7th July 2011
Confirm new album,
'You Were a Dick' 
IDAHO is Jeff Martin – « One of the most prolific, consistent, and unsung acts of the slowcore movement” (All Music Guide). With new album, You Were a Dick - his first since 2005’s The Lone Gunman - Martin once again, goes it alone, save for some backing vocal by Eleni Mandell. His forays into TV and film scoring for the last 10 years have been fruitful but it was high time for a new Idaho effort after a 5 year hiatus.
With some of the musical score from Martin’s first short film, “The Serpent and the Shadow” lending itself to You Were A Dick, the album was recorded at Martin’s house in Laurel Canyon and shows a man with maturity as his guide and his passion and brilliance in tact. 
You Were A Dick
Release Date: 26th Sept ‘11
Label: Talitres

02. Weigh It Down
03. Reminder
04. Impaler
05. Structure
06. The Serpent And The Shadow
07. The Happiest Girl
08. The Space Between
09. Someone To Relate To
10. Up The Hill
11. A Millions Reasons
12. The Setting Sun
13. Flames
14. What Was That
His acoustic and custom four-string guitars’ unique tonal qualities assert themselves in subtle fashions, such as on a fuzzy instrumental “Impaler” (ah, classic mid ‘90s Idaho!), the more drums-centered “Up the Hill” and the up-tempo buzz of “The Space Between,” while several others like “Reminder” and “Someone to Relate To” are his sweetly sad piano meditations in the Neil Young “Soldier” mode—his low, trembling, sighing voice filling in the melodic movements. It’s music to accompany crossing the Mojave Desert, and outside of Wheat’s Medeiros and Husband & Wife’s Dark Dark Woods, no one else ever came close to Martin’s moist morning mood; and after so long gone, I’d forgotten how much I love it. Jack Rabids, The Big Takeover
Formed in Los Angeles circa. 1992, IDAHO were originally Martin and high school friend, John Berry. The duo mutated during the mid nineties to a full band though by 2002 became solely synonymous with Jeff Martin.
Having been compared to luminaries Mark Eitzel (American Music Club), Mark Kozelek (Red House Painters) and Neil Young, Martin is known mostly for his four-string guitars, low tempos, spectral feedback and nuance. IDAHO never bow to commercial pressures and yet attract and maintain a devoted, almost cult-like, following. 
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