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IAHF List: At https://www.ymlp.com/pubarchive_show_message.php?jham+281 you can see my response to USANA's legal counsel which is actively misleading its distributors on the Codex vitamin issue.

Following up on this- Dr.Anthony Rees, a health freedom fighter in South Africa just sent me the following email which must be read and forwarded by MLMers world wide concerned with defending health freedom and everyone on the IAHF list should also read it and help me to reach network marketers who are being led to Codex Cliff as discussed below....

Donations are needed by IAHF for Emergency public speaking and traveling necessary to awaken people on this issue as the fuse burns closer to the bomb. I will be at Expo West vitamin trade show in Anaheim California http://www.expowest.com along with several others who will be assisting me in carrying our urgent mssg about codex to innovative manufacturers there. Please donate via paypal at http://www.iahf.com and via IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA Be Sure to watch the DVD Push Back from Codex Cliff at http://www.glycommunity.com/iahf ......
see Dr. Rees's URGENT MESSAGE:

Dear John,

Please feel free to distribute this message. I read your USANA story
[see https://www.ymlp.com/pubarchive_show_message.php?jham+281
with a good sense of nostalgia and continued disbelief in their attitude.

When moving to Canada to assist Citizens Voice for Health Rights
in 2000, we were on a campaign trail to stop the Health Protection
Branch from allowing the newly formed Office of Natural Health Products
from adopting restrictive natural health product listing systems
such as those which have devastated Australia and almost wrecked
South Africa just prior.

During this time, we made appointments to meet with some CEO's and
Directors of MLM supplement companies, including Natures Sunshine,
Enrich and USANA. We were met with very mixed responses to the threat.

Of all, none really seemed to want to pull up their sleeves and get
into the battle openly, not even raise awareness among their distribution
chain. I must admit that Enrich did support the organization, but
this was only through pressure from high-up people (health conscious
citizens) in the distribution pyramid who put pressure on the company
to assist the cause.

However, the company took the soft approach to appease their people
who were raking in the quadruple-figure commissions and decided to
loot a cut out of their monthly commissions at the end of the month
for the activist group. In other words, the company did NOTHING by
their own initative to assist financially or logistically. A few
months later when Enrich was bought by Royal Dutch Numico (SHELL
OIL) Citizens Voice for Health Rights was called in and bluntly informed
that Enrich will no longer supports health freedom initiatives in

On one summer evening, one of Canada's top distributors of USANA's
products organized for Debbie Anderson and myself to make a professional
presentation in front of thousands of USANA distributors in Vancouver
at their annual convention, to explain that their freedom of choice
in natural health was under threat and that they should join in the
struggle to preserve their health freedom, their customer's health
and their incomes. Just an two hours before the convention and before
presenting our case, the directors pulled the plug on our speeches.

Their official reason : "We don't want to scare away all these potential
new distributors who are being brought to this meeting by other distributors,
who will pay for the privilege to join our fantastic marketing opportunity.

The next day we met the top four Directors and CEO of USANA on a
ferry to Vancouver Island to explain the threat of the HPB's Office
of Natural Health Products to them personally, as it seemed they
were quite oblivious to the threat.

On meeting these ultra smooth businessman in their Armani suits,
it became apparent they were not really interested in what we had
to say as they closed the meeting after 10 minutes because they were
'very busy' preparing for their next day's RA RA event and recruitment
drive on Vancouver Island.

One of them blatantly said "We hear so many conflicting stories about
this issue, so we have taken the decision not to get involved in
this as we are already a licensed pharmaceutical manufacturing company
so don't really see your point".

Another said "If we do anything to highlight this hypothetical problem
in the industry, product sales will drop and distributors will feel
insecure and leave the structure".

From this attitude, it is obvious that a lot of large MLM companies
have already been swallowed by the octopus of the pharma cartel a
long time ago while others are being squeezed by it's tentacles of
lucrative financial takeovers and are conciously anethetized.

It is certain that these companies feel very smug in this period
of struggle, as they feel their parent pharmaceutical companies will
just pay their dues and register their products as drugs (or medicines)
to monopolize the industry, even at the cost of reducing all their
dosages to rediculous Upper Limit levels because the 'good scientists'
must be right.

At the other end of the coin, these companies are truly the enemy
of health freedom comparable to wolves in sheep's clothing, waiting
for an opportunity (its all about opportunity to these guys) for
health stores and smaller compeditors to close down and to freely
hawk more products direct to the consumer's door.

My advice to people in the frontline of health freedom in the USA
and Canada and the UK is to hold emergency meetings, which advertise
clearly through trusted contacts in these companies and in local
press for distributors to attend meetings highlighting PRIMARILY,
their LOSS OF INCOME (Don't forget 70% of people sign up with these
companies purely for extra cash and NOT health).

These company's CEO's and Directors will only take action from the
greed-driven top if they are proportionately influenced by the will
and unhappiness of the people who support their pyramid at the bottom.

I hope this helps to put a little piece of experience in this field
into the puzzle and give an idea on how to deal with this sector.

Dr. Anthony Rees
Co-coordinator : PHARMAPACT (www.gaiaresarch.co.za/pharmapact )
Director of Education and Research ­ HONERI (www.honeri.org)
Member : South African Codex Alimentarius Delegation to the Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses