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IAHF List: According to Dr.Matthias Rath, the Tea Party movement is a "controlled oppostion group run by Big Oil/Big Pharma" and those who seek to de-fund and repeal Obama"care" are threats to the health freedom movement.
This is patently absurd. The reason why 38 state attorney generals have filed lawsuits against this blatantly unconstitutional legislation is that it threatens to bankrupt state governments. Indeed, it threatens to destroy our country which is what its intended to do. Anyone who is for this dog's breakfast and claims to simultaneously be defending the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 which gives us our access to dietary supplements is simply blind.
There is nothing in Obmacare that reimburses for either alternative medicine or for dietary supplements. Indeed, the legislation threatens to destroy alternative practitioners in droves, and by forcing consumers to pay for insurance under threat of fines, to remove money from our pockets that we could use to pay for alternative medicine and dietary supplements. The legislation enables the government to micromanage MDs, to wield a whip hand over all their decisions. This will kill people and thats what is INTENDED to do.
Obamacare has nothing to do with health, and everything to do with reducing our population. Its going to cause MDs to quit in droves because huge numbers of them will not turn their backs on their Hippocratic Oaths. Doctors who buck the system and attempt to treat patients the way they feel is best will be fined $100,000. for their first offense for ignoring government death panel dictates, and anyone who continues to do this will be imprisoned. This is all in the bill and in the language of the stimulus bill and its been exposed here by Dr.David Janda.
George Soros, the Bilderberg Group and the CFR seek to impose a New World Order on us that entails destroying all sovereign nations, especially America- and legislation such as this is one of their tools. Next year we are going to enter a period of hyperinflation due to QE2.
The intended purpose is to ratchet up the level of societal control. This could lead to martial law and food rioting. It sure as hell isn't going to help any of us. All of this is being orchestrated by the shadow government, and the driving force behind it all is the UN's Agenda 21, a population control/societal control agenda which IAHF has been discussing for the past year.

Rath should be fighting against this, not ASSISTING the New World Order with their genocide agenda. He should be opposing the Party whose deficit spending actions most threaten to collapse the dollar, collapse America, and usher us into the CFR's planned North American Union Collectivist Dictatorship via which DSHEA would be eclipsed via the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter, their blueprint for creating one harmonized set of food and drug regs for Canada, the US and Mexico whether any of us want it or not.
I know, how could Dr.Matthias Rath, a respected orthomolecular physician who sells dietary supplements and whose patients rely on them think such nonsense? Here you can see Rath's  full page ad in the NY Times costing in the neighborhood of $150,000 which was published on election day. In his ad Rath sought to demonize the Republican Party and the Tea Party.He would have us believe that the Obamination is our savior, and that anyone who undermines the usurper somehow "jeopardizes" our health freedom cause.
When IAHF challenged the Rath Foundation to back up their assertion that Obamacare "fosters alternative medicine" they had nothing to say for the simple reason that it does NOTHING to foster our health freedom cause- it directly UNDERMINES it as I've proven in this alert. What we have here is the incongruous case of a socialist named Matthias Rath, a man who views himself as the "Anti Nazi" taking a position so chock full of errors that he's in fact doing the opposite of what he would have us believe he's doing- and this out of sheer ignorance and brainwashing.
When challenged to respond to this alert of IAHF's,  Rath had nothing to say.

If he did, he wouldn't have any money to attack our global health freedom movement with. He wouldn't be able to do the bidding of George Soros and other would be global enslavers in the Bilderberg Group or CFR. He wouldn't be able to afford full page $150,000 ads in the NY Times. We aren't alleging here that we think Rath is ON crack, (although he sure ACTS like he is) we just WISH he were because then he'd only be hurting HIMSELF, he wouldn't be running around loose taking actions that threaten the lives of people world wide who use dietary supplements the way he is now.
We're not alleging that he is in bed directly with George Soros, just that he might as well be given the outrageous inaccuracy of his allegations. (In case you don't know who Soros is, watch this exerpt from the exposes being done on him right now.
He could have helped fund a badly needed update to Kevin Miller's film We Become Silent- the Last Days of Health Freedom.
This update could have alerted people to assist IAHF in pushing for badly needed congressional oversight on FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter, the vehicle behind which FDA intends to usher genocidal UN Codex vitamin restrictions in to North America.
He could have helped fight Bill C-36 in Canada which threatens health freedom North of the border. Canada will be harmonized to the EU's draconian supplement regs by 2014 under CETA, and all of that threatens to come into the US via FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter.
Rath has no excuse not to know this. His staffer, Paul Taylor receives IAHF's alerts routinely. What Rath has done here is unforgivable.
No thinking dietary supplement consumer would ever purchase any dietary supplements manufactured by Dr. Rath after reading this expose on what he's saying here. If you share IAHF's annoyance regarding Rath's NY Times ad, you can let him know by sending emails to him c/o and 
If you value health freedom, and all freedom, prepare for the coming hyperinflation by stocking up on food and barterable items. We're about to enter the next Wymar Republic where we'll need wheelbarrows full of dollars to go to the store to get loaves of bread which are about to fly off store shelves.
If you value health freedom do everything humanly possible to de-fund Obamacare and to oppose all nation destroying legislation during the Lame Duck including Amnesty for illegal aliens and Cap and Trade. These nation destroying pieces of legislation threaten to end health freedom, and all freedom in America which George Soros is hell bent on destroying.
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