Just a quick note half way into this spring to satisfied your consuming hunger. Last week’s we have released these two monuments. This is how you get them
Artist: MF/MB/
Title: Colossus
Release date: March the 1st
Spotify: MF/MB/ – colossus
iTunes (ink Bonus track)
It should also be available thru all decent record stores around the world.
Check the video for fist single “Casualties” via In Your Speakers.
With “Colossus” MF/MB/ goes from promising to complete.  

MF/MB/ continue to search their way forward to a krautrock that sounds more dancefloor than then The Ruhr- area fabricfloor [...] The interaction has become tighter, more detailed and the quality of the song material has been raised…
Not since Silverbullits last languishing crescendo, Swedish rock sounded so brutally vivid as it does here.

Artist: VED
Title: Spectra
Release date: March the 5th
Spotify: VED – Spectra
It should also be available thru all decent record stores around the world.

The Malmoe-based group is doing some of Sweden’s most interesting music right now.
It is time for more people to mention VED, not only national, but as top international instrumental music.
If last year’s VED- album was sprawling, the sequel is more compact. Möllevångs- funky flout- out have been replaced with cinematic tensions and a monotonous forward movement that just continues – even after the music stops.

The new release gives us two songs that undeniably have the force that earlier records promised[...] The two songs “Spectra” and “Starokórokas” are stuffed with adventurous soundscapes and floats by to fast. Just put it on repeat.
No matter how you choose to label the music it is devilish good. With an emphasis on devil. The music is heavy, euphoric spells from  the purgatory of rock hell.

Next up is albums from This Is Head and YAST and a couple of new EPs. Stay tuned.
//Adrian Recordings, Möllan, Sweden