Hi everyone,

If you're lucky enough to have tickets to the season opener in
Foxboro, we'll be tailgating together as usual.

Given the parking situation at Gillette Stadium (a.k.a "Little North
Korea"), we've found that the best way to have a group tailgate is
to meet beforehand and "convoy" into the stadium. Also, with the
ongoing construction there, it's hard to say which lot we will be
herded into, so the best bet is, as always, to stick together.

So... we'll be meeting at the Bertucci's Restaurant on Rt 1
(southbound) in Norwood at 9 AM. It's about 5 miles south of route
128, on the right, about halfway to the stadium. From there, we'll
all drive in together.

Look for Dave Carr in his red Intrepid at Bertuccis. For a map to
Bertucci's, click here: http://tinyurl.com/eufks

Parking at the stadium is $35 per car. Yikes!

If you can't meet at Bertuccis but still want to try to find the
group at the stadium, please respond to this email. We'll do our
best to hook you up.

And, of course... for anyone not going to the game in person, we'll
be opening the season at the Harp! Only 10 days until kickoff!!