Volume I     Issue 9

October 31, 2007 

 Happy Halloween!

 We have a few treats just for you in this issue of The Canopy:

  • New GreatAdventureHistory.com Forums & Galleries open today
  • 2007 Season In Review Yearbook Page
  • Spotlight--Wiggles World
  • Spotlight--Safari Exploration Station
  • Spotlight--Safari Hospitality Center
  • Spotlight--The Lion Sign
  • Spotlight--The Great Adventure Ride Graveyard 


---NOW OPEN---


Come Together, join the discussions, find old friends, share memories, and post your own GreatAdventureHistory!  

All members will have access to their own photo gallery integrated with the forums so you can tell your story in pictures and words. 

  Wiggles World

  A look at the new children's area with before and after comparisons, and full spotlights on each of the rides and attractions.






Wild Safari

Exploration Station


Safari Hospitality Center

A look at the Safari area as it is and as it was before its 2007 transformation into the Exploration Station, and as it is now with the new name and look. 


 Lion Sign

  For years, the Lion Sign stood proud first at the entrance to the park on Route 537, then at the Safari Entrance.   Unfortunately, this amazing piece of the park's history was lost due to age and the delicate nature of its construction when an attempt was made to move it into a new location.   Look back at the history of this great sign over the past 33 years.


Graveyard Of
 Past Rides

Look back at the rides that have departed from the park over the years.  Click the tombstones and remember how good (or bad) those rides were.

2007 Season
Yearbook Page

Take a look back at the season in review.

PLEASE NOTE: The page is still under construction, and you as mailing list subscribers are getting a first look before it will be may generally available!

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