It’s time for Bills vs Pats – Round 2! Last time Mario’s wrist was busted from signing that massive contract, and Freddy & CJ were hobbling back from actual injuries. This time all three are healthy as the Bills come up to Foxboro to take on the Hoodie and the rest of the evil empire. There’s a lot in the email this week, and we know the group will be split with some of you going to the game, so we’ve separated the email into a few sections so you’re not stuck reading it all. First a note about Charity Day.
Charity Day is coming!
We’re under a month from our Annual Charity Day on Dec 2 @ the Harp. If anyone has any connections at work or thru family/friends at companies that would be willing to donate items for auction or raffle to help raise money for charity, please drop us a line at
We’ve already had some great donations from Wegmans and Mighty Taco, but they don’t have to be WNY-centric items. We’ll be happy to assist with any request (ie. if formal request on letterhead is needed). Thanks for any help with this!
This week @ The Harp:
Wanna know what really ticks off Boston fans? When you pack a bar in their city with fans cheering for the opponent. So come on down to the Harp and cheer on your Bills! Kickoff is @ 1pm, Harp opens at 11am.
A few special notes about this week @ the Harp:
Welcome St. John Fisher Alumni! For the second straight year we’re happy to welcome the local alumni chapter to the Harp.
TD Garden Event: Harp Management has asked us to let everybody know there is a Gymnastics event at the Garden at 3pm on Sunday. They’re going to open the basement level for families coming to the event so we can still have our normal space upstairs. There won’t be any impact on the TVs or sound for the game, just a few more people around the Garden this week. Be sure to take that into account when deciding to drive vs taking the T as parking lots may be charging more.
- Shirts: We still have shirts on sale for $15/each. Mens and womens sizes available. Also available are last year’s shirts in womens sizes for $10. See Chris or George at the Harp on Sunday to pick up your shirts.
This week @ the Stadium:
Lucky enough to have a ticket to the game? Come on down and join our annual Bills Backers Pinto Kenny Foxboro Tailgate! We’ll be joined by arguably the most famous Bills fan, Ken “Pinto Kenny” Johnson. Ken’s known for attending over 300 consecutive home and away games, and got his nickname for the Ford Pinto he drives to every Bills home game that’s the centerpiece of some massive tailgate celebrations. This week he’s going to be followed by an NFL Films producer to document a fan’s journey to an away game for a Yahoo Sports video, so come on out to join in the party! Here’s the info for the tailgate:
Cost: $50/vehicle (expensive, we know. But at least it’s a private lot so your $$ isn’t going to Robert Kraft)
Time: Lot opens at 8am
Location: Route 1 Liquor Mart, 29 Washington Street, Foxboro, MA,+Washington+Street,+Foxboro,+MA&hl=en&sll=42.036922,-71.683501&sspn=2.786389,4.125366&oq=route+1+liquor+mart&t=h&hq=Route+1+Liquor+Mart,&hnear=Washington+St,+Foxboro,+Norfolk,+Massachusetts&z=16
Driving a large vehicle on Sunday? FYI: anyone taking large SUVs or pickup trucks may not be allowed to park in the lot. Just got a call from the owner and due to new fire regulations, they are req'd to provide access to fire trucks and towing to all vehicles in the lot. This restricts their parking schemes to only fit regular size vehicles, largest size they can accommodate being around a normal pickup, Ford Explorer size SUV or minivan. If anybody is traveling up with anything big like a Suburban, Hummer, conversion van or large heavy duty pickup, email us at and we'll see if they can allow one or two. Apparently the fire dept walks thru each lot on gamedays and issues fines to lot owners, so many lots are just not allowing them to park there. If this becomes problematic to a lot of people we'll look at new parking options for next season.
Got extra tickets? Need a ride? Use the comment wall on our facebook invite to reach out to the group:
Tailgate FAQ:
Where in the lot is the party?
- We generally set up shop along the tree line in the back of the lot.
What time should I show up?
- The lot opens at 8am, and they start filling in cars from the back of the lot (where we normally set up shop). The only way they can guarantee parking next to a group is to show up together. So if you’re not there early enough to be part of the main group, just park nearby and bring your stuff over.
What if the lot is full?
- The liquor store lot is before the building. There is another larger lot IMMEDATELY past the Liquor Store lot in a large field (you can see it on the google maps link above) behind the liquor store building. You can park there and just walk over the low guardrail in the back of the lot to join the party.
I’m going with Pats fans, will they have fun?
- It should be a pretty friendly environment for them. Our group is surrounded by Pats fans every year, and sometimes a few are mixed up in the middle. They’ve been very friendly in the past, and many of them ask to partake in Bills tailgate traditions like the bowling ball shot. We’ve also been known to square off in a drinking game or two. Many Pats fans have told us they have a blast at our tailgate, and a few are coming back to join us this year.
How far is it from the stadium?
- About a 10-12 min walk to the gate. Allow an extra 10-15 min going into to allow for the lines due to searches/pat downs. Also be careful taking a “beverage” with you walking to the stadium as law enforcement here is not as lax as in Orchard Park.
Can we tailgate postgame?
- One of the reasons we picked this lot is it’s not stadium owned, so the rules are a little more lax and they don’t kick you out right after the game. Generally we’ve been able to stick around til 6:30-7pm without a problem, which is great because traffic isn’t as bad by then so the drive home is easier.
Any questions we missed? Drop a post to the facebook wall above and we’ll be happy to answer.
Wow! You made it to the end of the email. As a reward, here’s a link to a pretty in depth article about the connection between the Bills and the city of Buffalo:
Thanks for your continued support of the group. No matter where you catch the game this weekend, we hope you have fun! GO BILLS!
-Bills Backers of Boston.