March Madness - In the Garden~

Yes...the time has arrived ...gardening time that is.

You can start sowing seed if you have a green house or other means of protection to nurse them to planting stages.

Most things do well by sowing directly into the soil; this is my method of choice. Either way is right, all depends on your preference.

It's also time to remove any protection you gave tender herbs over the winter such as lemon verbena, scented geraniums, and some sages.

Just beware, a sudden cold snap can easily happen this time of year, so don't neglect to re-cover if the need arises.

This is the time to prune back roses and shrubby herbs such as sage, thyme and lavender. A good haircut will give your plants new energy and a much better yield all summer.

Remember, you can save on purchasing more plants by propagating from your already established ones. If you need help on the how-to, just ask.

Chives, both garlic and onion can be divided and replanted or shared with someone. Again, if help is needed....

Please...don't forget to add all the extras to your garden that brings and keeps balance to your system. Bird houses and baths, bat houses, toad houses, and habitats for other wild things.

Do You Know?

Chopping cruciferous vegetables like broccoli increases the activity of protective glucosinolates, while prolonged cooking decreases glucosinolate levels. Stir-frying and light steaming have little effect on the compound's concentrations. Adding a handful of herbs to the end of cooking time is another good thing.


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Wishing you each a happy spring journey. Do plant a garden - large or small, it will bring you much joy.

Spring time is Tea time, so visit our website and try something new and delightful.
See you there!

From the Sage Hill Farm family to your family~

Be blessed~

Bea Kunz