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As this will be our last newsletter of 2017 so we like to remind you our BIMFEST XIV (2017) will be kicking-off Friday December 15th. Our BIMFEST headliners are Kirlian Camera on Friday & Blancmange on Saturday. The full line-up and program can be found on www.bimfest.be .

Early Birds tickets have already been sold out for ages now but you still can save some precious money on our tickets in pre-sale, so if you didn't order your tickets yet, this is the time!
Upcoming BodyBeats events:
Next weekend!
15 + 16.12 BIMFEST XVI @ De Casino, St.Niklaas, B (click for more info, tickets & multimedia)
Next Year!
24.2 International EBM Day @ De Casino, St.Niklaas, B 
(click for more info, tickets & multimedia)

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15 + 16.12 BIMFEST XVI @ De Casino, St Niklaas, B

BodyBeats Productions & De Casino present:

In little more than one week our Belgian Independent Music Festival 2017 edition XVI will kick-off! After last year’s 100% Belgian & 15th anniversary bill, we also went looking abroad again for this year's line-up. But, because there’s no BIMFEST without at least a few quality homegrown products we invited this year, IMPLANT (with a brand new album!) and cult act PARADE GROUND. Loyal BIMFEST-goers will immediately spot a couple of returning BIMFEST acquaintances like NO MORE (D), THE INVINCIBLE SPIRIT (D) & PSYCHE (CAN) on the poster but also some less obvious names (to Belgian standards) such as rhythmic & industrial act XOTOX from Germany or the Techno / EBM crossover project of the NYC electro producer & performer Oliver CheslerTHE HORRORIST (LIVE!). We also succeeded to get KIRLIAN CAMERA, from warm but dark & industrial North Italy, fronted by the stunning & charismatic Elena Alice Fossi, who will undoubtedly bring the temperature in the front rows to boiling point. Also electro/Industrial pioneers CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE (US) will easily get the crowd moving with some brand new tracks & ofcourse their club classic tracks as Cardboard Lamb and Flying Turns. The main catch of BIMFEST 2017 is undoubtedly the pleasant deranged British Electro combo BLANCMANGE, who everyone should know from their 80s mega-hits like "Don't Tell Me," "Blind Vision ',' Feel Me '& ' Game Above My Head '... to name but a few! Swedish EBM act ELM & Electro Industrial Noise combo ALVAR are the two opening acts selected by the Dark Demons Night 2017 audience. 
20.01 The Rise Of The Belgian Empire @ Naumann's, Leipzig, D
BodyBeats Productions & Electric Tremor present:
The Rise Of The Belgian Empire
With LIVE performances by:
Neumann's (Felsenkeller), Leipzig, D 

Our German friends from Electric Tremor (Familientreffen) have invited no less than four of our BodyBeats artists to play their The Rise Of The Belgian Empire event being A Split-Second, The Juggernauts, Stin Scatzor and Euforic Excistence. To complete the line-up they have also invited the recently re:booted and also Belgian act, Pro-PatriaBodybeats resident DJ BORG & friends will blast some more beats from the speakers on the afterparty!
09.02 The Juggernauts + True Zebra @ Der Cult, Nürenberg, D  

BodyBeats Productions & Der Cult present:
- Are Coming Tour 2017 -
Der Cult - Nürenberg - D
Support: True Zebra
On Friday February 8th The Juggernauts will come to Nürenberg, Germany to present their latest album 'The Juggernauts Are Coming' and this at the live music Club Der Cult. Needless to say The Juggernauts are more than warmed-up playing   the already 12th show of their 2017 The Juggernauts Are Coming Tour.

Also on the same stage that night is True Zebra what makes it a 100% Electronic and Belgian beats night!
24.2 International EBM Day @ De Casino, St Niklaas, B
BodyBeats Productions & De Casino present
With LIVE:

As the title already gives away this will be a day on which we will celebrate one of our beloved music genres, Electronic Body Music! A dark but pounding music style, maybe not as such invented, but most definitely best fine-tuned and exploited, by our national EBM proud Front 242. Hence the date on which EBM fans over whole the world celebrate International EBM day >24.2< So mark the day in your agenda and come celebrate International EBM day with us! Of course this feast would not be complete without a pounding afterparty with beats & waves spun by resident DJ BORG. 
Some more and up-coming & BodyBeats powered events!
30.12 Dive @
Der Bunker, Dresden, D

06.01 Dive @ Dynamo Zurich, CH
20.01 Dive @
Katzenclub, Munich, D
27.01 Dive @ Industrial
Festival, Cannes, FR

(More dates to be confirmed / More info on www.bodybeats.be)
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