Hi everyone,
Two weeks into Taskmaster and (SPOILERS) who's at the top of the leaderboard? Don't bother watching the rest. It probably stays like that til the end.
Just a quick message to let you know that RHLSTP #300 (in which I AM THE GUEST and John Robins is interviewing me) is available to download NOW with a bonus 30 minutes that will not appear in the official podcast. It costs £8 BUT all that money (minus paypal fees) will go to Refuge.
PLUS everyone who downloads it will be entered into a draw to win a super rare RHLSTP Rubik's cube, plus a load of other RHLSTP merch that is not available to buy.
If you've enjoyed the 300 RHLSTPs (more like 430 if you include all the specials and Edinburgh ones) and think they are worth a little under 3p a show then please HEAD HERE NOW.
Please read on for more RHLSTP news and some more ways that you can help out some charities like Scope, Refuge and Movember.
ALSO with the help of another man I CHANGED MY FRIDGE FILTER. It was hard to do and did not make the water taste any different.
Richard Herring
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The Problem With Men
This is out on November 5th.
You can preorder here (or wherever you get your books/ebooks/audiobooks)
And if you want an exclusive badge and signed book plate then purchase a copy and apply (while stocks last). Here's all the info.
Please buy it. Then they might let me do another one.
The Stranger Things Notebook sold for an amazing £2000 and all that money is going to Refuge.
If you want to own the black and white mohair jumper that I wore in the PR and on stage for much of the 2019 tour then here's your chance. BID HERE
All money goes to SCOPE
I am doing another LIVE RHLSTP at the Alexandra Palace on 12th November. There will be two guests, on of whom will be actor Robin Askwith! All socially distanced and you have to buy tickets in your bubbles.
RHLSTP is continuing online
Coming soon
28th October Ed Gamble
4th November Nell Scovell
12th  November (Ally Pally) Robin Askwith +TBA
19th November Kiell Smith-Bynoe (from Ghosts)
26th November Rhod Gilbert
Watch them recorded live on Twitch here
8pm Weds (apart from Ally Pally gig which will not be live streamed)
I do a lot of work for charity but I don't like to talk about it. So I will just write about it instead.
I have had a good year, all things considered, as I've managed to keep working and have so far been well.
I hope that everyone who has done OK this year will think about giving stuff back to help others. Especially if Covid has actually led to you earning more rather than less. I am looking at you all the mates of the Tory party.
I am going to spend a good chunk of the rest of the year doing this.
We've raised a good amount of money for comedy clubs thanks to the snooker kickstarter. £3000 had already been sent to the Frog and Bucket in Manchester and we're giving £3000 to the Bill Murray too. And there should be at least two more donations of that size to come.
I am growing a moustache in November as part of Movember. It's a fun initiative to raise money and awareness for male causes (like people claim doesn't happen on International Women's Day). It gets lots of publicity and lasts a month rather than a day, but that won't stop certain men arguing that society is sexist against them and International Women's Day is bad. Please sponsor my moustache growing here
I will also be donating all the money we make from Twitch in November to the cause. If you are with Amazon Prime you can give us £3.50 for nothing by linking your Prime and Gaming accounts and then subbing. This video explains how
Let's take some of  Ian Amazon's Covid profits and give them to a good cause.
We will also be donating all the monthly badger money from November to Movember. Become a monthly badger here.
You get loads of cool benefits and extra videos (including the extra 30 minutes from RHLSTP 300).
I am doing a few gigs in November
I'm on the Guilty Feminist Podcast on 5th November https://guiltyfeminist.com/live-shows/
I am doing the Chortle book festival on 19th November at the British Library
and I am doing that Ally Pally gig on 12th.
I will be donating all my fees from these gigs to Scope and Refuge.
I will be ebaying more stuff for charity throughout November too. Keep an eye on Herring 1967 on ebay.
I will also donate all the money I receive from people signing up to Bulb in November to charity (it usually goes into making more podcasts). See below.
I am not saying I am the new Marcus Rashford, that is for others to say.

If you prefer to GET money whilst donating then why not join Bulb. You'll get up to £50 credit  (£25 if you just change either gas or electricity - £50 for both) if you use my code and so will we. And we'll be putting all the money raised this end into the pot to film the tour

Plus use my code and you and I will both get up to £50 credit and my up to £50 will go straight into the pot to make more podcasts. Yay!
Use this link for this incredible offer
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