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the organization of the Information Day shared our email contacts in order to foster possible cooperation between the participants. Let me apologize for this message in case you are not interested in this topic.

Our project idea HySolarKit deals with the conversion of cars into Hybrid Solar Vehicles, by means of a kit to be distributed in after-market. This tool, patented at Italian and European level, allows achieving significant fuel savings and CO2 emissions reduction, at a fraction of the cost of a hybrid vehicle, and with a free solar recharge. The kit has been successfully applied to a prototype of FIAT Punto, at the University of Salerno, Italy.

An updated presentation of the project with the skills of the proposers and a provisional list of the potential partners is available at:
Further information is also available at

Potential partners are sought working on: Wheel-motors and electric motors for automotive use; Lithium-Ion batteries and BMS; Automotive Control and Vehicle Dynamics; Flexible Photovoltaic Panels and MTTP; Communication, Marketing and Distribution.

I will be at the info day in Bruxelles on December 18, 2013. My contacts are:, Ph. +39 320 7406629. I will be glad of discussing with you about possible cooperation.

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Gianfranco Rizzo

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