Hello Summiteers,
We want to let you know about some articles that are supportive of Peer Respites and Soteria Houses that were just published. Lauren Spiro has written an article for in Mad in America (MIA) that was inspired by the Summit.
Emotional Crisis Response: The Peer-Run Respite/Soteria House Approach Compared to the Conventional Approach
Lauren interviewed Summit presenters: Cindy Hadge, Adrian Bernard, and Burt Mooney and also thanks Grace Silvia who co-wrote the comparisons of Soteria houses and Peer Respites in the article. Congratulations and thank you, Lauren, for spotlighting the value of these approaches! Here is the link to the article.
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Another approach some have found helpful in Soteria and Peer Respite work, Emotional CPR (eCPR), was spotlighted in an article by the Los Angeles times.
The Los Angeles Times published an article in March 2023 spotlighting eCPR as one of the most popular approaches to training an everyday person to support people in distress. Does mental health training for an everyday person exist? article available here. Direct link to LA Times Group therapy here.
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Blog and News & Events Launching
The International Soteria/Peer Respite Summit is looking for guest authors to write for our blog. We are looking for articles of any length that can share our stories and/or educate the public on non-medical alternatives to coercive interventions such as peer respite and Soteria houses. We’re especially looking for news from people trying to start peer respites and Soteria houses and to hear from people with personal lived experience related to crisis/institutionalization, peer respites, and Soteria houses! If you are interested, please reach out through our website for more information. 
Navigating a Misguided System Video
There is a new 35 minute video, Navigating a Misguided System, taken from the December 14, 2022, Mentoring Circle meeting. The Mentoring Circle has been holding monthly meetings that are very helpful for people who would like to or are working on starting peer respites and Soteria houses. In Navigating a Misguided System people talk about avoiding and even refusing funding sources that will require the organization to abandon its values. For example, it was discussed how in some places, state funding had to be rejected because they would have co-opted the organization, while in other places state funding might be okay. A big topic of discussion was whether and how to accept Medicaid funding. In contrast to the 4 video advocacy playlist, The Basics, totaling eleven minutes, the 35 minute Navigating a Misguided System is for people wanting to start or sustain peer respites and Soteria houses.
Pathways Vermont Workshop Open to the Public: Soteria: The Power of Human Connection
Pathways Vermont is running two three-hour interactive workshops on April 5 and May 3, 2023 called Soteria: The Power of Human Connection, which draws on lessons from their own Soteria House. Registration and more information: April 5 Workshop and May 3 Workshop
Be sure to check out the Summit website; it has a great listing of resources.