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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach

- August 2007 -

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia Volume 9, Issue 251 August 2007     


I am not going to mention: parking, roads, water, vehicles, politics, charities, jetties, tinnies, dogs, asparagus or sewerage. I AM going to say how much I simply love living offshore. Don't you?


  • History Corner
  • Cartoon of the Month
  • Many Thanks to the SIRFB
  • Yoga on Scotland Island
  • SIRA writes to the SI Fire Brigade
  • New Emergency Water Arrangements
  • ANL Maritime Art Prize
  • 2 Men and 2 Grands - the result
  • Pittwater Pens Writing Competition
  • The Perfect Winter Treat - Lamb Stew
  • Draft Scotland Island Plan of Bush Fire  Management  – Public Exhibition
  • House swap on Scotland Island Wanted
  • Rob Stokes Questioned by Islander
  • Outstanding Musical Evening on the island
  • WOW (Women on Water)
  • Local Guide
  • Archived Newsletters
  • Your Subscription Information
  • History Corner

    It wasn’t until the last day of September, 1892, that the idea of creating a national park of impressive size and beauty was officially formed when the governor of the day, the Earl of Jersey, and Lord Villiers visited the head of Cowan Creek, a picturesque arm of Broken Bay. It was to begin at the northern railway line and embrace practically all the parish of Broken Bay and ending at Pittwater, an area of 45 square miles or, in today’s figures, 14, 712 hectares, making it one of the finest in Australia.

    It was decided that it would be named Kuring-gai Chase (which somehow became a corruption of Curingai) in dedication to the native people who lived on the Hornsby Plateau. “Chase”was deemed appropriate since one of its many meanings is “a flora and fauna reserve”.

    It is believed that the idea for this great national park originated with Eccleston Du Faur, a remarkable man with a remarkable name. Despite a suggested French background, Du Faur was actually born in London and educated at prestigious Harrow School. He first emigrated to Victoria when he was only 21, returned to England then came to Sydney as a draughtsman for the Department of Lands l0 years later in 1863. He had a wide variety of interests and helped the establishment of the New South Wales Geographical Society and the Sydney Academy of Art which later became the National Art Gallery of NSW.

    Du Faur was fascinated by the flora and fauna of his adopted land. As settlement in Sydney spread with consequent destruction of native plants and beautiful bushland, he saw a pressing need for a national park on the city’s northern boundary before that spectacular land was also developed for settlement. Despite a prior ruling by the Department of Lands in 189l that no further land was available for national parks, Du Faur invited the governor to visit Cowan Creek and surroundings. A year later, in December 1894, it was dedicated as a national reserve for public recreation.

    Leicester Warburton

    NEXT MONTH: The Chase continues …

    Cartoon of the Month (click small calendar to download)

    Gwyn Perkins

    Download a full version of this months calendar, ready for printing - click the calendar image above.

    Many Thanks to the SIRFB

    We are truly grateful to the brave people from the Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade. We were away
    over the stormy long weekend, arriving home on Monday afternoon to find several trees had knocked the
    railing of our deck, damaged a few cross beams and a smaller tree had fallen across our roof.

    While we where away, cosy in the notion that we where safe, these brave men from the SIRFB were out in the elements helping the community, working in the worst of conditions. My warmest gratitude goes out to Graeme Richmond, Mark Morgan and the rest of the crew who came to our house and took it upon themselves to help in taking the tree off our roof and deck, leaving no trace they had been there nor expecting anything in return. In fact it was only when, co-incidentally, I rang these gentlemen in relation to a quote required by our insurance company that these ‘unsung hero’s’ came out of the woodwork.

    To all at the SIRFB we send you our most heartfelt “Thank You”

    Johnny and Sofia Lopez

    Yoga on Scotland Island

    Yoga: Ki (Otherwise known as Zen or Oki)
    When: Every Tuesday morning 8.45 am for approx 1 hour
    Where: The Community Hall or Catherine Park (by the water where the old BBQ used to be)
    What to bring: your own mat
    How much: $15 per class
    Teacher: Anne Palmer (qualified and experienced teacher)
    Contact: 9999 3478

    SIRA writes to the SI Fire Brigade

    Dear Graeme

    The SIRA Committee, on behalf of Scotland Island residents, wishes to express their sincere gratitude for your own and your members’ efforts following the severe storms affecting the island.

    We understand that as volunteers you give up valuable leisure and/or work time to provide support and assistance whenever needed. We are also aware that the jobs you do on our behalf are not only physically demanding but frequently dangerous and require considerable training and skill. For this we thank you.

    It would be appreciated Graeme, if you could pass on our appreciation and thanks to your members.

    Yours faithfully


    New Emergency Water Arrangements

    Pittwater Council will be locking off the cage that houses the meter with the brass tap that comes from the mainland. This tap has had leakage problems and, according to their plumber, this is because the tap is not designed to be turned on and off all the time. It took a bit of persuasion to be given time to replace this with another system, as it was the only way the water could be shut off.
    Council supplied SIRA with three new taps which have now been installed on each of the lines. If you are facing the meters, taps for Lines 1 & 3 are located to the left of the platform and the Line 2 tap is located just past the phone box.
    These taps are to be left open under normal circumstances and the same guidelines apply, the only difference is each line can now be individually closed.
    So … any problems – turn off your line tap; if there is no booking following – turn off your line tap; when in doubt – turn off your line tap! And always advise your Monitor if there are any problems! The procedure for getting water remains the same - you are still responsible for the water that flows through the meter during your booking period and readings must be taken at the beginning and end of the allocated time.
    Hopefully, these new taps will be easier to use and in a more convenient location on the individual lines.

    ANL Maritime Art Prize

    The Mission to Seafarers is a not for profit organisation, this year celebrating 150 years of service, caring for seafarers in the Shipping Industry.

    This year will be the 5th year that we will host the ANL Maritime Art Prize that raises vital funding to support our work and promotes maritime artists and artworks.

    I would hope that some of your artists who may be interested entering a piece for this year’s exhibit.

    We are thrilled to have Professor Euan Heng Australian Artist and retired Associate Professor in Fine Art, Faculty of Art and Design at Monash University also an ex-seafarer as one of our judges this year. The art prize is sponsored by ANL Container Line the Acquisitive Award is $15,000.

    Please advise your postal address if you are interested in my posting entry forms to you.

    Andrea Fleming Mission to Seafarers Telephone 61 3 9281 3726

    2 Men and 2 Grands - the result

    I am humbled and grateful for the support you all gave to my endeavours on behalf of Alyse Saxby, a handicapped student at Pittwater High School who has been chosen to sail in the Australian team at the Special Olympics in Shanghai.

    Thanks all of your for your support.

    Raffle prizes were selected by the winners as their name came out of the hat; I wrote a selection on the back of the ticket of those not there, and have delivered the prizes.

    Case of wine - a concert guest
    Set of Speakers - a concert guest
    2 Watches - 1, Tanya Mottl, 2 Michael Jones

    All weather coat - Ross Daniels
    Quilt - Maureen Anderson
    Membership to Gym - Larry Eastwood
    Basket of Groceries - Ted LeCouteur

    The event raised over $3,000 which is more than our target, but but without your help it wouldn't have happened. Thank you all.

    Marg Molloy

    Pittwater Pens Writing Competition

    Would you be able to include in your newsletter information about the Pittwater Pens Writing Competition we are holding at Mona Vale Library in celebration of our 35th birthday?
    We are asking people to write about their memories and experiences of living in Pittwater, how it feels to belong to a community, to feel connected and be able to participate in community life.
    There are 3 categories in the competition- Primary school (Years 3-6), Secondary schools (Years 7 -12) and Adult (Over 18 yrs.).
    There are cash prizes and all winning entries will be included in a "Pittwater Pens" anthology.
    Please contact Mona Vale Library for more information and conditions of entry. Phone 9970 1600 or email library@pittwater.nsw.gov.au.
    The closing date is 14th August, 2007

    The Perfect Winter Treat - Lamb Stew

    Number of servings: 6

    1 1/2 Cups Split Peas Dried
    3 Tbsp. Oil
    1 Tsp. Salt
    3 1/2 Cups Beef Stock
    Pepper Freshly ground black
    2 Carrots Finely chopped
    1 Onion Finely chopped
    3 kg Lamb Shanks
    2 Cloves Garlic Crushed
    2 Sticks Celery Sliced
    Brown the Lamb shanks on all sides in hot oil. Transfer to a large casserole. Fry the onion, garlic, carrots and celery in the same oil for 3 minutes and add to casserole. Add the split peas, beef stock, salt and pepper. Cover and cook in a preheated 180 degrees C. Oven for 2 hours. The peas will absorb almost all the liquid. This simply prepared stew makes an excellent, hearty dinner for a cold winter night.

    Draft Scotland Island Plan of Bush Fire  Management  – Public Exhibition
    Pittwater Council will be re exhibiting the Draft Scotland Island Bushfire Management Plan.  The exhibition period will commence on 30th July 2007 to 27th August 2007.

    The Plan of Management will provide strategic planning of bushfire management for the day-to-day and long-term management on Scotland Island.  

    Copies are available for viewing at Village Park Customer Service Centre at 1 Park Street, Mona Vale, at Avalon Customer Service Centre, 59A Old Barrenjoey Road, Avalon, at Mona Vale Library and on the Pittwater Council website (www.pittwater.nsw.gov.au). Or you can download a copy by clicking here (thanks Julian)

    Written submissions should be marked for the attention of Mark Beharrell – Natural Resources and will be reported back to Council at the end of the exhibition period.  All enquiries: Mark Beharrell on 9970 1368 or mark_beharrell@pittwater.nsw.gov.au

    House swap on Scotland Island Wanted

    'About 20 years ago, we had a house on the island for about a year. Now we would love to move there again and wonder how best to find somewhere to rent. We also wondered how we might best contact people who may want to house swap (we are in Sydney's inner West, a 3-bedroom apartment).
    We will put notices at the Point of course but in these internet days, thought it may be possible to post messages with you.
    Any advice or help appreciated.'

    Pauline and John Contact:  webberp.filmwriter@hotmail.com

    Rob Stokes Questioned by Islander

    'Just thought I'd mention that my son Lachlan Hamilton put Rob Stokes on the spot today during a school visit to NSW Parliament House', says island resident Karin Kruger

    Rob asked the Mona Vale Public year 6 students what sort of questions would they like him to present to the house.  Lachlan replied, "What about better roads for Scotland Island?"  Rob said yes, he knew that was an issue. He then asked Lachlan what about a bridge. Lachlan's reply: "No one wants a bridge."

    A new generation of islanders gets political!

    Outstanding Musical Evening on the island

    What an amazing night! Some of the very best talent ever heard on the island were the stars at a musical soiree organised by Colin Kinnison on Friday 27th July. Starring:

    The Sydney Guitar Quartet, The Northern Beaches Clarinet Quartet and Soloists, The 464 Violin and Guitar Duo and The Balmain Flute and Guitar Duo.

    It was just great to recognise the quality of these young musicians who performed so professionally and beautifully. Well done Colin! (all funds went to Oxfam)

    WOW (Women on Water)

    WOW (Women on Water) is a discussion group that meets for lunch and discussion on a relevant chosen topic on the second Wednesday of every month, alternating between the homes of members. The next meeting will take place on Wednesday 8 August at the home of Joy Purvis in Elvina Bay commencing at 12.00 noon. The topic is “Advance Australia Where” (thanks to the writings of Hugh McKay). If you would like to find out more about WOW or be placed on the email list contact Kerry Borthwick at qwl_kborthwick@hotmail.com (please note the underscore between qwl and k) or ring Kerry on 9999 4092. All off-shore women are most welcome to attend.

    The local guide

    What's On in Pittwater - Self Editing Event Diary Click Here  
    Scotland Island Traders - On-line shopping from your computer, through your door on Scotland Island. Contact Graeme on 0419 460 331 or click here for full details  
    Buy and Sell: Pittwater Trading Online or visit http://www.pittwatertradingonline.com.au  
    Local Real Estate Agents:  
    Bothammottl Real Estate L.J.Hooker Mona Vale
    PMC Hill (subscribe to their newsletter here) Pittwater Real Estate
    Government Organisations:
    Local Pittwater Council, or email them at pittwater_council@pittwater.nsw.gov.au  or by clicking here.
    Federal: Bronwyn Bishop, Member for Mackellar by clicking here or Bronwyn.Bishop.MP@aph.gov.au
    State: Rob Stokes, Member for Pittwater, at pittwater@parliament.nsw.gov.au or by clicking here
    Local Transport: Scotland Island Community Vehicle: Info: click here. Phone (0404 103 700) Church Point Ferries (0408 296 997)  Manly Warringah Cabs (0299725600) Palm Beach Cruises (02 9997 4815) Pink Water Taxi (0428 238 190)
    Local Accommodation
    Bed & Breakfast: Scotland Island Lodge: or http://www.scotlandislandlodge.com.au (0299793301)
    Yacht Clubs Woody Point Yacht Club  or http://www.wpyc.com.au 
      Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club or http://www.rpayc.com.au/
    Short Term Holiday Accommodation: Pittpoint Cottage:  (0299978382) Wiringulla Retreat (0299718375) or here
      Treetops on Towlers Bay' (0293322611) info@walkabouttours.com.au
    Budget Accommodation:

    On the doorstep of the Ku-ring-gai Chase N P: Pittwater YHA, Ph 0299995748 www.yha.com.au/hostels/details.cfm?hostelid=31 

    Local Pittwater Studies Website: http://www.pittlink.net/ls
    Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade: http://www.sirfb.org.au

    Emergency Contact Numbers

    • NSW Police: 000, Police Assistance Line: 13 1444, general information 9281 0000
    • Broken Bay Water Police 9979 4944 or 0412 162 093
    • NSW Fire Service: 000, general information 9265 2999
    • NSW Ambulance Service: 000, general information 9320 7777
    • Rural Fire Service: 000, general information 9450 3000
    • State Emergency Service, Warringah/Pittwater SES: 9486 3399
    • National Parks & Wildlife Service: 000, general information 9457 9322
    • Dept of Community Services: general information 9977 6011
    • Sydney Water: 132 090
    • Energy Australia: 131 388, (ah) 131 909

    Membership of SIRA, Emergency Scotland Island Water Contacts and Application for Water + Guidelines for water, in one document: click here for information (while online)

    Airlines, Buses and Railways

    Sydney Airport: Arrivals and Departures Qantas Information                    Jetstar Information Virgin Blue Information
    Sydney Buses Information.  Sydney Ferries Information City Rail Timetables & Information. Country Link Rail Timetable


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