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Issue #227                                                                                                                        July 30, 2022
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Hope you & your family are holding up OK in this horrible heat. We've included a lot of fun stuff & a special discount code on our newest product in this issue of "Bag Making is FUN!" so why not grab a long, cold glass of your favorite beverage & curl up in a cool & comfy place to check it all out? (I promise it won't require breaking a sweat!) 
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"Eye Candy" for August 2022
It’s time for your monthly treat for the eyes & I really LOVE this month's selection of bags.
ALL of the bags pictured below have been shared recently on
(For LARGER images: Click on each individual pic)
This is Deb Piereman's Sling Along which she said was "Sew much fun to make!" And even though peacock fabrics have been VERY popular for the past few years this is absolutely the most colorful peacock fabric I've seen yet! 

Michelle Songer said that sewing this ErgoMatic was a challenge for her but that she is SO pleased with how it turned out! And I love the selection of very appealing contrasting fabrics that she chose for this bag! 
 And for this Sling Along, Nancy Rosa chose to forego the usual one-arm sling strap in favor to our new "backpack strap option" because the friend she made this for thought it would be perfect for an upcoming trip to Alaska! I'm crazy for the pop-of-pink interior! 

Mickey Murray-Moor picked up our Bella BiFold pattern at AQS Paducah & I love how she incorporated what must be a favorite quilt design into her bag exterior, and even the strap! GREAT job Mickey!
This smaller version of our Elsie K Baglet was created by Nancy Rosa who said it was MUCH more laborious than the our version & said she wasn't pleased with the result & won't be experimenting this way again, but it's still a very pretty bag, right? 
And just like Nancy Rosa above, Charlene Samanich also used our new add-on Backpack strap option when she made her Sling Along! She indicated that she saw the add-on pattern for these straps just in time to make the substitution for this project!
Nancy Rosa created this awesome Sling Along for a friend who actually picked out this adventurous fabric on her own which is surprising since it looks so much like Nancy's taste in fabric! Nancy said (its from  Fabric Bazaar Art, which is an online Etsy seller. 
Jodi Dennhardt made a promise to a school colleague to make her a bag for her birthday and here it is... a decidedly stunning OutBreaker! This is the third OutBreaker that Jodi has made and she said it was FUN to do!
Ashley Cone says she's proud to say that she finally finished her very 1st HipBag Hybrid which is definitely one of the more ambitious bags in our lineup... so her pride is well-placed! She did a GREAT job! 
And last but certainly not least, here's Nancy Rosa's version of our HipBag Hybrid design! She said that this customer indicated that she intends to attach this bag to her bike when she starts college this Fall! 
(For LARGER images: Click on each individual pic) 
Some Good Reading You May Have Missed!
And... here's an "Oldie but Goodie" from our "Archives" you may enjoy!
A Peek at Out Next Bag Pattern- the Katalina Shoulder Bag
We're hard at work on what will be our next pattern design and ar long last we've even named this bag... the Katalina Shoulder Bag. You can take a sneek peek at it by clicking HERE! We're pretty close to the pattern release now and we should be able to give you a pretty good idea of the release date in our next issue of "Bag Making is Fun", due out on 8/15/22, so stay tuned for that? 

Pet Pic of the Month- 
Click image or HERE for a larger view.
Hot weather can not only be uncomfortable for animals, but also dangerous. It's important to be aware of the signs of heatstroke and heat exhaustion for both you AND your fur friends!
 Here are five ways of keeping your cat cool from experts and also signs of heatstroke to look out for.{Click HERE to read more}
Washington (CNN Business)US telecom providers will now be required to block millions of illegal robocalls a day advertising extended vehicle warranties. The robocalls typically begin with recorded lines such as, "We've been trying to reach you concerning your car's extended warranty," the FCC order said. Such calls represented the single largest source of consumer complaints to the FCC in each of the past two years, adding up to thousands of complaints a year. All I've got to say is its ABOUT TIME! Amen? 
{Click HERE to read more.}
As Funny As Real Life-
Click image or HERE for a larger view.
sent to us by alert reader Sharon McKinney!
Un-word of the Month-
Heredipet- a pet inherited fromfrom a deceased friend or relative
Page Powell was in third grade when her grandmother gave her an important present—instructing her how to can sew. Stitching really appealed to her and she has spent the previous eight years honing her abilities. Now 16, she has turned that keenness right into a small enterprise, Lazanya Sunwear, whose title partly pays homage to her late grandmother and the beloved lasagna she used to make for her household.
{Click HERE to read more}
Rest in Peace Tony Dow- 
Tony Dow, an actor and director best known for portraying Wally Cleaver on the sitcom "Leave It to Beaver," died Wednesday morning,  citing Dow's son Christopher. He was 77.  {Click HERE to read more or HERE to see some short clips from the TV show}
This Issue's Discount Offer- The Bella Bifold 
Our coupon offer for this issue is for our Bella BiFold pattern and/or our Bella BiFold Notions Kit! This is a really innovative everyday bag that sits very close to your body. It's perfect for travelling or for going to shows amusement parks or any other close-quarters situation. It features 2 main storage compartments PLUS a built-in wallet in between, PLUS there's a roomy, zippered, full-length pocket in the back. 
And check this out- from now thru midnight on Wed night, August 3rd, you can use this code- 6MGSBELLA -to get $3.99 off either our Bella BiFold pattern OR our Bella BiFold Notions Kit.
Please note: this coupon cannot be used toward previous purchases, & our closeout & pdf patterns are not included in this sale. But don't delay-  this sale is good thru 8/3/22 but will end at midnight that night.


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