHF is the only organization who sees this big picture and is trying to stop it!