NEWS TONIGHT After months Saigon’s Techno crew's finally home to the Obs!
Consider this the "Heart Beat Homecoming Techno Ball".  
For this special occasion we didn't need to look that far; Xhin, a Singaporean national,
has released avidly on our favourite imprints and frequently joined forces with our
guests from the past. Forecast for your ears:  Xhin will bring you his organic 100%
pure Heart Beat sound you might have missed in the Obs.
With local regular residential support from Swiss DJ Ouch! & German Chris Wolter
and loopy, wicked visuals by Swedish Vietnamese Erol we are once again..........
'The United Nations of Techno' in Saigon! 
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NEWS ► This rainy season is full of Techno with ALEX BAU and SIGHA and more to
NEWS ► This June is time for the 4th collaboration with our friends of Goethe Institut
in HCMC. This one came as a gift from Techno heaven. Well known for his releases
on Cocoon, his signature sound as well as a long time star at the techno firmament in
Germany. His tech rider is the probably the most challenging so far, that means you
can expect a hybrid live performance from Mr. Alex Bau
Of course we are lucky as always because first Credo, Bau’s imprint, is celebrating
10 years and we are expecting an new album from his hand any time soon.
Expect loads of new material during the show, that will be supported by
Javier Marimon, joining Heart Beat for the first time
NEWS ►23 + 24 November in cooperation with Insutute Français HCMC and
European Music Festival; Voiski will have a back to back performance in HCMC.
On Nov 23rd a live show at the Conservatory of HCMC and on Nov. 24th he will
lay down a magnifcient DJ set @ the Observatory.  Something very unique!
So block your schedules in the evening of this 3rd week of November! 
Xhin has been crafting ominous cuts of cutting-edge electronic music since 1997.
Building a forte in sound design, he is best described as a sound futurist.
A Singaporean by birth and residence, his productions went as a storm over Europe,
fully supported and charted by heavy weights from the world of electronic music such 
as: Speedy J, Ben Klock, Jerome Sydenham, Luke Slater and Function.
Now let's give him an unforgettable night in Saigon!! 
:::::XHIN ▲ TOKEN [SG]
:::::::OUCH! ▲ 
:::::::: CHRIS WOLTER ▲ Heart Beat
:::::::::::VISUALS by EROL ▲ Heart Beat

‘Sound design’ is something that often appears in terms of both description
of your background and your approach to music. What is exactly sound
design and how is that approach different from more conventional approach
of composition?

I make sound out of the very basic form of sound waves, sometimes from field
recordings and transform them into something else or to achieve my desired
imagination to fit in the initial concept of a particular track.

You were also involved in various projects including the ones with fashion
labels and you’re keen on many different forms of art as well, what are the
sources of inspiration for your music?

Inspiration comes from anywhere, really. From my everyday life experiences,
places, travels, a piece of art, works from fashion designers, music from my
player, people, friends, etc.


You said in an interview that being in Singapore (as opposed to places like
Berlin or London) makes it easy to do your own thing without being concerned
too much about trends or what other people are doing. I think that kind of sense
of freedom also comes from confidence and solid understanding of who you
are and what you want to achieve with your music.

I wouldn’t say there’s something special about being home or separating
myself from the others. What I meant was that it’s not really necessary to be
in places where all things music are happening. I feel that it is always good
to get away from the present hype for a while and not worry about what
should be done or shouldn’t.
I was pleasantly surprised to hear non-techno tracks from producers like Scuba,
Ramadanman and Addison Groove. Fusing UK DnB/Dubstep/Funk into Techno
set is a rather unique approach – with the exception of Scuba,
I think you’re the only one who does it and makes it really enjoyable.

It doesn’t really have to be all things from the UK. There are many tunes or
genres out there from many different places I fancy as well. A DJ set to me,
doesn’t have to be all 4 to floor kind of stuff. I like to flirt around different
genres to make my sets entertaining and advocating at the same time.

Someone described your music as “Darkly blooding yet intellectual soundscape”,
which I’d very much agree. Is there any reason dark deep sound particularly
appeals to you?

No particular reason, really. Maybe it’s the nature of my job where sound design
places an important role in my production.
Well, people like to be scared a little sometimes.

Do you have any dream collaborator you wish to work with?

I would say it has got to be Ryuchi Sakamoto.  
(excerpt of interview by Cargo Collective , AUG 2011. Full interview here  ) 
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24-11-2017 |  Inst. Francais + Heart Beat Feat.  VOISKI @ OBS  
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