Hi everyone,

The Bills take on the Browns on Monday Night Football this week, and as usual, the Harp will have the game on. Kickoff is at 8:30 pm. Please note that there is a Tina Turner concert at the Boston Garden on Monday, starting at 7:30. It won't affect the Bills game -- the Harp will have the game on for us as usual -- but parking may be an issue, and local street parking is sure to be hard to find. Please plan accordingly, and beware of Big Hair.

Once again, we want to remind you that the tables in the upper bar area are reserved for people ordering from the menu. The buffet is a freebie provided by the Harp; please be respectful of your fellow fans and do not take more food from the buffet than you, personally, will eat.

There have also been some incidents lately of fans treating the waitstaff disrespectfully. To be sure, these incidents were largely caused by out-of-towners, but we will not tolerate rude or inconsiderate behavior, or anythhing that jeopardizes our standing with the Harp. If you have an issue with service, please take it up with a member of the Executive Committee first. And if you see a situation developing, please let one of us know we'll take care of it.

See you on Monday... Go Bills!