Mary Tocco- A Plan To Awaken our Sheriffs

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 Many of you on the IAHF list have had trouble trying to awaken sleeping family members and friends to the danger we’re all in from the weaponized swine flu and weaponized vaccine.

 Below you’ll find a link to a documentary film that I’ve reviewed in the notes below titled

“In Lies We Trust” by Dr.Len Horowitz that will help you educate anyone who fails to grasp the threat posed to us by the swine flu vaccine which is clearly designed, and intended, to reduce world population.

 (The film illustrates that ALL vaccines are intended to reduce world population and to trigger illness, and it shows where and how these policy decisions were made- naming the key documents. We must make this widely known to family and friends. Once this gets out, no thinking person will ever allow themselves or their family members to be vaccinated again, for ANY reason.)

The Department of Defense has announced that all uniformed personnel will be forced to take the H1N1 vaccine, the (so called) “World Health Organization” has announced a “Level 6 pandemic”, Massachusetts proposed Pandemic Response bill would allow them authority to quarantine and to impose fines of up to $1000. per day for non compliance. The FDA has not properly tested the vaccine for safety. We must, and CAN fight back:


 Sheriff Richard Mack has finally come out with a You Tube that we must use to educate our Sheriffs so that if a move is made to force the vaccine, they will not allow it- see   and


 Utilize Mary Tocco’s site  to get a meeting with your Sheriff. It has a complete action plan to help you get a meeting with your Sheriff and to educate him. She has a power point presentation you can use to show your sheriff when you get a meeting. Sheriff Mack is willing to call your sheriff after he’s seen it. She has an info sheet you can hand out to the public.

See her video The first half of this video documents the extreme danger of the swine flu vaccine; the second half provides a discussion of the Power of the County Sheriff per Sheriff Mack’s Supreme Court Victory- this must be shown to Sheriffs nationwide by citizens who don’t wish this vaccine forced on them. I am going to show it to my Sheriff.

Please show it to yours, along with Len Horowitz documentary (see below) “IN LIES WE TRUST” This documents that our government has a detailed and organized genocide plan to kill large numbers of us- it shows the documents that established their policies and shows that vaccines are their chief weapons for population reduction.

 This article will also help awaken people: Vaccinations are causing impaired blood flow (Ischemia), Chronic Illness, Disease and Death for us all

It documents that all vaccines destroy microscopic blood vessels, impeding the flow of oxygen and nutrients to our cells by sludgifying our blood- causing every kind of degenerative disease.

This sure got my attention. It boils the issue of vaccines down to utter simplicity, clearly illustrating that they’re part of a genocide agenda- an intentional effort to cause sickness and death. Organic sulfur and the other techniques described in IAHF’s Special Report and E-Book help counteract this to protect you so you can get the oxygen and nutrients you need to your cells.


 Both are available from IAHF for a minimum donation of $25., but please send more if you can- I’m on the red list of people to be executed just before martial law and need your help to be able to get out of harms way. This information is only available by email, so don’t expect me to mail it to a street address. You can send your donation via paypal through  or to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd. Point Roberts WA 98281 USA and don’t forget to provide your email address.

 IN LIES WE TRUST: The CIA, Hollywood & Bioterrorism

 In Lies We Trust”- The CIA, Hollywood, and Bioterrorism is a well made documentary film by Dr.Len Horowitz that you can see on You Tube in 16 parts.

 Its worth your time to watch and to forward widely because it ties directly in with the threat of forced swine flu vaccination. It will help you see past the mainstream news spin to what is really going on so you can trace today’s plans to unleash this on us to genocidal policy decisions dating back to 1963 with The Report from Iron Mountain, National Security Memorandum 200, The Revolution in Military Affairs and Conflicts Short of Wars , National Security Memorandum 46, and other little known formal genocidal policy decisions that the public must become aware of.

 Fort Detrick, which manufactured biological weapons, was turned over to the National Cancer Institute to be used in the (so called) “War on Cancer” but the TRUTH is that this “War” is actually a war AGAINST ALL OF US to methodically reduce world population. Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make ye mad! 

 This film was so valuable to me to watch that I actually watched it a second time and took the following notes, but please don’t simply read my notes- take the time to watch it yourself! What is reported in this film is totally outrageous, but true! There actually is a very highly developed well organized plan to MURDER US! This plan has been advanced by our own government working in conjunction with Big Pharma and the so called “World Health Organization”


(Part 1) examines how and why we’re technically advanced, yet we’ve declined in health fredom and quality of life. It explains how politicians act as prostitutes for multinational corporations behind whose policies for preparedness lies genocide. All of us must get politically active to reverse this. We must show this film to elected officials, and let them know we see this and will no longer tolerate their participation in genocide when we’ve elected them to serve us.

(Part 2) delves into The Report from Iron Mountain (1963) which examined ways to transition from a war based ecoonomy to a peace time economy. The report stated “a viable political substitute for war must posit a generalized external menace to each society of a nature and degree sufficient to require the organization and acceptence of political authority.”

In other words a form of controlled life with threats other than war was considered- a way of controlling the population without destroying valuable infrastructure such as roads, and real estate as in past World Wars.

 This report suggested SUBSTITUTES for war including a comprehensive social welfare program, a giant openended space research program, an omnipresent international police force (the current war on terrorism insures this), and fictitious alternate enemies of which this documentary speaks is evident in todays focus on terrorism.

But who are the DEADLIEST terrorists?

Ecological bioterrorism and human genetic destruction were RECOMMENDED in the Report from Iron Mountain. They suggested a comprehensive program of genetically culling and killing perceived social misfits and having the die from environmental toxicity.

In other words, they suggested an alternative to war to keep the world’s economy going and the population controlled.

 Stemming from this Report in the USA has been socialism that benefits multinational corporations being pushed by Nationalist policies. (If you don’t do what we want, we will invade you and occupy you.) This means we have National Socialism which = Nazism, or Corporate Fascism, and nowhere is this more apparent than what is happening today vis a vis the effort to force the Swine Flu Vaccine on us.

 (Part 3)

 National Security Memorandum 200  12/10/94

Compiled by request of Henry Kissenger (who was National Security Advisor under President Nixon overseeing the CIA, FBI, and Foreign Policy.)

It is due to his policy directive that we now have both nuclear and biological weapons. Kissenger brought Nazis to America under Operation Paperclip including Eric Traub, Hitler’s top Bioweapons developer who was put to work at the Naval Medical Research lab in Bethesda MD where he investigated 40 strains of highly infectious viruses.

Nixon’s Vice President Nelson Rockefeller put Kissenger in charge of the Council on Foreign Relations Study group on the deployment of nuclear weapons throughout Europe. It was through this means that both nuclear and biological weapons were positioned for use throughout Europe- via a marriage between the CIA, government and private industry.

The Revolution in Military Affairs and Conflicts Short of War (1994) US Army War College

Published 20 years after Report from Iron Mountain: Emphasizes use of cancer viruses and other bioweapons that include medical management via Rx drugs. These “non lethal” armaments include the use of chemical, biological, and electromagnetic technologies as well as GMO foods to gradually make people sick- to weaken people so they’ll be more easily controlled.

 The media has been used to condition people to accept new wars and methods of conducting war. The movie “Outbreak” is an example of conditioning people to accept the idea of mass vaccination as a “good” thing.

 The barrage of articles about “ADD” has helped get school kids on a host of toxic psychiatric drugs making them more easily controlled and shortening their life spans.

 Massive advertising for all kinds of Rx drugs has also assisted in this process. We have the “war” on cancer, the “war” on heart disease, etc, but these wars are actually on US.

(Part 4)

 Discusses government propaganda on the alleged “History of Bioterrorism” via Joane Cono, MD from FDA’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They show Cono reading from a government script, clearly without realizing she’s being used as a propagandist. Horowitz discusses how medical education has mind controlled MDs. He discusses how by the early 1930s Abraham Flexner operated for the Rockefeller and Carnegie fortunes to extend their medical monopoly by quashing the use of all alternative medicine, only allowing German styled allopathy to be used.

 He discusses how Cono talked about heinous human medical experimentation as engaged in by WW2 era Japan and Germany as if they had a monopoly on such atrocities without mentioning that the US did the same or even worse.

 In 1941 America’s bioweapons program came under the control of German drug giant G.W. Merck.

 (Part 5)

 Horowitz continues explosing the spin of Dr.Cono by discussing the Tuskeegee Syphillis study in which the US Public Health Service injected 400 black men with syphillis. These victims went untreated until 1972 when many more died.

In 1932 the Rockefeller Institute did their Puerto Rican cancer study in which they killed 40 innocent people by injecting them with cancer viruses, yet Merck outdid them all with Vioxx which injured millions prior to finally being pulled from the market in 2004.

 So America never lagged behind the Japanese, Germans or Russians as Dr.Cono would have people believe via the governments propaganda film. She depicted Ft.Detrick as having a “modest” bioweapons program, (trying to make it seem very small by Soviet standards) when in fact it employed over 300 scientists backed by a support staff numbering between 700 and a thousand. Its located on 1230 acres of land containing 450 structures and it produces 90,000 mice, and other animals used in animal experimentation. In 1969 it had an operating budget of $21.9 Million.

 Moreover, in 1969 there were not “7 germs weaponized” (as government propagandist Cano said) there were THOUSANDS when you include weaponizing cancer viruses and other germs being cloned, mutated and mass produced for global distribution in support of the drug cartel’s burgeoning cancer industry. This developing cancer industry really got a shot in the arm when the Polio vaccines containing cancer viruses were being tested and injected into millions world wide. The cancer virus SV40 was determined to cause cancer in literally every species it was injected into.

 In 1962 the Special Virus Cancer Program was created at the National Cancer Institute. They created thousands of cancers by 1972 including mad cow disease and influenza viruses.

 In 1969 Nixon allegedly disbanded Ft.Detrick’s bioweapons lab, but this was a lie.In reality, rather than cut the DoD’s bioweapons funding, their budget increased from $21.9 to $23.2 Million. The stockpiled weapons Nixon pledged would be destroyed remained intact in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

 The annual transition of Ft.Detrick from a Biological testing facility to a solely defensive run NIH run health freedom lab had not occurred. Ft.Detrick shifted to manufacturing vaccines ostensibly to defend against bioweapons- but the reality was the vaccines they produce ARE bioweapons intended to reduce world population under the guise of “helping” us.

 (Part 6)

In 1971, retrovirology, including manufacture of AIDS and Ebola like immune system destroyers for germ warfare and population control became part of the National Cancer Institutes so called “war on cancer.”

 In 1969 the Congressional Record shows that $10 Million was earmarked for a synthetic bioagent for germ warfare through the National Academy of Sciences. These lab creations were descriptionally and functionally equivalent to HIV/AIDS. This was 15 years before the contested “discovery” of the AIDS virus by Dr.Robert Gallo who oversaw Litton Bionetics, the Army’s lead biological contractor at that time. Bionetics operated the National Cancer Institute’s program at Ft.Detrick. Kissenger ordered Admiral Zumwalt to do a reassessment of America’s biological weapons capability. There is no question that Ft.Detricks sudden cancer focus was part of a greater depopulation plan. Kissenger elected the option presented by Admiral Zumwalt to develop aids- like and cancer- like bioweapons and the contract went to his whitehouse colleague’s company- Litton Bionetics.

Gallo, at Litton, combined leukemia, sarcoma, and lymphoma viruses nearly 15 years before he was credited with discovering the cause of AIDS by HHS, a similar retrovirus. They said this would lead to a cure, an AIDS vaccine within 3 years, but it never has.

Horowitz traces how AIDSs was first released in 1978 by by the Hepatitus B vaccine produced in Litton’s chimps years earlier. Dr.Jonathan Mann quit his job at W.H.O. where he was the AIDS czar after witnessing Horowitz confrontation with Gallo (shown in the film) in which Horowitz accused Gallo of creating the AIDs virus. When Mann quit he called AIDS “Far more than a medical problem, AIDSs is a sociopolitical imposition.”

(Part 7)

The sacred cow of public health was alternately the world’s worst curse and nightmare. The National Cancer Institute transferred bioweapons secrets to Soviet counterparts during the cold war, trading them for secrets in cancer induction, genocidal weapons preparation. All biological weapons in Iraq (that we invaded them over) had been shipped there in advance of the war by US Contractors.

 (Part 8)

 The Anthrax vaccine was forced on US troops prior to the Gulf War and was linked to hundreds of thousands of deaths. The US Senate investigated Gulf War illness in ’94 and concluded that our troops had been targetted by vaccine makers with mycoplasma being the key damaging ingredient in the vaccines.

(Part 9)

The FDA made Bayer’s CIPRO the only antibiotic approved for treatment of Anthrax (even though safer antibiotics are available). This saved Bayer from bankruptcy, and the Anthrax mailing to the government sent Bayer stocks soaring. The FBI ignored Horowitz whistleblowing efforts for 6 months despite his determined communications, then made him a suspect in the mailings. Horowitz identified Bioport as having had ample motives for instigating the mailings on anthrax to congress because they benefitted as suppliers of CIPRO. The FBI clearly acted as an accomplice to genocide, and the same thing will undoubtedly happen again now with Horowitz latest effort to expose whats really going on with the swine flu vaccine.

(Part 10)

National Security Memorandum 46

A genocide campaign instigated by CIA to target black nationals and black opposition groups- an extension of COINTELPRO. Eugenicists primary reason for funding population planning and genetic engineering was to control ethnic and black populations that potentially prove threats of popular uprisings and labor results as further directed in Kissengers National Security Directive 200.

All that’s necessary for secret human experimentation on any of us without informed consent is notification of Congress in a secret classified report along with a civilian official sworn ot secrecy. In this way any military or intelligence agency, or even one of their private contractors can create a deadly disease or trigger a devastating outbreak without the media or public ever finding out.

The CIA tested a variety of germs, alleged to be safe on the public in San Francisco, NYC, and PA as well as other places throughout the 50s- and 60s as shown via a Senate report from ’76. The report heavily condemned the targetting of black people and their political organizations especially during the J.Edgar Hoover reign over the FBI and the Cointelpro campaign. This explains why the infamous Tuskeegee experiment came to be.

 (Part 11)

Major epidemics and outbreaks are always linked to major socioeconomic and political upheaval. Today our cancer and AIDS pandemics, explosive diabetes and heart disease rates, obesity poisonings, even recent avian flu frights are all man made, politically contrived, financially triggered and sustained. These are socio and political impositions, not nature’s curses.

 The avian flu fright largely benefitted Donald Rumsfeld besides directing the D.O.D. people forget he was CEO of Searle, makers of Nutrasweet which was approved by FDA. Rumsfeld also chaired Gilead Sciences which created and licenses Tamiflu to drug giant Hoffman La Roche. This is the only government recommended treatment for a government epidemic that hasn’t happened yet (but which is happening now from the swine flu.)

The fright over avian flu sent Rumsfeld’s stock soaring. The US took over all of Japan’s biowarfare experiments at the end of WW2 including one on Kuru which was brought to NCI by Dr.Carlton Gadjusek, who isolated it as a “Prion.” It is responsible for Mad Cow disease. So what started in New Guinea, went to Japan, then to USA from which it became a global plague.

There are113 government, university and corporate labs operating secretly, contrary to government rules funded by $20 Billion in  grants, causing germs to be advanced militarily with lax security, putting us all at risk.

(Part 12)

The Dept. of Homeland Security advises us to get vaccinated via their propaganda films where they also advise that we use HEPA filters which its very unlikely most people will install in their homes to keep infectious germs out.

(Part 13)

The mother of Ebola is the Marburg virus which broke out in 3 vaccine production facilities in 1967 killing 7 and injuring 31. The grave risk came form the fact that the monkey supplier, Litton Bionetics, was also a leading bioweapons contractor for military and CIA by 1969. With military and White House influence, no one would declare Littons actions negligence in any outbreak.

(Part 14)

Censored interview with Dr.Maurice Hillerman at Merck. He stated “I brought African green monkeys in. I didn’t know we were importing AIDS virus at the same time.”

The interviewer then said “It was you who introduced the AIDS virus to the country.” This is the real story. Then Merck went on to develop the SV40 cancer vaccine. Despite AIDs and Leukemia becoming pandemic from wild viruses carried by monkeys used in their vaccine experiments, Hillerman called this “good science.”

(Part 15)

The movie “Outbreak” tells the truth about the CIA’s release of ebola, but the biggest best seller, The Hotzone was different. It was extremely dishonest. The author, Preston, was paid by the Arthur C Sloane Foundation, among the cancer industries largest benefactors, intimately tied to the Rockefeller families influence, to present proven distractions. Preston reported that Ebola emerged from bat guano at the bottom of a deep dark cave in southern sudan. This is very near where Littons lab that tested these agents on native africans was causing the first Marburg outbreaks. The book The Coming Plague by Laurie Garrett she neglects Littons links and acts as though she too was on Rockefellers payroll. Horowitz names Steven Seagal as a CIA asset for  how he spun his film “The Patriot” which he describes as a distorted depiction of two of Horowitz books combined without his being sourced and with a false source provided, and with inaccurate conclusions.

Horowitz describes Hollywood as a  propaganda tool of the government.

(Part 16)

Hollywood culture is the dominant culture. It  is the fantasy structure we’re all living inside. With this background we can be more discerning about info we’re brought by Hollywood about pandemics and vaccines.

The HHS cable TV network. Shows images of vaccine bottles rolling off a production line, and equates a needle jabbed into a vaccine bottle as being synonymous with “preparedness” and positive virtues of inspiration and empowerment. Its why they plug CIA agents as so called Health experts like Dr.Anthony Falchie. Its why they say HHS “will be there for you” in an actual emergency, just like following hurricane Katrina. This is why they need to convince you that they are an accurate and reliable resource when the opposite is true- they must engage in propaganda. This is why they show lifes riskiest profiteering in biotech as a “trusted partner” in good health, and why they inject a happy black woman for especially emergency preparednesss, and beckon you to come to their “happy world” through their cable TV show.


Both are available from IAHF for a minimum donation of $25., but please send more if you can- I’m on the red list of people to be executed just before martial law and need your help to be able to get out of harms way.

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