Hi everyone,
Who's that handsome chap in the middle?
Welcome to another newsletter and also to a second lockdown, let's face it. I will attempt to keep you entertained from my attic, even if everything else is closed. What a year this has been. And it's still over two months from being over. Which is literally impossible.
THANKS so much if you backed the Stone Clearing and/or Snooker kickstarters. We will let you know where the money from the latter will be going as soon as we know.
The big news is that Taskmaster is finally going to be on TV. On Channel 4 every Thursday night for the next 10 weeks at 9pm. I think you will enjoy it. It certainly gave me a cathartic release of joy when we recorded it in July. I cried with laughter (often the butt of the joke) for most of the time we were in studio. It's absolutlely lovely stuff.
Also in this newsletter - news of my new book and a chance to own a RHLSTP notebook.
Thanks for your support during this difficult time.
Richard Herring
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The Problem With Men
I can't believe I wrote a book during lockdown. And I can't believe that it's actually good. But I did and I think it is. I have just recorded the audio book which has extras like an hour long chat with Deborah-Frances White, my stand up routine and a Twitter argument about tennis.
You can preorder here (or wherever you get your books/ebooks/audiobooks)
And if you want an exclusive badge and signed book plate then purchase a copy and apply (while stocks last). Here's all the info.
Please buy it. Then they might let me do another one.
Firstly and excitingly I have just filled up my Stranger Things RHLSTP notebook that is full of all my notes on shows from October 2019 to October 2020 and includes autographs of many of the guests who did live shows (including Michael Palin, Tim Minchin and Limmy), plus this amazing doodle of Alan Measles by Grayson Perry. It's also got notes for some abandonned shows and all the RHLSTPs I've done in lockdown so far.
I am auctioning it on ebay and all proceeds will go to Refuge. It's already got very expensive, but I think it's worth more. Please bid if you can.
RHLSTP is continuing through lockdown.
Podcasts are released every Wednesday. Check them out on Acast (and everywhere else) and Youtube on these dates
RHLSTP is continuing online
Coming soon
14th October John Kearns
28th October Ed Gamble
4th November Nell Scovell
Watch them recorded live on Twitch here
8pm Weds
And both Rhod Gilbert and Kiell Smith-Bynoe from Ghosts should also be appearing in November
There is also possibly going to be some live ones. We are recording the 300th episode in which John Robins will be interviewing me at the Bill Murray pub in Islington on the afternoon of the 20th October. There will be a very limited number of seats which we will be offering to superfans who have come to lots of the live shows. If you think you qualify for this and are free that afternoon and able to get to Islington then please email me at herring1967@gmail.com
it's going to be a tiny audience, so please don't be upset if you can't get in.
We will be releasing the video online as quickly as we can, with some bonus content and making a small charge. All the money raised throuhg this will go to Refuge. I will email again with details, but if you have enjoyed the 8 years of RHLSTP and would like to give a fiver to charity then that would be great. The show will be released for free in early November for those of you who can't or don't want to donate.
Also it looks like I might be recording two interviews at Alexandra Palace on 12th November. There will be an audience (though obviously socially distanced etc). I will let you know when tickets are available and guest announced. Keep your eye on Twitter. Will I take Ally and Sally to the Ally Pally???
You know where you can get RHLSTP by now
Upcoming releases are
14th October Michael Ian Black
21st October Stevie Martin (not that one)
and then John Kearns the next week and so on.
You can listen here
I am doing lots of things on Twitch
Snooker on Mondays at 7.30pm
released as a podcast and on Youtube
Ally and Herring's Twitch of Fun on Thursdays. this will move to 7.30pm when Taskmaster is on . These are also released as podcasts where you get your podcasts and videos on Youtube
New additions include Cocky Carrot and Law Fox.
And I am doing a podcast stone clear every week
And a live-streamed one that goes out on Twitch and is then put up on youtube. Usually around 8am on Friday morning.
Remember if you are with Amazon Prime you can give us free money (at no cost to yourself) every single month - don't forget to come back and resubscribe. Here's how you set it up.
I've got a handyman coming round later in the month. He thinks he can help me move the fridge and change the filter. We should have changed it again by now.
The episode of Tipping Point: Lucky Stars that I recorded in July 2019 is going to be on TV at some point before Christmas. It's on ITV - maybe on 29th.
I had a whole lot of fun and fear on The Chase. It's going to be on ITV over Christmas - maybe even Christmas Day. Did I gamble on the big sum? Did I regret it? Whatever happened with me, I can promise you it is a thrilling ep.
Wouldn't it be great if my Pointless Celebrities ep was on too? I just want to be on the telly.
I wrote a few skits for the new series of Spitting Image, but I don't think any of them got on.

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