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I am writing from an undisclosed location in Asia, an area that at least so far is not being hit hard with chemtrails and I doubt it ever will  be for the simple reason that the life expectancy in this third world country is ALREADY quite low so the elite don't feel the need to waste their money by spraying this area, however discerning people who realize what is going on in the world can live a VERY healthy lifestyle here depending on what part of this country they're in....  and what FOOD CHOICES they make.HERE in this country they are.
I just watched the "feature film" "Toxic Skies" which is supposedly "about chemtrails" but I did not like the film for the reason you can read  in my comment which I posted on this website following the film which you can watch here.
All "Toxic Skies" is is Hollywood SPIN against the very SOLID information which I and others have been risking our lives to get out via such excellent info such as this from Dr.Deagle....
And this article of mine that was posted on the  Blog of WAPF President Sally Fallon's publicist Kimberly Hartke which she also linked to from WAPF's Facebook Page which generated massive traffic to it (be sure to see the many valuable comments posted by the WAPF London UK Chapter leader and others at the end of the article.....)
If  you are not yet a member of WAPF,be sure to join, its your best underground survival connection due to all you can learn as a member about how to use food as medicine just the way Hippocrates urged us to 2000 years ago...
I've got someone shipping sulfur for me right now, and most of you have received orders shipped by this person back in the states since I've gone offshore. I might, or might not ever return to America, but even if I don't, I need your ongoing business,at least for now, to survive offshore so please keep awakening friends, neighbors, relatives, and especially FAMILY to the sad reality of chemtrails by directing them NOT to psyop Hollywood garbage such as this bogus movie "Toxic Skies" but instead to the excellent documentary film "Why in the World Are They Spraying?" and to all the very solid research on Dane Wigington's website where you can view this documentary and read a lot of other FACTUAL information.
I am growing and juicing Wheatgrass here in my offshore location as another way to detox. Although my area of the world is not being heavily sprayed the way the US sunbelt states especially are, I am still detoxing from when  I WAS on US soil, and urge you to GET OUT if you can! (If you can't do that at LEAST try to get out of the cities,and if you can't do that at least develop contingency plans!
In addition to ingesting sulfur a minimum of twice a day, I urge you to also start growing wheatgrass and juicing it because this liquid chlorophyll is rich in all the trace minerals, especially if you grow it  in Sea 90 the way I am. This book is an excellent guide to all things wheatgrass!
I urge all of you Stateside to urge your County Sheriff's to join the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association which was started by Sheriff Richard Mack, who won a Supreme Court decision which affirms that within his jurisdiction NO ONE, not even the PRESIDENT can tell a sitting sheriff what to do!
Its clear to me that as States like Maryland attack gun rights as is happening here, all our most cherished freedoms as expressed so eloquently in our Bill of Rights are dangling by a thread.
Some have criticized me for going offshore, but then they don't know how it feels to be on the red list of people to be executed just prior to martial law and I've been living under that leaden blanket of tyrannical oppression ever since goons were sent to excute me in the late 90s in Florida due to my work against the UN Codex international threat to health freedom.
I will never stop opposing Satan, regardless of where in the world I might be.....
This is a war between forces of GOOD and forces of EVIL, and its being played out inside each of us and all around us at all times, its been going on for centuries, but is clearly starting to come  to a head. Obama is not the Antichrist, but he's pretty damn close to being so in my estimation, especially as we see stuff like THIS going on (and I share Mark Dice's interpretation here by the way.)
I've written a satirical blues song that I'll be uploading to the web soon for your listening pleasure, its called "Beware the Pimp MacDaddy" and the sooner you guys get to buying another 100 lbs in the next week to help us have a booth at the NTA Show in Vancouver WA soon, the sooner I'll post it! The Theme for this Nutritional Therapists Assn show will be "Inflammation" and as you all, my Sulfur is the BEST IN THE WORLD for addressing all forms of inflammation.
I've bought all my textbooks and with your help Iwill be enrolled in NTA's Practitioner course starting this coming fall to shore up some holes in my skill set as a Naturopath, and encourage any of you who may be looking for a course like this to consider taking it also! Although I worked in an alternative cancer hospital in Mexico, that clinical experience dates back to the early 90s, and my experience working in a mental hospital dates back to the 80s, so I'm hoping to come up with the tuition funds for this course via sulfur sales and via nutritional consultations (email me if interested at, I've been able to help over a thousand people this way, world wide, for years.)
I'm pursuing a long held dream of honoring my Grandfather, Leonard Palmer Holmes,MD by building a healing center here in the third world where I can best practice my Christian faith in the way that makes the most sense to me, especially as the communist/Nazi Obamination (and his UN/Bilderberg/CIA string pullin' goons) seek to unleash hell on earth as the NWO killing machine goes into high gear.
Got sulfur? If you're stockpiling junk silver coins for barter and heirloom seeds while boning up on your gardening skills you're very wise, but if you  don't have ENOUGH SULFUR to barter with when TSHTF, you're a FOOL because its ALREADY in short supply and if the ballsy people I have stateside running Sulfur For Health in my absence get tossed into a concentration camp, then whaddya gonna do when the SERIOUS chemtrailing starts? 
Look, I could be taken out at ANY time, ANYWHERE in the world,there are spooks all over the planet including right here in this Asian country where I am and the jackals murder people all the time- check out the book Confessions of an Economic Hitman....
I'm doing my best to help you all, please help me now that I REALLY need your help!
Remember- ingesting sulfur puts a SMILE on your face no matter HOW bad the news may be because it helps counteract acid caused by stress which it neutralizes before it hits your small intestine, and by making your cell membranes optimally porous you flood your cells with oxygen which helps you smile through any shitstorm, especially because it jacks your libido into the stratosphere!
Need to lose a few pounds to squeeze into that swimsuit this coming summer? Sulfur helps you burn fat cells via oxygenation, and it gives you that energy boost you need to finally get your butt out the door to go walking or to actually do more than just THINK about setting foot into a gym!
If any of you would like a MASSIVE DISCOUNT, we'll sell you 10 lbs of the world's absolute best organic sulfur for the bargain basement discount of just $320. including shipping (USA only). If you want 10 lbs outside the USA I can do this same price, but you'll have to pay shipping (email me for a quote, or look it up for your country for a medium sized flat rate box (10 lbs) or for  4 lbs or less (within the USA only, use this link) if outside the US, use this link to pay ($40/lb for up to 4 lbs) after first looking up shipping cost for a padded international priority mail envelope from this link.
Don't be fooled by all the CRAP out there that MASQUERADES as good MSM, most is CRAP and that includes the stuff Mercola just started selling (Opti Brand). Opti, Cardinal and Rich are the most commonly sold brands of MSM in the world but all 3 give sulfur a bad name because they're practically biologically inert and you can't grow crystals with them.
Its the crystals that enable sulfur to work properly in the cellular matrix of your body.
I've sent all of you photos of my sulfur crystals, see
With Opti, Cardinal and Rich you can't grow crystals like this because those brands are quadruple heated to 486 degrees (gross overkill). Mine is only heated to 286 F, enough to boil the water used in the distillation process, but not enough to DAMAGE the sulfur so you can't grow crystals.
Its the  CRYSTALS that enable my sulfur to open up cell membranes to FLOOD your cells with  oxygen and to take out the trash.... You can't drink mine past 6 pm without it keeping you awake at night,and if you are married,better make sure your spouse drinks it too,I can't be held responsible for any divorces or break ups caused by libidinous imbalances stemming from only one half of a couple  ingesting sulfur.
I provide a recipe for a punch that is easily made that makes sulfur far more palatable with every order shipped along with complete instructions for use. I can private label sulfur to order.
Want a price quote? I can go as low as $20./ lb depending on volume you can push.IOne customer (a hair salon) has been selling tons of my sulfur by showing her hair clients the film "Why in the World Are They Spraying?" explaining that sulfur is the antidote for toxic chemtrails, and its GREAT for hair, skin nails plus it jacks libidos into stratosphere.
One gym has been selling tons to endurance athletes because it speeds recovery times by a third and helps anyone work out longer and more often with much less inflammation. This stuff sells itself.
Send me your website to prove you can move my sulfur and let me know something about your business. Serious inquiries only to and allow 24 hours for reply, I'm not in any US time zone out here and I'm very busy growing food and fishing in order to be totally self sufficient on food....
Please help me not only survive off shore, but also to THRIVE!!
Have deep pockets and want to help build a primo, world class healing center to help me realize my dream? IAHF/ Sulfur For Health needs a few deep pocketed patrons who can do  wealth transfers of large sums of green whipout. Have long green?  Please help!
Bucks low but still wanna help? Please forward this after at least buying a few pounds of sulfur or by kicking in any amount you can afford to donated to donate to help IAHF continue being a collosal, major league pain the CIA's, UN, Bilderberg's obviously disease ridden  ass for DECADES to come!!!Cool  
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