Herbalist Richard Schulz.............All of Us Seeking Ways to Detox..........John Hammell Who Will Be Doing Schulz "Incurables Program" This Summer & How You Can Join Me in Doing This Huge Detox..... How You Can Help Me Bring This Information to the Attention of Suffering Veterans, Your Family, Friends, and Others So We Don't Get Culled Via UN Agenda 21!
IAHF List: Starting today, I will be embarking on what I hope will be a hugely transformative healing journey of detoxification, something going far beyond what is possible via ingesting sulfur water alone! While I of course strongly endorse sulfur as a very good way to protect against heavy metals and other toxins being sprayed on all of us via chemtrails as a good way to protect against Fukushima radiation, as well as a good way to address a huge list of health problems, after reading this about Richard Schulz's "Incurables" program, and after reading this interview with him about the program, I have decided to begin it today!
Friends, all of us are undergoing a massive biological attack via chemtrails, Fukushima radiation, Genetically engineered food, pharmaceutical drugs, food additives, air and water pollution, electromagnetic smog, Pesticides, mercury, etc. This is not just happening by accident- it is planned genocide- the UN intends to cull the human herd via Agenda 21, and their transhumanist agenda also includes plans to biologically microchip us via the nano-fibers being sprayed on us via chemtrails and to turn us into non-reproducing cyborgs- slaves on the ruling elite's global plantation.
By detoxing using sulfur, and programs like Schulz's "Incurables" program, we can monkeywrench their plans and live very long, healthy lives despite all their efforts to kill and injure us for societal control purposes! We sure aren't going to stop the shadow government's genocide plans via meetup groups and petitions, but we are not powerless to protect ourselves via detoxification!
When I was growing up, I experienced several things that still negatively impact my health today. I had pneumonia as an infant and was heavily dosed with antibiotics. This destroyed my good gut flora, allowing my small intestine to be taken over by the opportunistic yeast candida albicans. My mother probably had impaired gut flora when she gave birth to me, so I was behind the 8 ball from birth this way and I'm sure I'm not alone! Many of you have this problem too, I guarantee it, but we don't have to! WE CAN heal!
An estimated 80% of Americans also have this same problem, but fail to recognize it, much less know what to do about it. When Candida takes over your body, it can become systemic, it can take over all the organs in your body, even getting into your liver, kidneys and pancreas from your bowels!
It creates a very dangerous and highly maladaptive "chemical factory" by crowding out the good bacteria, the S.Boulardii, and lactobacillus that we all need in our digestive tract to be healthy!It rips microscopic holes in the walls of our small intestine allowing undigested food particles, some of which are neurotoxic, to escape into your blood and brain! This can cause severe depression, brain fog, schizophrenia, autism, trouble concentrating, chronic fatigue etc.
It causes us to crave sugar and starch and can be a direct cause of  obesity, brain fog, depression, schizophrenia, autism and a slew of other medical problems that are all outlined in Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride's book which I've read and strongly recommend (Gut and Psychology Syndrome).
For over a year now I've been seeking to "heal and seal" my leaky gut so that I will be able to properly absorb the nutrients from the foods I eat (and the supplements I use) and so that I will be able to totally get rid of my allergies, brain fog, depression, lethargy, and other problems! I've eliminated sugar from my diet, have cut out fast acting carbs such as rice and potatoes in order to starve the candida, I've been using probiotics and I make my own natural probiotics in the form of homemade saurkraut and kimchi.
I am hoping that by doing Schulz "Incurables" program, that I may finally totally succeed in this quest, and in the process, I hope to completely cure myself of all allergies, depression, brain fog, and to protect myself as thoroughly as possible from this massive biological assault we're all under due to chemtrails and other factors.
If this seems skeptical, please keep in mind that Richard Schulz has been able to cure every kind of cancer using his detox program. He has been able to cure the supposedly "incurable" people who came into his office for decades until he retired.
When he got third degree burns on his hand, and doctors told him his "only option" was to have skin grafts that would have left him with an inoperable claw in place of a hand, he put his foot down, said "no"! And found a way to totally heal his hand, including the badly damaged nerves, tendons and muscles! As a person who has nerve damage from a tree falling on me in a tornado, that got my attention!
Similarly, he was able to completely heal a badly blown out knee following a skiing injury after doctors had tol him he "had to have" arthroscopic surgery. I am convinced from reading about this program that anyone who does the entire program can heal literally anything. It is not easy, you must devote a good portion of a 24 hour day to addressing your detoxification, but it does work!
I am taking sulfur as I do this, and recommend it to all of you--- we must chelate all the heavy metals being sprayed on us via chemtrails and sulfur helps us do that, and it does help us flood our cells with oxygen and push the toxins out.... it is a very important mineral, but I want to do more, and hope many of you will join me in this healing adventure which we can do together!
Yesterday I got a lot of organic fruits and veges in order to start a program of bowel cleansing that kicks off the program via juicing and fasting. I have to take two bowel cleaning herbal formulas for a week each in order to totally clean my colon before going further. When I was a kid I was often constipated due to drinking milk which I'm allergic to, and eating lots of cheese, peanuts, peanut butter and wheat, which I'm also allergic to.
When you have bad constipation, it can cause diverticulitis, a condition in which feces are squeezed through the wall of the colon to create pockets of toxins that are constantly flooding back into your bloodstream, weakening your immune system.
Colonics won't address these pockets, but the incurables bowel cleansing program and the other cleanses will! I intend to eliminate all of these pockets of feces and flush them out of my body forever!
After thoroughly cleaning my colon, I'll do a systematic liver and gallbladder cleanse, followed by kidney and blood cleanses. For my first 2 days I'm doing "light eating" (salads, and fruits only), then for 2 days I'll be juicing organic fruits and using a superfood powder packed with nutrition, then another day of light eating (salads and fruits.) I'll be drinking a minimum of a gallon of liquids per day to flush off toxins, and I'll be using a colon detox formula.
Some people think that when you fast, and do juicing that you feel less energy, but actually the opposite is true because you aren't using energy to digest your food! I have only been eating fruit and salads today, yet feel very clear headed with no blood sugar problems. When you cook food, you destroy the enzymes that you need to digest it properly, but when you eat raw foods, you don't have that problem.
It is uncertain how long all of this will take, but it will take a minimum of 30 days, maybe longer if I have to repeat the program to get the complete results I'm seeking. I am hoping to lose all needed weight by doing this along with exercise this summer, to finally get down to my ideal "fighting weight" of 195 by the end of the summer, and I hope to keep it off.
Would you like to do the "Incurables" program along with me? I would love to have some company! We can all compare notes, and ideas going forward! I am hoping to call this program to the attention of suffering veterans, because it is clear to me that the VA is way beyond fixing, it should be totally disbanded!
If you'd like to join me, the first thing to do is to read this about Richard Schulz's "Incurables" program, and then read this in depth interview with him about the program, and take notes so you will know what you'll need to begin! You can buy some of his formulas from his website, but you can also learn to make them.

In light of this information which documents mass government genocide being perpetrated by the Veterans Administration, veterans should all be encouraged to do the Incurables program, and should be provided with the support they need to do it!
They should be encouraged to get on sulfur, and be provided with the support they need to do that! Sulfur neutralizes acid caused by stress thats dumped into the small intestine. I've had customers who were vets totally end all problems with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and depression by drinking sulfur water twice a day, and many have been able to stop using psych meds and other meds the VA has been killing them with!
Can you imagine the healing that could take place! All these people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, Severe Depression, Cancer, Heart Disease, cancer, and every medical problem you can name would finally have the chance they need and deserve to be able to heal!
We need to shut the VA down and replace it with an organization that will teach our vets how to be their own doctors, how to use natural healing methods such as these!
Please help me to lob this information in to anyone in a position to do something with it, people such as Jesse Jane Duff from Concerned Veterans for America.
If you know any veterans, or are one yourself, please help me to get this life saving information into more people's hands! For that matter, since all of us are undergoing massive biological assault, please help get it out to literally anyone, especially those most within your sphere of influence: family members, colleagues, neighbors, close friends!
We must awaken more people to the massive threat posed by UN Agenda 21 to cull the human herd. If you're not familiar with this, please see this article of mine.
Remember- if you need sulfur, you can get FREE SHIPPING and a price discount when you buy 10 lbs, see.  If you have allergies, you may especially want to stock up this summer! Another way to address allergies that I've discovered is to use a nebulizer to mist magnesium chloride into your lungs! See this article by Mark Sircus.  I have been doing this now for a few weeks and it helps me a lot! I also spray magnesium chloride on my skin as it is very transdermally absorbent!
We are all as deficient in magnesium as we are in sulfur! It really helps with ATP production, and it helps the mitochondria, the "power plant" inside our cells to function optimally! See this book Transdermal Magnesium Therapy by Mark Sircus!
We are not powerless to overcome UN Agenda 21 efforts to cull the human herd, but we must take action to stop them or many of us will die prematurely from Alzheimer's, cancer, heart disease, and other totally preventable medical problems!
There are some people who come to me badly needing sulfur. I have given a lot away, but have my own needs to consider too. If you'd like to donate to IAHF to assist me in this work, donations are always very much appreciated, and you can do that here!