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   My Wonderful Trip to Malta, Europe!
Not only did I return after many years to my country of origin, and visit family and friends, but I also had the opportunity to speak to a full house of business professionals at the beautiful Chamber of Commerce building in the capital city, Valletta on June 27, 2013! The event was sponsored by both Rotary Club La Valette and the Malta Chamber of Commerce. Thank you to Rtn. Herman Zandt, Pres. of Rotary Club La Valette Malta, who efficiently and effectively co-ordinated the entire event. Thanks also to Rtn.PR members for the newspaper coverage and my 2 radio interviews. Rewarding experience for me to speak in another continent, especially my continent of origin! I WILL return shortly! I am so glad that the rotary club received very generous donations by the attendees for the betterment of the underprivileged. Click here for one of the ads: 
July 2013 - In This Issue
  •    Ten terrific tips for you to ponder
  •    Announcement of New Mp3 format of my book!!! Smile
Speaking Skills Camp
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Quotations of the month:
   “Their story, yours and mine- it’s what we all carry with us on this trip we take, and we owe it to each other to respect our stories and learn from them.” William Carlos  Williams
  “In the end all we have are stories and methods of finding and using those stories.” Roger C. Shank, from ‘Tell Me A Story’ 
Ten Terrific Tips for your stories!
Patricia Fripp says: “Wisdom comes from reflection.” Here are questions for YOU to reflect upon, when creating and delivering your stories. Are  you aware of and/or use any of these tips?
 ·        Truthful: Is this my own story, or am I relating someone else’s, ensuring I give credit to the original source?
·        Take away message: Do I have a clear, concise message/point to make from my story?
·        Trigger: Do I trigger curiosity, interest, mental involvement at the start of a story by asking a question, using a quotation or making a profound statement?
·        Tension: Do I introduce the conflict in my story early and build the tension to hold my audience’s interest, having them anxious to hear the resolution?
·        Tangible technique: Do I have tangible, doable technique to offer my audience in order for them to act upon the message?
·        Timely pauses: Are they timed appropriately giving them time to ponder a point or laugh at something funny? Or do I trample on their thoughts and laughs by never pausing?
·        Tone: Is my tone of voice in sync with the words I speak, my facial expressions, my body language?
·        Touch base: Do I create moments to touch base with the audience through rhetorical questions?
·        Touch hearts: Do I realize that people are moved to action, intellectually but more so emotionally and therefore I tell stories that have emotions to which audiences can relate?
·        Take, don’t tell:  Do I use many of the above techniques to bring them into my story and thereby take them with me throughout the story?

Join me next month when we look at the letter "U" as it relates to another storytelling skill.

Until then,
Happy Speaking! Smile

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I am a South African who recently opened a branch of our company – RED Design - in Malta, Europe. Because it is a new company and requires a lot of marketing I often find myself in the position of having to do public speaking. This, for me, is a nightmare and a huge cause for stress and sleepless nights! But I went to Kathryn's workshop on public speaking and I could not stop taking notes. I was so excited afterwards because for once she helped me realize – I can do this! It will take time to get over the "stage fright" but she gave me the right tools to get there which I will always value and carry with me!
Thank you for a wonderful workshop! 
Chandelene Steyn - Co-Owner – RED Advertising and Design Studio, Malta

Canadian Association of
Professional Speakers
Kathryn MacKenzie, M.Ed. DTM 
Presentation Skills Instructor | Keynote Speaker | Author

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