Volume VI, Issue 8                                                         October 1, 2012
 In The Spotlight
  Six Flags Great Adventure introduced Roaring Rapids, one of the first white water rapids rides in the world in 1981. The crowds continued to grow, setting new records for attendance. 


In The Spotlight: 
For thirty eight years the entrance plaza has been welcoming carloads of guests into the Wild Safari. The toll booths created eight lanes for traffic entering the park and setting the mood with its rustic style. With the incorporation of the Wild Safari into the theme park for 2013 and the introduction of the Safari Off Road Adventure attraction, the final cars passed through the plaza on September 30, 2012. 
In the Spotlight:
Throughout its history, Great Adventure's Safari has featured a wide variety of signs along the miles of roadway.
In The Spotlight:
We look back at the 2011 Haunted Wagon Tales ride through Fright Fest attraction, which took guests outside the regular boundaries of the park on a scary story telling adventure.  
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The end of an era with the
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