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Sensuous Lipstick Pink Fossil Beads - 6mm
Gleaming Midnight Blue 8mm Fossil
Enticing Scarlet Red Fossil Beads - 4mm
100 Sparking Fire-Engine Red FAC Crystal
Large Purple & Green Calsilica Button Beads
Olive Green Jade Curved-Triangle Beads - Large
33 Unusual Deep Purple Turquoise Skull Beads
79 Sparkling BlueStone Rondell Beads
Long Tri-Tube Yellow Amber Beads - 36mm
Unusual 10mm Smooth Tektite
Long Seductive Deep Blue Agate Teardrop Beads - 50mm x 25mm
Enchanting Deep-Sea Green Fossil Beads - 4mm
Unusual Happy Buddha Tektite Pendant
Tortoise Shell Barrel Amber Beads
Enchanting Graduated 3-Tone Amber Chip Beads - 17-inch
Huge Magical Arabian Talisman Bead - 60mm long

Presentation is everything!

If your work is good, people will buy, but you still need to present it well. Professional image increases the perceived value of your product many-times more than its extra cost. When I was a photographer, I wouldn’t dare sell a picture without a folder or frame. Fruit sellers spray their grapes with water, auto showrooms spend hours buffing cars - you too must clean and polish every bead you sell. A sparkle goes a long way!

ALWAYS sell jewelry in a box, especially necklaces, bracelets and rings. For small, inexpensive items use a velvet pouch or colorful paper bag. Boxes come in all shapes and colors:

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