Temple Beth Am Library Minyan January 2014
From the Rosh
To: Library Minyan Members
Subject: New Leadership
As described in our Library Minyan Charter adopted in 2012, our eight standing committees have selected chair persons for the coming two-year term. These people constitute the new Steering Committee.  That Steering Committee has met and in turn selected a new Rosh.
As a volunteer organization, we depend heavily on the willingness and capabilities of those who step forward to contribute. They deserve our appreciation and acknowledgement. Please join me in thanking the outgoing chairs for their service to Library Minyan over the past 18 months:
Norm Saiger (Ritual)
Larry Harris (Finance)
Scott Taryle (Rosh)
We are very fortunate to have a strong leadership roster of continuing and new people as follows.  Please thank them, and offer your thoughts and efforts to plans for each area:
Communication: Sandra Braun
Education: Rachel Rubin Green
Finance: Dale Bodenstein
Gabbai: Jerry Krautman
Hospitality and Social: Miriam Prum-Hess
Membership: Susan Laemmle
Ritual: Bob Braun
Youth: Sandra Lepson
An updated information sheet with all the new names is available on our web site, and printed copies are provided each shabbat.

Carl Sunshine
Rosh of the Library Minyan
The Library Minyan of Temple Beth Am, 1039 S. La Cienega Blvd 90035  www.libraryminyan.org