Hello musical freaks!
Spring is in the air and new concerts and projects are popping up like daisies!
First of all we are proud to announce to you the birth of our new music magazine ‘PEEK-A-BOO!’ on April 1st, 2011. Read more below!

Secondly we like to remind you that NOW is the time if you didn’t order your BODYBEATS FEST tickets for this weekend yet! Less than 100 combi/Day 2 tickets are still available!
Not need to say that with this weather conditions (Saturday 25°C!!) the sunny TRIX terrace will be the place to be in between gigs!

Furthermore we are working hard on some new concerts dates and hope to be able to confirm them soon!
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Attention! We don't send out goodies, they can only be picked-up personally at BodyBeats Fest!
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Cu soon!
01.04 PEEK-A-BOO! Magazine - First edition - out now!
    BodyBeats Productions proudly present:

Peek-a-boo has been accomplished as a result of the combined efforts of: The Black Cave (West-Flanders), Body Beats Productions (Antwerp), Bunkerleute (Flemish-Brabant), Le Fantastique (Brussel), New-Wave-Classix (Ghent), Wool-e Shop (Nation wide) and with a special nomination for all @ Dark Entries Magazine for their helping and writing hands!

The main purpose was to create a new kind of magazine, free of charge, with integrated information around upcoming events, CD reviews, interviews as well as an calendar overview...
Visit us at www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be for more info!
22.04 LEAETHER STRIP @ Nieuwe Nor - Heerlen - NL
  Nieuwe Nor & BodyBeats Productions present:

Ersatz DJ's
(EBM- New-Wave Party)

The Danish harsh electro/EBM formation Leaether Strip will stop by the cozy, perfect sounding & well equipped music club NIEUWE NOR in Heerlen (NL). Claus Larsen will present you his new album 'Mental Slavery' as well as his new live line-up! Don't miss this unique chance to see this legend play in your own neighborhood and more important, support the efforts of the Nieuwe Nor & their crew if you want more like this to come your way!!!
Check out Leaether Strip on Myspace!
Tickets are only €12,50/€15! More info: www.nieuwenor.nl
23.04 BODYBEATS FEST 2011 (Day 1) @ Trix Club - Antwerp
    BodyBeats Productions proudly present:

Less than ten days and our annual electro-EBM feast kicks off!
No-one less then harsh electro formation LEAETHER STRIP of our ever symphatic Denish friend Claus Larsen will be headlining the first night of this years two days feast. He will present to us the new Leaether Strip live line-up and travel through his extensive back catalogue! Also playing that night are MOTOR(us/fr), SPETSNAZ(se), IONIC VISION(b), IMPLANT(b), A.A.A.K.(uk) and BLITZMASCHINE (d). Aftershow party with our resident DJ SKULLSCRAPER (aka Dirk Ivens) vs DJ BORG!
Tickets: €25/€30 - Combi-tickets day 1 + 2: € 45/€60 - Doors: 15h
Tickets & more info: www.bodybeats.be
24.04 BODYBEATS FEST 2011 (Day 2) @ Trix Club - Antwerp
    BodyBeats Productions proudly present:
'Join In The Rhythm Of Machines'
support: Mono Electronic Density

Under the slogan 'Join In The Rhythm Of Machines' Nitzer Ebb and Die Krupps will be touring in Europe for  ONLY nine exclusive shows. Besides an EP, which is being recorded at the moment and, which will only be available at the shows, you can expect more surprises on the night of this event.
Afterparty Beats with DJ Lazer Stefan (Spetznas) & DJ BORG
                  ATTENTION! LESS THEN 100 TICKETS LEFT!
Tickets: €25/€30 - Combi-tickets day 1 + 2: € 45/€60 - Doors: 20h
Tickets & info: www.bodybeats.be
27.11 WELLE:ERDBALL - Der Kalte Krieg Tour @ Trix - Antw.
    BodyBeats Productions proudly presents:
Der Kalte Krieg Tour 2011

The German bitpop-minimalists WELLE:ERDBALL should needs no introduction to most of you since they have been around since 1993 but for those who are not familiar with the W:E phenomenon we can say the band’s sound is formed mainly by the intensive use of the Commodore 64 (remember the home computer era?) sound chip and their sound is reminiscent of electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk. The bandname comes from a German radio program called "Hallo! Hier Welle Erdball!”. Their unique sound and live performances are a must see for every (electronic) music lover!
Tickets: €20/€25 - Doors: 20h00
Tickets & more info: www.bodybeats.be
And a grasp of some more things to come ...
22.04.11   LEAETHER STRIP @ Nieuwe Nor - Heerlen - NL
23.04.11   BODYBEATS FESTIVAL DAY 1 @ Trix Club - Antwerp - B
24.04.11   BODYBEATS FESTIVAL DAY 2 @ Trix Club - Antwerp - B
06.05.11   ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL @ Traffic Club - Rome - IT
13.05.11   SONAR @ De Kreun - Kortrijk - B
20.05.11   THE KLINIK + MONOLITH @ Kinetik Festival - Montreal - Canada       
13.06.11   DIVE @ Wgt / Kohlrabizirkus - Leipzig - Germany 
18.06.11   ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL @ Dark Dance Treffen / Universal Dog - Lahr - Germany  
25.06.11   ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL @ Blackfield Festival - Gelsenkirchen - Germany 
26.06.11   ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL @ Blackfield Festival - Querfurt - Germany 
24.07.11   LIZARD SMILE @ Shadowplay Festival - Xpo - Kortrijk - B
13.08.11   ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL @ John Dee Live Club- Oslo - Norway
27.08.11   ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL @ Infest @ Bradford University W.Yorkshire - UK                 28.08.11   SONAR @ Infest / Bradford University - Wesy Yorkshire - U.K
03.09.11   ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL @ NCN6 Festival - Deutzen - Germany
08.10.11   DIVE + DJ BORG @ BodyFarm II @ Botanique - Brussels - B
29.10.11   DIVE + MONOLITH @ High Voltage Festival / Batschkapp - Frankfurt - Germany
15.11.11   ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL @ Industrial Fest - Wroclaw - Polandeee
16.12.11   BIMFEST 10th anniversary DAY 1 @ Trix XL - Antwerp - Belgium - Line-up TBC 
17.12.11   BIMFEST 10th anniversary DAY 2 @ Trix XL - Antwerp - Belgium - Line-up TBC
25.12.11   DIVE @ Dark Storm Festival - Chemnitz - Germany. 
26.12.11   THE KLINIK @ The Christmas Ball - Capitol - Hannover - Germany               
27.12.11   THE KLINIK @ The Christmas Ball -Theather Am Tanzbrunnen - Cologne - D
28.12.11   THE KLINIK @ The Christmas Ball -Hugenottenhalle - Frankfurt - D                  29.12.11   THE KLINIK @ The Christmas Ball -Huxleys - Berlin - D      
(More dates to be confirmed / More info on www.bodybeats.be)
So, musical & party friends, it looks already like it's going to be a busy year :-) ... and there's is still more to come!
Check our website www.bodybeats.be for more info and even more upcoming concerts!
Feel free to forward this newsletter to all who it might concern!

Thanks for your time and support!