This project was made possible by  Transport for London's  Community Cycling Fund and
London Cycling Campaign
Partners are
Bike Yard East
Hackney City Farm "Bike Start"
The 55 bus route is heavily congested in the morning. People at the Warner Place, Queensbridge Road and Pritchard Road stops often have to watch as full bus after full bus goes past.
The farm will give those frustrated people the opportunity to get a bicycle, training and route planning. The frustration of waiting for a bus and then cramming on one will disappear to be replaced by light exercise on their way to work.
Participants in the project will hire a bicycle every weekday they commute - paying what they would have spent on transport that day anyway. After three months, the money will be returned to them as a voucher for a bike shop.
Every three months we will recruit 6 more people to take advantage of this opportunity.
The bicycles will also be rented out at weekends to visitors to the farm to cover ongoing costs.
Hackney City Farm, 1a Goldsmiths Row, London E2 8QA ,

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