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Issue #225                                                                                                                        June 30, 2022
Hello & Welcome!
I'm so glad you chose to spend a bit of time with us today! Summer is here at last and I hope you'll be able to spend time away with those you love to get away from your normal routine! 

I've been busy at work on the new pattern & making slow but steady progress. Later on in today's edition we'll give you a quick update and picture that we hope will pique your interest & don't forget to scroll down for one of the two BIGGEST pattern sales of 2022Laughing
And speaking of which, I'll get back to work so we can publish this new bag sometime in 2022!  j/k... It'll probably be in early Sept. 
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"Eye Candy" for July 2022
It’s time for your monthly treat for the eyes & I really LOVE this month's selection of bags.
ALL of the bags pictured below have been shared recently on
(To see LARGER images: Click on each individual pic)
Here's a fun Sling Along that was created by Elaine Comer. It reminds me of the Maine shoreline which we used to visit every summer when I was a kid. I hope Elaine is going to be somewhere fun while carrying this bag... maybe even Maine?

I met Susanne Richter at the AQS Paducah show in April where she purchased this Sling Along pattern and it didnt take her long to create her sleek & classic take on this design!
Here's a delightful Bella BiFold created by Charlene Samanich! It seems to be the perfect bag to carry thru the hot summer months! Great job Charlene!

 So when Jenn Kirby saw this fabric (by Tula Pink), she knew exactly what she it was calling out for & she was right! It looks splendid on our Sling Along design! She also created her own makeup bag to match! 
This smaller version of our Elsie K Baglet was created by Nancy Rosa who said it was MUCH more laborious than the our version & said she wasn't pleased with the result & won't be experimenting this way again, but it's still a very pretty bag, right? 

Barb Robertson says she's very happy with how her 1st Sling Along turned-out and I can certainly see why! And how interesting is this exterior fabric? Its hard to tell if its pre-embroidered or not! Its beautiful either way! 
Elaine Comer's back but this time she's showing off a very cheerful Walkabout Wallet! She has her wallet set up with a hand strap in this picture  but you can also carry this design as a shoulder or crossbody bag.
Reba Bristol said she's so happy that she finally finished her Sling Along and isn't this a dramatic combination of fabrics? 
Nancy Rosa has gone back to a standard-sized Elsie K Baglet & she mentioned that she is SO much more pleased with the results & as for me, this fabric combination is amazing (as well as that purple zipper).
And finally, this is the 2nd of two Bangle Buddies that @Tumbleweed made for each of her granddaughters & she reports that they LOVED them! (But that's no surprise, right?) Just click HERE to see the other one!   
(To see LARGER images: Click on each individual pic) 
Some Good Reading You May Have Missed!
And... here's an "Oldie but Goodie" from our "Archives" you may enjoy!
A Peek at Out Next Bag Pattern- As of Yet Un-named
We're hard at work on what will be our next pattern design and you can take a sneek peek at it by clicking the image at right or HERE! We've got a long way to go before this design is finalized, but you know what? It's never too soon to start thinking about an appropriate name, so if you have a bright idea... I'm all ears! Laughing 

A Fun Video- From Birth to First Flight
I find Eagles to be fascinating creatures and enjoyed this video of a Steppe Eagle who was raised from a hatchling to adulthood. I hope you enjoy it too! 
Click image or HERE for a larger view.
Working from home is tough but it can also be quite humorous when you're on camera working from home with a cat in the house! Don't believe me? Click the image or HERE for some chuckles!
Like citrus peels, tealeaves have a whole host of magical powers and you should probably think twice before tossing one again. From neutralizing odors to de-puffing tired eyes, scroll down for six of our favorite uses for your old tea bags.
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As Funny As Real Life-
Click image or HERE for a larger view.
Thanks to alert reader Sharyn McKinney for sending us this cartoon!
Un-word of the Month-
ALPOPUCK- An empty dish pushed around the kitchen by a dog trying to get the last bit. 
Sewing in the News- A Beautiful Parting Gift
Here's a really sweet story of how a mother and daughter created a beautiful memory together! I think you'll enjoy it! 
{Click HERE to read more}
Our Semi-Annual Pattern Sale- 
You may not know this, but in the pattern business (at least for us) the 2 slowest months of the year are June and December so its during those two months that we tend to run our best sales!

So with this in mind... we are pleased to announce... 
From now until mid-night Sunday night you can claim a whopping $3.99 off ALL the bag patterns in your shopping cart! 
Just use this discount code to apply this discount at checkout.
 So... ready... set... GO! 
Click image at left or HERE to start shopping!

Please note: this coupon cannot be used toward previous purchases, & our closeout & pdf patterns are not included in this sale. But don't delay-  this sale is good thru 7/3/22 but will end at midnight that night.

Here's Our Upcoming Show Schedule (we hope!):
International Fall Quilt Market 2022- Oct 29-31, 2022Houston, TX
International Fall Quilt Festival 2022- Nov 3-6, 2022 - Houston, TX
Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival 2022 - Fen 23-26, 2023 - Hampton, VA
AQS Quiltweek Paducah 2022 - April 26-29, 2023 - Paducah, KY

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