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Paul Taylor from the IAHF list called me today from the House of Commons where he'd gotten a pass with help from Lord Duncan McNair in order to get inside and lobby. Paul got Lord Howe's material showing the House of Lords strong opposition to the Standing Instrument that will harmonize the UK vitamin law to the EU Food Supplement Directive to the new committee, (just picked today.)

In doing so, he did the best that can be done because Labor has stacked the Committee with 6 new people, 5 of whom are Labor. It will be extremely surprising if they go against the Whip and vote against the SI. If they did, they'd be excommunicated within their party.

None of this is the least bit surprising to IAHF or to Rob Verkerk and David Hinde of the Alliance for Natural Health, who have seen the writing on the wall for months.

Our view is that a UK Centric campaign is doomed to failure, and the vote tomorrow will confirm this. Below is the list of the new, stacked committee. Say anything you want to the Labor MPs brought in to stack the committee, and it won't make a bit of difference because they do not care what you want.

So..... what NOW? Do I hear you ask? Is all LOST?

NO! All is NOT lost!! We can REBOUND off this by SPREADING WORD of this vast injustice to vitamin consumers, vitamin manufacturers, health food stores and alternative practitioners world wide so that a HUGE GROUNDSWELL of support will CONTINUE building behind the ANH lawsuit to overturn the EU FSD.

Along with talking today with Paul Taylor in England, I spoke with road warriors Rob Verkerk and David Hinde from the Alliance for Natural Health who were at the NNFA Vitamin Trade Show in Las Vegas where they have gained MASSIVE support from vitamin companies in NNFA and AHPA who now grasp that IADSA was lying to them and not in fact protecting them.

These firms are finally waking up, and now clearly SEE the writing on the wall, and thats a GOOD thing! Verkerk and Hinde also showed their powerpoint presentation to a number of Utah based companies, and appear to be making breakthroughs in bring several of them on board the lawsuit to overturn the EU FSD. Rob emphasized to me that their trip here has been expensive, and they urge everyone to help with donations via http://www.alliance-natural-health.org

Here is the stacked committee- don't ge mad, get EVEN by donating to the ANH lawsuit to overturn the EU FSD:


The asterisks are by the new people. Only one (William Hagne) is a conservative, the rest are Labor.

Carlotte Atkins
Jeremy Colbin
Ross Cranston * (LABOR STACKER)
Grant Davis* (LABOR STACKER)
Chris Grayling* (LABOR STACKER)
William Hagne* (only new conservative)
Evan Harris
Melony Johnson
Julie Kirk Bride
Jim Knight
Paul Marsden
Gwynne Prosser
Claire Ward* (LABOR STACKER)
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