(L-R: Canadian Parliament, Canadian Protestors Blocked by Police From Delivering Petitions Against the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America to Summit Meeting in Montebelo Quebec in 2007. All of us must work together on both sides of the US, Canadian, and Mexican borders AGAINST the North American Union Dictatorship.)

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I'm sure every American on the IAHF list is puzzled right now by my assertion that they'd better be concerned about C-51 a bill that has recently passed the first of 3 "Readings" in the Canadian Parliament. C-51 would allow Canada to incorporate Codex vitamin restrictions directly into Canadian law without ANY DEBATE in Parliament, and it would give Health Canada numerous new weapons to attack the dietary supplement industry with.

To have a chance to stop it, Canadians are going to have to mount a counter offensive on a scale of the one they conducted back in 1997, and they'll need the assistance of dietary supplement consumers in America. From the border town of Point Roberts WA-  IAHF stands ready to assist.

Due to the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada & Mexico  (see  http://www.nocodexgenocide.com/page/page/3113337.htm  we're witnessing a concerted effort by the FDA to make an end run around the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act by illegally harmonizing the food and drug regulations between Canada, the US and Mexico as if a North American Union were already in place.  Bill C-51 must be viewed in this context by consumers on both sides of the border.

Due to the TCC, any legislative initiative in Canada that threatens to blow dietary supplements sky high in that country poses a threat to consumers across the border in the US as well, because the Ruling Elite, Big Pharma, the FDA, Health Canada, and their Mexican equivalent are working in concert for population control, and societal control purposes. 

To live in Point Roberts Washington is to live simultaneously in the US & Canada because we're cut off from the rest of the state attached to the BC Canada mainland on the tip of a penninsula: http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/0408/feature7/index.html  The closest health food store to my house is not on US soil, its in Tsawwassen, BC, Canada- a 5 minute drive from here.

Yesterday I went to Wellspring Health in Tsawwassen BC Canada where I spoke with great concern to the owner's daughter to inform them about bill C-51, the worst bill I have ever seen in ANY country that attacks dietary supplements and alternative practitioners since I first started doing this health freedom work 20 years ago.

What C-51 represents is a concerted effort to harmonize Canada to Australian law (where dietary supplements are even more restricted than they are in Canada), and via the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter- the ruling elite intend to roll this train wreck across the line into the USA via the covert initiatives now being conducted with increased speed to deconstruct Canada, US and Mexico in order to force us together into a North American Union Dictatorship.



You can read C-51 here: http://www2.parl.gc.ca/HousePublications/Publication.aspx?DocId=3398126& 

The bill has been dissected by attorney Shawn Buckley in Vancouver who sent me a detailed analysis, some of which I'll provide here. Buckley expects to have a complete constitutional analysis completed by midweek, whereupon he and a core group that I'm in touch with will be approaching all stakeholders in Canada in an effort to mount a huge campaign against it.

The Act gives overly broad discretionary powers to Health Canada inspectors to force compliance on alleged "safety" grounds. Currently, 60% of all licensing applications for Natural Health Products are being rejected by Health Canada. The majority of these are for single ingredient formulations.

Buckley estimates that as multi-ingredient product formulations are considered, fully 70% of license applications will be rejected. If this bill passes into law, it will accelerate the speed with which Health Canada is able to destroy the dietary supplement industry because it will enable inspectors to do far more to tie companies up in totally unecessary red tape. The bill gives Health Canada far more resources to process license applications, which means products will be banned, sooner rather than later.

C-51 gives inspectors broad new powers to force products off the market. The bill moves away from the term "drugs" and introduces the term "therapeutic products". This change might seem innocuos, but Buckly is correct in understanding the strategy behind this change. Here is his explanation:

"Natural Health Products remain “drugs” under the Act.  The only change is that now all drugs are referred to as “therapeutic products” in the Act instead of as drugs.


I have found this to be a very interesting change, and perhaps the most significant of all of the changes.  I think this is perhaps the most significant of all changes as I asked myself the following questions:


1)     why is a language change away from the word “drug” and to the term “therapeutic product” important to Health Canada, and


2)     what part of the industry is this change for?


We think and communicate in language.  The terms we use to define and refer to things affect how we think about them.  That is why advertising firms exist. 


The term “drug” in the Food and Drugs Act is not substance specific in that any substance is considered a “drug” if sold or manufactured for a therapeutic purpose.  However, many people think of the word “drug” as referring to chemical drugs as opposed to plants sold for therapeutic purposes.


There is no confusion in the public’s mind concerning pharmaceutical drugs.  When the public thinks of pharmaceutical drugs they are comfortable with the word “drug”.


There is confusion when the word “drug” is applied to natural health products.


Because there was no confusion concerning pharmaceutical drugs and the word “drug”, is the change of terminology directed at the Natural Health Product industry or are there other reasons? 


The change certainly affects the dynamics of the debate over regulating NHPs as foods or as a third category separate from drugs.  Let’s use the NHPPA’s position on regulatory change as an example.  The NHPPA Advisory Board has given the NHPPA the goal of obtaining a regulatory environment where:


(1)              NHPs are presumed to be safe.  A NHP cannot be taken off of the market unless the Government can prove that it is unsafe;


(2)              there are different claims structures so that:


a)     manufacturers do not have to make claims;

b)     manufacturers can make limited claims, such as structure function claims with a low evidence threshold, and

c)     manufacturers can make specific health claims if they can meet a higher evidence threshold;


(3)              NHPs are not regulated as drugs.  They are either regulated as food or as a third category separate from drugs and food;


(4)              there are Good Manufacturing Processes that are appropriate for the low risk profile of NHPs, and


(5)              there is a conflict resolution mechanism to settle disputes between the Government and industry members.


The last time consumers and the industry rebelled against Health Canada enforcement actions against NHPs, the rallying cry was “don’t treat our foods as drugs”.  That rallying cry created the most successful petition drive in Canadian history.  It was a large factor leading then Minister of Health Allan Rock to refer the issue to the Standing Committee on Health.  The result was the 53 Recommendations which the industry would still like to see implemented.


Would the rallying cry have been successful with the new term:  “don’t treat our foods as therapeutic products”?  Or to be more accurate:  “don’t treat or natural health products as therapeutic products”? 


My point in all of this is simply to communicate that terms and language are important as they determine the parameters of how we think and can affect debate.  The change in terms is being introduced deliberately by Health Canada and we need to consider what the implications for the industry are."

The bill also threatens to usher in changes to the terms "sell" and "controlled activity" enabling Health Canada to attack Naturopaths and other alternative practitioners who utilize Natural Health Products (dietary supplements) in their practices. It provides multiple new ways to attack product manufacturers and jacks up the fines by multiples of 500 to 1000 times, clearly an effort to drive huge numbers of manufacturers under.


I spoke with Tony Stephan in Alberta today about this bill since he was the one who called it to IAHF's attention. He is in a process now of creating a special section on the Truehope Inc. website from which Canadians will be able to send a form letter directly to all Members of Parliament. I will let you know when this is up, but it will be somewhere on http://www.truehope.com

In the meantime, no one can predict when C-51 will go for its second reading. If Harper wants to ram it through, they could push for second reading at literally ANY time. For that reason, I did not wait for Tony to get his web page up about this- I want you to get on the phone to your MPs office RIGHT NOW to voice opposition to C-51! Tell them you VALUE your access to Natural Health Products and you will ride them out on a RAIL if they fail to listen! Get ANGRY!

If you are Canadian, print this out and take it to your local health food store owner to get this onto their RADAR screen. Soon we'll have a form letter for you to take to them to distribute to their customers.

If you are Canadian or American please donate to IAHF to help me sound the alarm to health food store owners all over the Lower mainland around Vancouver. I will call all these stores and will physically GO to them to Sound the Urgently needed Alarm!

We MUST trigger off the level of rebellion in Canada that occurred in 1997 when we forced Health Minister Alan Rock to back down the LAST TIME Health Canada went on this sort of rampage!!! As discussed in a previous e-alert, our would be overseers aren't "just" trying to cull our numbers by blocking access to dietary supplements, John Mecca discovered that specific micronutrients block the effects of both implanted microchips AND directed energy- see countermeasures section at http://www.us-government-torture.com 


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