Award Winning Dutch Lessons           December 2013

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Dear Friends,


Today, the weather is very appropriate for Sinterklaas! (Hoor de wind waait door de bomen). He told me he has some presents for the readers of this newsletter:


  • If you have/want to buy the movie “Het paard van Sinterklaas”, you can download the written script here for free.
  • A Word Search about Sinterklaas
  • If you give a like to this FaceBook page (for Dutch lessons in Bussum) and/or this FaceBook page (for people who are more interested in learning Dutch from a distance or tandem learning), you can win a booklet with all kinds of word searches. Sinterklaas will pick one winner per page from all the likes received between now and December 15th. Of course, you are welcome to like the Learn Dutch Fast site as well, however, I can’t see the names of the likers, I guess Sinterklaas can’t as well, so it will be hard  for him to pick a winner ;-)


A tip from Morpheus, my horse: have a carrot in your shoe tonight for Sinterklaas’s horse…



After Sinterklaas has gone back to Spain, I will start working on the new program for 2014. Many new projects are coming up!


Of course, the good old immersion courses will still be taught, but I get more and more questions about on-line courses from students who have moved back home and would like to continue their Dutch. So I will have a look to see how I can do this while keeping the quality I stand for.


For a new program, I need new promotional material ;-) That brings me to a great opportunity for 4 people who have already followed a Total Immersion 1 program: a great day for two ladies & two gentlemen who would like to repeat the fun activities of a Total Immersion 1 (January 14th, 10:30-16:30). Send me a mail if you would be interested. Only €50,- per person. Please be aware that this day will be filmed, and the material will be used for advertising the Total immersion 1 course.


Here is an example of such a clip on FaceBook, taken during the Total Immersion 1 in November. (Pronunciation exercise in a grocery store).


If you have a (fancy or simple) camera yourself and you would like to learn how to make nicer pictures while improving your Dutch, my brother Gijs will teach you during a day in the zoo (January 11th). You can see his portfolio here.  I will be there to help with your Dutch. This course is not advertised on my site yet, we still have to discuss all the details, but you can mail me if you are interested, and I’ll keep you informed.


You can read more in my next newsletter, titled “Hammer the Grammar”;-)



Met vriendelijke groet,


Sylvia Clements


For more information or your own  project ideas, please contact:

Sylvia Clements, Graaf Florislaan 54, 1405 BW Bussum


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