M A N U S C R I P T   R E V I E W   S E R V I C E:
Personal Manuscript Reviews
by Perugia Press Editor, Susan Kan
Pulling It All Together:
Preparing Your Poetry Manuscript for Publication

A manuscript review would be helpful if:
  • you are ready to send your manuscript out for the first time and want unbiased feedback.
  • you have been a semi-finalist or finalist in contests and wonder what is keeping your manuscript from winning.
  • you are thinking about the overall unity, musicality, voice, and theme of your manuscript rather than looking for feedback on individual poems.

What poets are saying about their reviews:

"Thank you for your excellent critique (and also for the generosity in the positive feedback). You put your finger on the pulse of the problem with this manuscript and if I were a publisher, these would be precisely my concerns."  —Rebecca Foust, November 2012

"Thank you for the encouragement to keep going—I definitely feel inspired toward more daring and compelling work!"    —Tina Carlson, September 2012
"I think you nailed what was bothering me about my poetry and why I've been uninspired for some time. I appreciate all your suggestions and am quite fond of the prompts you suggested."  —Sarah Conover, May 2011

"You motivated me to write more and to write better!!"  —Helen Yeoman, September 2009

"The review was thorough, incisive, illuminating, and set me on an actionable path. Reading it was a Eureka! moment for me."  —Marc Berman, December 2008
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