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Hello, readers! was updated with 26 new reviews around July 15th but I got caught up in adding new information to the book news sections and neglected to get the notice out about the update. Then the heat wave hit and I had more interest in going for ice cream at the farm stand than in sitting in front of the computer after work.

Anyway, now I have two updates to report:

A general site update--- click this link to read the newsletter:

July 15, 2005 Newsletter Update

And a paperpack update; that is, a page that lists books that we reviewed previously and are now out in paperback in case you missed them the first time around:

July 22, 2005 Paperback Update

We hope you visit these two newsletter pages for recommendations on some great summer reads. We've reviewed some of this summer's buzz books that "everyone" is reading, as well as many of our favorite sleuth series. And, if (like many of us) you like your summer read to be more literary, we have some great recommendations in this area as well.

Let's make the most of the dog days of of the summer! Get a cool drink, a comfortable chair in the shade and a good book in the lap. Happy reading!

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