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Fall has arrived in style to middle Tennessee.  Cool mornings and nights with moderate temps during the day... this I can live with and love!

Mother Nature was very unstable all season, too much of this and too little of that, with neither happening at the right time. Now that I'm ready for a holiday she decides to give us a second crop of almost everything. But, I'm not complaining, lots to share and the rest we will turn into compost for soil fuel.

October is a very exciting month at Sage Hill Farms, and hopefully at your house too.
We are gearing up for the holidays, my favorite time of year, well, one of my favorites.

I love sharing our gardens in the fall stage with friends, family and customers who come to shop or to just visit.

We have added four new beds for the spring planting. We will be growing more stevia than we have in the past, more lavender and more garlic, as well.

October is also the month to do the last bit of clean-up and preparing the beds for winter. Cutting back any dead stems from plants and dead-heading any spent flowers/buds that may be hanging around.

Herbs should not be cut back too severely at this late date. Doing so will encourage them to put forth new growth at a point when frost will more than likely do a lot of damage.

If you have abundance in your garden, just allow it to die on its own and go back to the soil for fuel.

A good layer of dried grass will also feed your soil by composting itself back into the mix.

Do you have a favorite fall herb? One that I especially enjoy using and learning about is 'bay' sometimes known as bay laurel or sweet bay. It is one of the herbs in a bouquet garni, and is one of the herbs that are actually better dried than fresh. Bay leaf does much to improve such dishes as stews, chowders, stocks, and marinades.

Bay adds a very intriguing flavor to rice pudding. You can find the recipe at my blog if you are interested in trying it... delicious!

Lemon Balm is another very special herb that is being embraced for other uses besides tea. It was voted the "herb of the year" 2007. If you wish to get the full impact of this wonderful herb, consider trying "Sage Hill House Blend" tea, (Lemon Balm and Black Peppermint.) Oh so soothing after a meal or at bedtime.

Visit Our Friends!

Some of you are already familiar with the RYZE network and the network of WIN, (women in networking.) For those of you who are not, I would like to extend an invitation to visit and maybe join and become part of our membership.

On October 22, 2007, from 5 to 9 PM - the Winning Sisters of RYZE will hold their 2nd annual Fall Fling, it is a virtual affair and open to everyone, no fee to enjoy and participate. You may find all the info about the happening here:

I love sharing my favorite places with you all, here is a couple that inspires me daily.
I hope you find it to be the same.

Jeanie Marshall will enlighten your outlook and more

Bertha Size your life with Jane Carroll, all I can say is you just have to know her - you will be so happy you dropped in:

NOTE: I do not get any compensation from any person or business that I share with you.
I do so because I find them to be exceptional in product and service.


Bea's Beatitudes

Have you been to our website lately?

Sage Hill Farms website - please feel free to leave a comment, ask a question, start a conversation, what ever your needs are, we are always happy to help out.

Thank you all for choosing Sage Hill Farms... we will strive to be a good friend.

"A Smile Says So Much More Than Hello - It Beckons One To Cross The Threshold To Friendship."

An "Over-the-Top" October to you!

Bea and Mike Kunz


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