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IAHF List: See the URGENT MSSG below my comments from Friends of Freedom in Canada.

If you live outside Canada, please forward this to anyone you know who lives in Canada. Also, if you live in OR outside Canada, please take note of the Lawsuit which Friends of Freedom in Canada has filed in an effort to overturn the illegal law which harmonized Canadian supplement laws to Australian law last summer.

FoF pushed hard to try to get Bill C-420 to a third reading where it could have been passed, but the government called an election which dissolved Parliament before they could have the chance, so they're pushing with "plan B" which is to file the lawsuit they've filed.

Americans damn well better wake up: We have BIG TROUBLE brewing on our NORTHERN FLANK and if you think for one SECOND that it doesn't matter, you don't understand whats going on in the world today vis a vis global harmonization. Canada is our Northern Flank in a Global War for health freedom, and massive efforts are underway to harmonize us to Canada via NAFTA and the WTO.

Americans should donate MASSIVELY to the Alliance for Natural Health's lawsuit at http://www.alliance-natural-health.org to overturn the EU FSD as the pivotal global thing to do to monkeywrench Codex. Need help connecting the dots? See http://www.thehealthcrusader.com/pgs/article-0104-ban.shtml

Attention - Urgent Press Release

On June 22nd, 2004 an historic grassroots' legal action [see attached file] was filed against the federal government and the Minister of Health Pierre Pettigrew challenging federal jurisdiction in health.

It is our opinion, that the federal Liberal Government, over the last 10 years has substantially violated the Constitutional structure of our country!

Paul Martin and his Liberals are violating the Charter rights of Canadians, and deliberately acting illegally!

For more information contact: Trueman Tuck, Legal & Political Consultant

613 968-3007, or e-mail: Advocate-trueman@taxtyranny.ca

Paul Martin's outright lies about fixing the 'Democratic Deficit', and 'Having all of the answers about the scandal to the people before calling and election' must not be forgotten'.


It took over 700 years from the Magna Charta to now [see www.taxtyranny.ca] to create in Canada the finest 'Rule of Law', constitution based democracy in the world.

The Liberals have in 10 years pitted sectors of our society against each other to give the Prime Minister's staff almost absolute power, and now have the nerve to call a Honourable person such as Stephen Harper 'Scary'.

Look at what happened with the broken promises by the Liberals in Ontario, DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE LIES AND DIRTY POLITICS OF PAUL MARTIN AND HIS FEDERAL LIBERALS - VOTE FOR ANY PARTY BUT THE LIBERALS on Monday June 28th!

You owe it to yourself, and every Canadian.

Federal Court Action between ANHS and FCHC
Download it here!

Press Release:Federal Court Action filed against Pierre Pettigrew

Date: (2004-06-25 18:28:09 EST)
Topic: Bill C-420

URL: http://friendsoffreedom.org/article.php?sid=3623