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December 23, 2015

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia



On dry land in the Lovett Bay Boatshed for one performance only

Wednesday 23rd December 7pm

Just when you thought you might have missed the Pittwater Community Choir….here is your chance to see them in action.

Wednesday night the Pittwater Community Choir will be on dry land in the Lovett Bay Boatshed for one performance only

The show starts at 7 pm and if you are coming by boat you can tie up at the boat shed marina. The ferry wharf is right alongside.

Bring a picnic for once the singing is done the choir might just want to party!!  If you have friends who want to come and listen they can tie up at the boat shed marina or, better still, raft up just off the marina.

There they can lie back and listen to the soaring altos, the solo trumpet and Kapellmeister Heard’s brilliant piano playing….to say nothing of the stunning sound of the choir.

Scott’s solo on O Holy Night will never sound better as it resounds across Lovett Bay.

Yea, even unto Elvina and the Point the choir will be heard. The walls of the Pasadena might yet fall! Hope you can make it to this once in a year show !!

John Flower
Box 134
Church Point NSW 2105
Mob:   0403 442 046
To sing along you can get a copy of the words from here.
HERE in PDF format 

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