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  February 2015
Dear Members & Friends of Vaccine Choice Canada,
As we’re all aware, a bitter debate has been raging in the media on the dangers of not complying with the “recommended” vaccination schedule.  Measles outbreaks are blamed on the unvaccinated, who are being vilified in both mainstream and social media. This despite fully vaccinated people also diagnosed with the disease and able to transmit it. Never before has this issue been as polarized or toxic. Friendships are disintegrating, and non-vaccinating families are treated like pariahs, their children barred from previously friendly playgroups - the rationale being, “your unvaccinated child is a threat to our fully vaccinated children”. The shrill cry for mandatory vaccination is blaring across North America and vaccine exemptions are under threat in Canada and in the U.S.

Age of Autism media editor, Anne Dachel, writes with alarm, “The last several weeks of news coverage of a measles outbreak that was blamed on someone who wasn’t vaccinated has been unbelievable. Hysterical mainstream news reports everywhere have called for banning unvaccinated children from school, jailing parents, revoking the medical licenses of doctors who don’t vaccinate, along with calls for a federal law overriding all state laws allowing personal and religious exemptions….. I was quite concerned about the article from TIME Magazine on Feb 11, 2015. The writer, Joe Matthew, called for the outing of parents who don’t vaccinate in the piece, Unvaccinated Families’ Addresses Should Be Made Public”.

What is driving this frenzy against anyone who questions vaccine safety and efficacy?  I suggest it’s an orchestrated campaign by the medical industry to suppress and alter the factual history of infectious diseases like measles, and related issues of vaccine safety and efficacy. For decades parents have witnessed their children’s development regression following MMR and other vaccines only to be told it’s a “coincidence”.  As more information emerges about the suppression and alteration of data by both the pharmaceutical industry and its regulators, the backlash against those working to expose the truth is increasing.

Important facts about measles and its vaccines have been suppressed. First, mortality rates had plummeted to almost nil prior to the widespread use of measles vaccines. Second, prior to the mass use of measles vaccines, the general population enjoyed the benefit of long lasting true “herd immunity" from having had measles in childhood. Infants born to naturally immune mothers were well protected in the first year of life.  The vast majority of children who got measles, sailed through it while gaining the tremendous health benefit of lifelong immunity along with the ability to protect their offspring. These cross generational benefits insured a strong immune foundation for the whole population.  All this has now been dismantled by mass vaccination. 

It has become increasingly clear during this last round of measles mania, that medical revisionism is at the root of this orchestrated hysteria. By this I mean the deliberate alteration of historical and epidemiological facts in order to drive a specific agenda. The agenda is about denying vaccine risks and failure and suppressing the fact that vaccine derived immunity wanes over time, leaving swaths of people susceptible to measles. It is about demonizing the disease in order to erase society’s memory of the long term natural “herd immunity”, previously enjoyed by the vast majority of people, and now decimated by mass vaccination. 

The agenda is very much about negating the risks and injuries caused by the MMR vaccine and other vaccine combinations such as MMR injected at the same time as Varicella (chickenpox vaccine) along with 13 valent pneumococcal vaccine.  A large Ontario study found that 1 in 168 children end up in ER after MMR vaccination. As many as 4 children may have died during the 3 year study period. Details weren’t disclosed and the deaths were discounted as irrelevant. By comparison, Stats Canada records show there were 6 measles deaths in the 19 year period between 1990 and 2009. Extrapolating from these numbers, we can posit that during an equivalent 19 year period, as many as 24 children may have died following MMR vaccine in just one province.

Last year, a senior CDC scientist blew the whistle on his involvement in the manipulation and cover-up of a vaccine-autism study which found that African-American boys receiving their first MMR vaccine before 36 months are 3.4 times more likely to develop autism vs. after 36 months.  One analyst calculated that this one lie is “responsible for at least 250,000 cases of autism in African-American male children. And that number is a vast underestimate of the true extent of the damage.”

The agenda is about forcing more and more vaccines onto the public, while at the same time threatening the removal of personal and religious exemptions. The overarching goal seems to be flat out medical tyranny.  A 2013 report of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) states that nearly 300 vaccines are under development. 137 of these are to combat infectious diseases. How many of these would be mandated against one’s will?

By creating a continuous tension of fear of infectious disease(s) the public is kept in lockstep with the agenda.  It is the public health agencies themselves who have dismantled the long lasting immunity from measles previously enjoyed by the majority of people. Decades of outbreaks of measles in highly vaccinated populations proved long ago that vaccine derived immunity is fragile and unreliable.
Immunology has barely scratched the surface of understanding how the immune system works. Just this one fact underscores the absurdity of assuming vaccine safety and efficacy. Vaccine resisters are exposing these facts and are thus the prime targets of the medical industry’s vicious PR spin leveled at anyone who questions vaccines or disagrees with the agenda.

The panic that grips health officials when measles breaks out isn’t surprising given that they know there is an unquantifiable segment of the fully vaccinated population who are no longer immune and are susceptible to the disease. The ones at highest risk are the adults and infants. Prior to the widespread use of measles vaccines, the majority of doctors acknowledged that measles is a, “self-limiting infection of short duration, moderate severity, and low fatality”. The demonizing of measles when it breaks out again, and the fear generated by the medical industry through its controlled media, is in direct contradiction to the experience and memory of the vast majority of people who got measles, recovered uneventfully, and gained the benefit of lifelong immunity.  Lawrence Solomon’s "The Untold Story of Measles" is an excellent synopsis of the history.

Today, it is the large segment of middle age people and seniors born in 1966 or earlier who comprise the “herd” of truly immune people in the population, most of whom would have had measles in childhood. According to Stats Canada, in 2011, 57.2% of the population was born prior to 1966. To a large extent, it is this large group of people with naturally acquired immunity, who are protecting the public from large scale measles outbreaks.

Naturally acquired immunity is a precious health resource that develops over many generations.  The scuttling of this highly protective natural immunity and its replacement with temporary vaccine immunity is a tragic loss both to contemporary society and to future generations. When the present naturally immune adult population dies off, and is replaced by a majority with temporary vaccine immunity, it is predicted that there will be a greater proportion of susceptibles than in the pre-vaccine era which will result in large epidemics across all age groups. Four decades on into this vast medical experiment, we are just beginning to understand the consequences.

The irrational fear of diseases that pose little threat, coupled with the fervent belief that the “holy waters” of vaccination are infallible, gets stirred up when measles comes knocking in the neighbourhood. Rather than direct anger at the medical experimenters who have destroyed the broad natural immune base of the population, fear and loathing is instead unleashed against those sounding the alarm about the runaway freight train of immune manipulation.

Strict Media Blackout

Reliable sources report that across North America, there’s a strict media blackout prohibiting the voices of vaccine skeptics to be heard. Even when published medical studies relating to vaccine contamination, or vaccine failure in highly vaccinated populations are brought forward, the information is ignored or discredited if presented by any group or persons deemed a vaccine skeptic.

If you have any doubt about the media blackout on balanced reporting on the question of vaccine safety and efficacy, or the plight of the vaccine injured, you have only to read the Globe & Mail’s public editor, Sylva Stead’s Feb 18th editorial.  Ms. Stead prides herself on G&M’s “forceful opinion in favour of vaccines”.

Despite the newspaper’s Code of Ethics for fair and balanced reporting, here we see anyone who questions vaccines quickly branded as anti-vaxxers, therefore not credible, lumped into the same category as “flat earthers” and therefore not to be listened to or reported on.  If the G&M were to include someone “credible” from the anti-vaxxer community, that would be “false balance”.  False balance is a label slapped on any issue that is deemed a “manufactured controversy” or attempt to create a controversy where non exists such as “perceived controversy over the safety and effectiveness of vaccines” and climate science.

So according to this editor there are no experts, doctors, researchers or scientists anywhere at all who question the safety and efficacy of vaccines, only movie stars. And none of the parents of vaccine damaged children have “fact-based evidence”. Nor do any of the organizations who support such parents and attempt to assist the public in making informed choices on various vaccines have any “scientific evidence”.

Journalists are advised to follow the guidelines in a “toolkit” published by the Voices for Vaccines where they are coached on how to guard against falling prey to “false balance”. The “toolkit” informs journalists that publishing an alternate opinion on the vaccine issue is “false balance” journalism.  Voices for Vaccines is a program of the The Task Force for Global Health whose mission is to “reduce the burden of vaccine-preventable diseases”, among other things. The Task Force is the 3rd largest charity in the US, according to Forbes, with ties to the CDC, Bill  & Melinda Gates Foundation, Emory University, Merck and all the other big pharma companies.  An indepth analysis of Voices for Vaccines can be found here.

As a graphic example of how true balanced journalism is shut down when it dares report on the vaccine issue one has to look no further than what recently happened at the Toronto Star. The TO Star was fiercely criticized for its reporting on the suffering and plight of young women injured by HPV vaccine. Instead of an outpouring of concern and compassion for them, or a follow up investigation into the fast tracked licensing of this highly reactive vaccine, the Star was attacked for its investigative reporting, forced to retract the article and brought to its knees groveling apologetically to its medical industry masters.

The U.S adverse events reporting system (VAERS) has received thousands of reports of reactions and injuries following HPV vaccination,  including sudden collapse with unconsciousness following vaccination with HPV vaccines, seizures; muscle pain and weakness; disabling fatigue; Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS); facial paralysis; brain inflammation; rheumatoid arthritis; lupus; blood clots; optic neuritis; multiple sclerosis; strokes; heart and other serious health problems, including death.

SaneVax, a leading watchdog group in the U.S.,reports that as of January 2015, there have been 38,217 adverse reactions to HPV vaccines reported to the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System also known as VAERS.  This includes 5,360 serious reactions, 3,948 hospitalizations, 680 life threatening events, 7,624 did not recover and 220 deaths.

Now you might wonder why we’re talking about human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine when the big topic is measles?  The answer is, “follow the money”. Both MMR vaccine, the only measles containing vaccine on the market in North America and Gardasil the leading HPV vaccine, are made by Merck & Co.

Merck stands accused of falsifying efficacy data of the mumps portion of MMR vaccine.  The vaccine’s ineffectiveness has been associated with large outbreaks of mumps in fully vaccinated people. The pharma giant is currently in damage control. Two lawsuits have been filed against the company for allegedly falsifying efficacy documents in order to keep competitors from bringing their own versions of the vaccine to market.

A corporate controlled press and strict ban prohibiting voices with a cautionary view about vaccines means that the public is prevented from learning of the risks associated with the toxicity of common vaccine ingredients such as aluminum adjuvants, or the ability of polysorbate 80 to cross the blood brain barrier or concerns that fetal cell line contamination in vaccines is associated not only with “autistic disorder throughout the world, but also with epidemic childhood leukemia and lymphomas." Conveniently ignored is the emerging science linking vaccines to autoimmune disorders.

Across North America, families are fighting to preserve their right to voluntary and informed consent when considering drugs delivered by injection that cannot be removed from the body should something go wrong - drugs that carry a risk of injury and death. Vaccines are drugs by any definition.  They are comprised of complex biochemical substances, many of which are genetically engineered to manipulate the human immune system in ways never before encountered in nature. There are no tests to pre-determine which child might be genetically vulnerable to severe injury when injected with as many as 8 or 9 vaccines at one time. 

Families who have witnessed first hand the devastating effects of vaccine injuries to their loved ones, having spent countless hours, days and years of researching the medical and scientific literature validating the reality of health injuries following vaccination.  They are in a unique position to make an educated choice about what is best for their children. Making an informed decision to NOT continue vaccinating their injured children nor subsequent children, is theirs alone to make.They are no longer willing to participate in the mass hallucination of vaccine protectionism.
The right to make a voluntary and informed decision about medical risk taking and all aspects of our children’s healthcare is an inalienable human right that must be protected from government policy makers unduly influenced by the medical industry.  All children deserve to enjoy the basic human right of normal brain development and a strong and healthy immune system with which to reach their full potential.  All families have the right to strive for this goal.

Edda West, President,
Vaccine Choice Canada
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