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Release Date: 31st January 2010
Label: blackmaps

'almost impossibly beautiful’   Dusted                 
'overwhelming compositional talents and production styles'   Boomkat
'…a very good songwriter...a freak for sound..' 8.2   Pitchfork 
'Nicholson's music retains a clear authorial voice and purpose offering a series of panoramic variations'   The Wire
Outshine Family is a musical collective centered around the vision of nomadic horticulturalist/ musician/composer/sound artist/producer Matthew Liam Nicholson, native of Melbourne, resident of London UK. With a penchant for uniquely devastating melodies and quietly powerful arrangements he has been widely lauded by key indie barometers from Pitchfork to Rough Trade. Galeria De La Luz sees Outshine Family deliver a collection of strange, remarkably organic songs that flourish with Nicholson’s transcendental vision.

Recorded and mixed across three continents over a period of four years, Galeria De La Luz is expansive without being invasive. Intricate production and composition techniques weave exquisite electronics with a full orchestra and a choir; a kaleidoscope of picked guitars, acid washed banjos, harmoniums, haunting piano lines and strings serve to unlock the natural beauty of Nicholson’s delicately beautiful songs.

Reducible to one and expandable to over eighty, whether touring as a straight up avant-rock band or recording composition pieces with a full orchestra, Outshine Family takes in the experimental, and classic - like a rose amongst the thorns - to form a strikingly beautiful sound of the heart, amidst the turmoil of urban extremes.

Outshine Family is currently performing as a four to five piece band.
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