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4 June 2010
Stitch and Getting Your Knit on in the Great Outdoors 
... Knit Crawl VENUES and PRIZES Revealed ... FREE Tiny Perching Pigeon PATTERN ... Race for Life ... EXCLUSIVE Cake Makes It Better pattern ... Stitch Yourself Parade ... Gerty steals your soul ...

Exhibitionist-flavoured yarn-wielding greetings to you

We hope this newsletter finds you well, pulling your stitching stuff together to launch yourself into a bit of outside knitting for Worldwide Knit in Public Day on our Stitch London Knit Crawl and gearing yourself up for the cake that comes at the end of Race for Life. If you're not taking part in either we hope you and your stitching at least get some sunshine.


S&B London learners: Free knitting lessons will take place twice a month from 6.30 at S&B London meetings. If there are lots of you then you may have to wait. Check for the Learners Lesson icon next to the meeting title.

See our Learn to Knit and FAQ pages.

Please note: All learners should aim to arrive before 8pm.

Race for Life - June 13th
Stitch Yourself for the Science Museum
Help Us teach by becoming a Stitch Sage

Get out – Join Stitch London as part of the woolly Godzilla that stamps its way across four fabulous London destinations as our Knit Crawl gets out in the sunshine with a yarn-flavoured ROAAAAAAAAR!

Get free stuff – Oooo and ahhhhhh as our Stitch London Knit Crawl free gifts and raffle prizes are revealed. We want to keep them...

Get squeeeeeee! – The cutest free Tiny Perching Pigeon pattern, an exclusive interview with the genius behind it and other tiny knits, Anna from Mochimochi Land, and an invite to an exclusive London Tiny Perching Pigeon party? You people are totally spoilt!

Get set – Learn a little about our Race for Life and get your charity hungry teeth into our free Cake Makes It Better cushion cover for a very good cause.

Get creative – See the latest procession of tiny stitched arrivals for our Stitch Yourself project. They're jaw-droppingly fabulous.

Get your soul saved with Gerty – Our gin-drinking, cake-chomping giant ball of yarn agony aunt tells you how to save your soul, your sanity and your stitching.

Stitch London meetings:
For more information on each venue click on 'More info' to go to our Venues page.
MONDAY 7th June

Time: From 6pm
Stamford Arms
62 Stamford Street
SE1 9LX 

Map More info

Time: From 6pm
Venue: Camel and Artichoke
121 Lower Marsh

MONDAY 21st June

Time: From 6pm
Venue: St. James’ Park  On the grass by the café called ‘Inn the Park’ (or inside if it’s raining)

Map More info

 Stitch London Knit Crawl 2010
The Stitch London Knit Crawl will be crashing through London on the 12th of June.
Join us for public knitting, free stuff, raffle prizes and all manner of crafty chaos in aid of the Brains Trust.

Want to know what you can win? See the fabulous fibre-based prizes below. Squeeeeeeeeee!

Artist Mieko Tozawa amazing crochet frog
Limited edition Robert Dawson knitted plate

Lovely Namaste Monroe bag
£45 gift voucher
Chocolate sharing hamper
Exclusive handpainted Derek the Sheep watercolour
Two sets of Lego stitchmarkers
Exclusive giclée Vern the Sheep print
Soak gift pack
A skein of fabulous handdyed sock yarn
Twisted Sister Sock Workbook by Lynne Vogel & Shibori Knits by Gina Wilde
Stitch London beginners kit (project bag, needles, yarn and How to Knit book
Stop One: The Wild
Stop Two:
The Wondrous
Stop Three:
The Musical
Stop Four:
The Magical
Natural   History  Museum
Cromwell Rd


 Where: Main lawn outside front of building

Time: Noon to 1.15pm

Victoria and Albert
Museum (V&A)
 Cromwell Road
 Where: Courtyard (John Madejski Garden)

Time: 1.30 to 2.45pm
 Albert Memorial
Kensington Gardens
27 Princes Square
 South Kensington
W2 2NJ

Where: Grass area around memorial

Time: 3 to 4.15pm
 Peter Pan Statue
Kensington Gardens 

 Where: Grass area around statue

4.30 to 6pm
Knit Crawl Survivors Shindig

The Mitre
24 Craven Terrace
W2 3QH

Time: 6pm till late
Can't join us on the Knit Crawl? Find a WWKIP event in your area. It's your duty to get out there and stitch where they can see you!

FREE PATTERN: Stitch and the impossibly cute Tiny Perching Pigeon

Stand by for a huge helping of squeeeeeeeeeeeee! Stitch London are all kinds of excited to be welcoming one of our favourite inspiring stitchers to the UK this month and to celebrate she's designed a pattern just for us. Ladies and gentleman, raise your magnifying glasses to spy the tiny, the teeny, the cute enough to make you implode Tiny Perching Pigeon!
 This small and perfectly formed feathered fibre fellow is the latest work of Anna Hrachovec of Mochimochi Land, a Brooklyn-based knitter with a penchant for the tiny, the fantastically cute and the kooky.

To celebrate her and her tiny knits arriving in the UK she's conjured up the Tiny Perching Pigeon pattern for you lovely Stitch Londoners to cast on and create.
EXCLUSIVE EVENT: The Tiny Perching Pigeon Party
Anna will join us for our Stitch London meeting on the 21st of June for cake, sunshine (hopefully) and a bit of parkside pigeon stitching.
We'll flock to Trafalgar Square with our purled pigeons for a Tiny Perching Pigeon Party.
We'll place the pigeons in the shadow of those lovely lions and replace the sadly departed real life pigeons with a tiny knitted flock of our own. Putting pigeons back where they belong with a bit of proud purling.

  1. Knit your Tiny Perching Pigeon at home or on the day
  2. Bring him/her along to our meeting on the 21st
  3. Join us on our expedition to return pigeon life to Trafalgar Square
  4. Place your pigeon
  5. Get snapping pigeon pictures

Feel free to try to make your pigeon slightly manky to be London authentic. It won't work. Your pigeon will be cute no matter what. Cuteness abounds! Yay!

Keep your peepers peeled for an exclusive interview with Mochimochi Anna in our next newsletter to discover the story behind her tiny knitted genius.

Stitch and knitting on the run

Don't panic! We haven't just ram-raided our local yarn store and are now shouting all about it in the newsletter... No, we bring you news of the upcoming Race for Life.  Some of us Stitch Londoners are donning pink, getting our trainers on and our needles out and are racing while we knit. Its all to raise money for Cancer Research UK.  We had such a great time last year, we thought we'd do it again!

You will be able to spot us in our vision of pink and wool at the City of London event on Sunday 13th June, starting from Moorgate at 10.30am. 

That's the day after the Knit Crawl, so you can have a whole weekend of knitting and visiting our fabulous city at the weekend all at once!  
We have Stitch London Race for Life logos proudly on our shirts (which can be purchased at a bargainous £2.50 (with £1 going to Cancer Research)). These can be ironed on to your t-shirt to show your knitting proudness off to London town. Team member can email us if you'd like one.

 Team Stitch London are:

Stitchettes: Lauren 'Deadly Knitshade' O'Farrell, Marion 'Bluestocking Stitcher' Crick, Emma 'The Fastener' Toft, Emma-Lee 'The Purple Purler' Yarwood
And lovely Stitch Londoners: Brigitte Onyskiw, Melissa Gray, Natalie Warner, Natalie Phelps, Sue Collard, Dawn Bray, Clare Storry, Jenny Willett and Amy Shannon

And, guess what? It's not too late to join our team! Find out how to join with our Race for Life info, but you need to be quick...
EXCLUSIVE PATTERN: The Cake Makes It Better Cushion

Fancy helping us raise a bit of Race for Life cash and stitching yourself something comfy and cake-themed? Well, the crafty Bluestocking Stitcher has created a fabulous pattern to stitch your own cake-flavoured cushion cover (You knew we'd get cake into the race somehow – right?). Donate and download it to get some comfy cake in your life.

The Cake Makes It Better Cushion pattern can be downloaded from our website here.
You must then donate however much you want to give to our Justgiving Race for Life Fundraising page.

We'll be knitting our cake squares as we race. All batternburg cake cushions which will be donated to Bart's Hospital (who helped Stitchette Deadly Knitshade kick the stuffing out of cancer a few years back) to help comfort people and brighten up the family rooms there.

You don't have to be in the Race to help. You can help to support this incredibly worthwhile charity by donating here for the pattern or just because you want to support the team. We will push virtual cake in your direction and endeavour to finish the race in knitting glory without a single dropped stitch.

We thank you from the bottom of our wooly hearts in advance and look forward to seeing you at the finish line.

Stitch Yourself takes to the catwalk

Stitching yourself is the new yoga. Sure it's less bendy and less likely to balance your qi but it's proving to be a passtime that is bringing out all kinds of wonders you never knew you had in you.

To inspire you here are some of the Stitched Selves that have arrived so far. They're a feisty, funny and fibre-fabulous lot and we're in awe of the creative sparks that are flying out there. Contributions are flying in from as far as Australia and as near as Acton.

The current count on Ravelry stands at at 42 projects (85 queued) for the Knitted Blank Body, and 4 projects (with 6 queued) for the Crochet Blank Body (you hooking folk out there better catch up!)
Who knows how many are out there being sewn too. But he's a whole sewn squadron of school kiddies from London's Emporium Tea Rooms after school club. It's stitched self madness!

You can still join in. The Stitch Yourself deadline is the 26th of June. Find the free patterns on our website here.

Look out for the full parade of Stitched Selves so far over on our blog later this week for a bit of inspiration.
Bit stuck? Work things out on our Ravelry thread. Helpful suggestions abound.

 Ask Gertrude: How much yarn is a soul worth?
This week, Gerty ponders the worth of a soul and offers a solution to a fuller knitting life.

Dear Gerty
Do I have to sell my soul to get a life? My mother has gone mad, DH is a raving hypochondriac, his DD is a complete PITA.
My only pleasures come from buying and fondling yummy yarns and the odd large glass of C2H5OH, red or white or mixed or fizzy.

Yours lifelessly
Crafty Cooky, Cockfosters

PS If the answer to the first question was yes, then please can you send me the appropriate URL.

My dear Cooky

An interesting conundrum. Unfortunately a soul is not equal to a life. I know from my own experience that the cost of a soul is an arm and a leg. Of course, I got a bulk discount on all the Stitchette souls, but look where it's left  me. No arms, no legs.  But limbs are not all there is to a life – there is so much more. So unfortunately, your soul will not get you a life.

We do need to address how you get a life, though, and maybe the added bonus of extra yummy yarn and lovely gin (not sure where it gets to be red or fizzy, though). And the answer is to use the lovely, lovely yarn to distract and distance yourself from the family horrors. 

For your mother, you need to use yarny goodness to counteract the madness. For this, we need to bring it to a crisis situation and then control it.  I suggest that you knit a lot of life-size models of your family and place them in front of the TV.  Then put little speakers inside them, so that you all speak in each others voices instead of your own.  If you make the knitted copies particularly good, the effect will be very unnerving and may send her off to la la land.  Once you have unsettled her, then slip her into this nice knitted straitjacket.  And there you have it, family member number one under control. 

As for the PITA DD (bread?, dastardly daughter?), you could just KILL HER. Kill her with your needles. Go on. That'll teach her to be a pain, oh yes. Kill her.

(At this point the editor has stepped in to remind you that Gerty has rage. She sometimes needs to be reminded knitting needles are for knitting and not for hurting. When Gerty forgets this on occassion we take away her battenburg till she remembers her manners)

Ah but being practical that would land you in prison, away from access to lovely yarn and gin.  Is she being a nuisance because she is bored? Maybe she needs some extra household work to occupy her and leave you lots of free time for knitting.  How is she at mixing a lovely gin and tonic?  Does she make a good bit of battenburg?  Yes, keeping her occupied is the key to stopping her getting in the way of your knitting.

For your DH (dying hamster?), I would suggest that we need to address why he is a hypochondriac and solve that issue.  Is he scared of germs?  Is big wussy boy scared of little germs?  May I suggest that you introduce him to some friendly germs?  How about a cuddly cold virus?  What about a bit of fluffy salmonella? No? Is he still shrinking in fear of the germs? The big baby.  Well, then you need to harness the power of knitted penicillin.  I suggest that you make a few germs, and some big bad penicillin power dolls.  Then employ the children to put together a play showing the penicillin fighting and killing the germs for him.
Once you have performed the microbe fight, you can then convince him that all of your knitting now has germ fighting powers.  Put the penicillin into your stash and then let him see that it has absorbed the antimicrobial properties.  Take the penicillin out to your favourite yarn stores. Nestle it among the lovely yarny goodness. Point out to him that the lovely merino is now full of penicillin goodness.  He will now have to buy you the miracle health-giving yarn.

I hope, my dear Cooky, that I have given you enough thought for how to avoid selling your soul.  If you do feel the need to sell it though, may I suggest avoiding ebay - it's a buyers' market out there at the moment and I don't think you'll get a very good rate.  I can offer a good rate on all unwanted souls - how do you feel about a pint of gin, a bloody mary and some Devils Food Cake?

See this question and others that didn’t make the newsletter on Gerty’s blog.
Fancy selling your soul for a bit of Gerty wisdom? Email her at

In a bit of Stitchettes news some of you might recognise the three bullying long-eared ladies who are carrot-wielding bodyguards in this month's Beano Max. Gary Northfield's Derek the Sheep has a new enemy called Horrible Steve and his Stevettes are not to be messed with...
We'd better get out of here and start working on our stretches for a whole weekend of woolly madness is soon to be shoved you way. You lucky ducks you.
As always you are free to stalk us on Twitter where we will be tweeting live from the Knit Crawl and Race for Life. Also chin wag about wool and cake on our message board if you dare.

If need to let us know about the joyous stitching gold you have struck then drop us a line via email at

The Stitchettes x



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