Special Message From Point Roberts//  John Hammell in the IAHF Office// All of Us Pushin' Back from The Edge of the Cliff....


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Before reading this SPECIAL URGENT ALERT, Please go here
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dib2-HBsF08 and watch this 4 minute clip from the classic film "Network" because we're all MAD AS HELL and we're NOT GONNA TAKE THIS FDA CRAP ANY MORE!! (Watching this will put you in a GREAT frame of mind for reading the rest of this SPECIAL ALERT!!

Then Please Go Here:
http://www.wellnessresources.com/health_freedom.php Send the form letters to your Senators and Congressmen to push for an amendment to S.1082/ HR 1561 and urge everyone you know to help- lots more about what you can do below! If you haven't yet listened to the Audio Archive of the Radio Show Attorney Jonathan Emord did with Byron Richards about the URGENT NEED to amend this legislation to DEFEND DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994), please do- its at this link!


How the FDA is Becoming a Drug Company: Consumer Safety and Access to Natural Health Options Threatened  http://www.newstarget.com/021900.html 

You'll want to read this well written expose to fully understand whats happening so you can explain it to family, friends and others who must take action immediately! Be sure to show it to NPA Member health food store owners, managers, and vitamin company ceos! SEND it to the ceos of the vitamin companies who you buy product from! Call these companies, get their email addresses and help IAHF wake them up because we only have RIGHT NOW to act- they're all being led to the CLIFF by NPA (formerly NNFA)!


Yesterday I was the guest on a radio show hosted by Al Foreman of Tunies Nutrition Center in Coral Ridge, Florida, the biggest health food store in America. I've been in Al's store in the past and he broadcasts his shows from his office which overlooks his cavernous warehouse like store where he has every SKU of every major brand of dietary supplements sold in America. His store can only be said to be truly symbolic of the Revolution spawned in our great nation by the passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994. The shelves in his store go up so high vertically that his staff have to use ladders to access the stock, and he has a gigantic auditorium connected to the store off to one side with a podium and a state of the art sound system to which he routinely invites guest speakers who lecture on all aspects of alternative health and healing, and I gave a talk there once to a packed house on health freedom issues including Codex.

The co-host of Al's radio show is a charismatic guy named Mark Becker who works for Jarrow's formulas, one of the biggest dietary supplement companies in America, and they sell a huge volume of product through Al's store. I would have alerted all you guys to this show, but its not web based, it can only be heard on the radio in South Florida, but I'm going to provide you with the same information in this email as a lot is happening right now even though its summer, and we have good cause for HOPE of pulling off the MIRACLE necessary to defend health freedom IF we all do our share- and I have a LOT to say about that below, but ESPECIALLY want you all to read and ABSORB the info in Byron Richards latest superb article reflecting on our efforts to amend S.1082/ HR 1561:


Its 5:30 am here in Point Roberts, and I've been up with the sun. I got up early to collect night crawlers for some fishing I'm going to do on my 50th birthday which is tomorrow, sunday and I'm looking forward to catching a limit of trout and also some smallmouth bass in a lake down near Bellingham that a friend of mine fishes regularly. While I was watering the garden this morning where I grow my organic vegetables and herbs, I heard the sound of a train whistle way off in the distance from the other side off the border in British Columbia, and I couldn't help but reflect on how blessed I am to live in this place where neighbors still help neighbors, where life moves at a far more leisurly pace than in most of the USA, and where no one locks their doors because there is no crime. We think of this gem of a place as an island without a ferry. http://magma.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/0408/feature7/

Surrounded by water on 3 sides, with the Gestapo check point on the border crossing into Canada on the northern tip of our penninsula, we're cut off from the rest of Washington state by 23 miles of British Columbia like an island offshore from its mother country, sitting just south of the 49th parallel. We are in the USA, but not of it as most land owners here are Canadians and theres a markedly different vibe than most of the USA due to the omnipresent Canadian influence with many people here being duel citizens or Canadians with green cards. Theres a Canadian health food store just a 20 min bicycle ride from my house which isn't allowed to sell nearly as many products as its American counterparts, and every time I shop there I am reminded of how much we have to lose in the USA if we fail to defend health freedom here.

What causes me to reflect on these things is the realization that if the entire USA had the "can do" pioneeer spirit of Point Bob, a place originally settled by Icelandic fishermen in the 1880s, where neighbors still help neighbors, we'd have no trouble accomplishing our health freedom goals because we all pull together here in this self contained little community of 1200 people. We have a volunteer fire department, spirited town meetings on important issues, we only have one church, and a handful of pubs and when there is a wedding or a funeral half the town turns out so there is a closeness amongst people here that you don't find in most of the country anymore because in most places neighbors are strangers to each other.

Beyond the second grade school kids here get bussed all the way down to Blaine WA, a 45 minute trip each way, having to cut through Canada and go through a round trip of 4 border crossings every day. That really creates strong bonds. I spent a lot of time yesterday moving logs and clearing weeds in my friend's wood lot so my friend Sharon can hold a wedding reception there for her daughter today. Her daughter is going to be married on the bluff overlooking the Straight of Georgia.


Friends, do you like that good feeling you get deep down inside when you know deep in your heart that you're doing something positive that really helps everyone around you? Does it make you feel good to know that you're making a REAL DIFFERENCE in the world? Does it make you feel good when you know you see a threat that will destroy MILLIONS of lives, including your own if not opposed, and YOU have the chance to alert others so that THEIR voices can be added to the rising chorous of people who are seeing through the DENSE WALL OF LIES arrayed against us and our health freedom?

I'm asking each of you on the IAHF list to HARNESS that feeling, to go in the bathroom and look in the MIRROR and ask yourself this question:

"Am I truly doing ALL I CAN to alert my friends, my family, my neighbors, my town, my city, my county, my state, all the health food stores around me, and all the vitamin companies as well as my elected officials and my COUNTRY to this immense THREAT to the public health posed by S.1082/ HR 1561??"

"Have I truly tapped out ALL my Creativity, or are there some NEW THINGS I can still try? Have I yet made that list of health food stores John Hammell keeps asking me to make by going into the yellow pages of the phone book, and have I yet gotten on the phone to call these stores to ask directions to them and to get the names of the owners and managers so I can help John ALERT them to this HUGE THREAT which is going to RIP DSHEA APART and END HEALTH FREEDOM in America unless we listen to attorney Jonathan Emord and push for his amendment?"

"What excuse can I possibly have for not doing my share? How can I not put a top priority on doing this work given all that is at stake? I don't want the FDA getting my DNA as part of their evil "Critical Path Initiative" I don't want the FDA forcing me to have a microchip in my body either as part of their "Critical Path Initiative", but these things and more WILL HAPPEN to me if I fail to understand this issue and if I fail to attempt to alert others."


Friends, I know its summer. I know the kids are getting out of school, and you have vacations planned, and you're spending lots more time outdoors in the garden, cutting the lawn, or if you're in a city, going to the park and other fun things outdoors. I know its a carefree time of year when its not so easy to think about ponderous things like S.1082/ HR 1561, and you know WHAT?

The EVIL SCUMBAGS who want to DESTROY your health freedom aren't stupid, they KNOW this too, and they're COUNTING on you to sit on your hands at this time of year. They're gambling that you'll ignore my efforts to warn you.

Doesn't that make you MADDER than HELL when you really stop to think about it?

Doesn't that EMPOWER you to want to really reach inside yourself to see what you're made of?

Well thats the effect that thought has on me, and I need you to also feel that way. I need you to really give a damn, and to understand some important things about dealing in volume:

Imagine you're walking down a long corridor full of doors such as in a congressional office building like the Canon building or the Rayburn building. Some doors will open to you, but many will not. Don't waste time trying to force open a door if it won't open. Plant a seed of awareness and consider going back later to water it, but don't obsess if any one door won't open, just stay calm and go on to the next door so that you're DEALING IN VOLUME!!

Thats the most effective way for us to get the congressional support we'll need to get the Emord amendment into this legislation. Also, trying calling the DISTRICT OFFICES of your Congressmen, not the DC office.

 Here is why: the District Offices have more time to talk with you, and they relay all constituent concerns into DC. Plus, you can visit them in PERSON far more easily unless you live in the DC area, which most of you don't.

I really NEED a LOT of you to COMMIT to visiting your congressman's DC office on this issue, and your Senators state office. Its the ONLY WAY we'll have a CHANCE to get our amendment, but it IS doable, the squeaky wheel gets the GREASE.

What I want you to think about is what we're defending here. I was an integral part of the 5 year battle to pass DSHEA in '94. It wasn't easy!! I helped organize the largest health freedom rally ever held in Washington DC, and we had busloads of people travel down to DC from the metro NYC area and North Jersey. We had speakers like Julian Whitaker, MD, Gary Null, PhD and many other notables who freely gave of their time knowing fully what was at stake. Null had death threats just before this rally and we had to provide him with secret service styled protection with people mingling in the crowd on the lookout for snipers.

We hand delivered millions of signatures to congressional offices that we visited after our rally, signatures collected from all over the USA via grass roots action.

The will of  We, the People, now stands to be swept away by a covert genocidal action, an evil, horribly corrupt action that will turn the FDA into a literal drug company, but rather than cower in the face of it, we must have the COURAGE of our DEEPEST convictions!

We must really stop to THINK about all we stand to lose, and that is a LOT people- this will LITERALLY kill a lot of us unless we stop it!

Think about how the FDA just banned Ephedra- they did so under false pretences, totally ignoring the fact that the Chinese herb Ma Huang (Ephedra) has been used for thousands of years in total safety. They only looked at (supposed) "risks" while ignoring benefits, and they didn't even have the legal RIGHT under DSHEA to conduct a risk/benefit analysis because the law doesn't ALLOW them to with safe dietary supplements as that is how they evaluate DRUGS and dietary supplements are FOODS, NOT DRUGS!

But consider THIS, people: the Supreme Court refused to hear the case which Emord tried to bring before them on this issue. They refused to hear Nutraceutical Corps case, so now, via S.1082 HR 1561 they're criminally attempting to CODIFY this SCAM so they can go after ALL dietary supplements via the SAME fraudulent means, and all under the GUISE of providing us with increased SAFETY!

That makes me MAD and it SHOULD make YOU MAD! It should make you MAD ENOUGH to join GUN OWNERS of AMERICA (especially since the McCarthy gun ban bill was just rammed through the House without a recorded vote: http://www.gunowners.org/

They are going to use the fraudulent pseudosciences of Genomics and Proteomics to ATTACK us with via S.1082/ HR 1561,
but it can only happen if we LET them! It can only happen if you sit on your hands like a bunch of flippin' grovelling WIMPS, and I know you aren't gonna let them stick one up your wazoos like that, are you??

I, for one sure as hell am not! Heres what I'm doing:

I am working with some key people inside the NPA (Natural Products Assn) in a do or die effort to catalyze the WIDESPREAD AWARENESS necessary for people to see through the LIEs that have been pouring out of the TREACHEROUS MOUTHS of Senators Hatch and Harkin on this issue!

When we pressured them prior to the Senate vote on S.1082, we did not totally fail by any means people, and you need to GRASP this! We did not fail because we DID at least get Hatch and Harkin to RESPOND to our concerns and they RESPONDED by telling a BALD FACE LIE of Hitlerian proportions!

They had the GALL to put a statement in the Congressional Record that is easily proven FALSE, and we now have a HUGE WEAPON to use against this lie: a statement made by attorney Jonathan Emord on a radio show with Nutritionist Byron Richards, owner of Wellness Resources vitamin company.

Hatch and Harkin, traitorous worms that they are, are now owned lock, stock and barrel by Big Pharma. They're attempting to feed us a caca sandwich, but we don't have to eat it! We must get MAD! (Watch this film clip to get inspired: NETWORK- I'M MAD AS HELL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dib2-HBsF08

We must throw it back in their treacherous FACES and put our collective FEET DOWN and say to them:
"HELL NO! This is NOT TRUE, and EMORD is telling us the TRUTH and we DEMAND that you listen to EMORD because he has defeated FDA in court more times than ANYONE and he has done more to defend DSHEA than ANYONE, and if you don't help us we will CRUCIFY YOUR PATHETIC LYING ASS in the next (obscenity deleted) ELECTION!"

Its time to get that ol' time RELIGION damn it! Time to get MAD! Time to round up your FRIENDS via MEETINGS at your house, at your health food store, at your library's community room, at any place where you can bring people together! Shit! God Damn! Get off your ASS and JAM!

If you do NOT, you'll only have YOURSELF to blame when they round you up to stick a microchip in your ass and take your DNA for FDA's Critical Path Initiative. If not, you'll only have YOURSELF to blame when the health food store shelves are empty and the few stores that remain aren't allowed to sell anything within the therapeutic range.

I, for one, refuse to go there, but I've been in countries where this has already happened, and have talked to many people in other countries where its happened, and if you think for ONE SECOND that it could NEVER happen in the USA, you'd damn well better think AGAIN!

All I have to do to be reminded of that is ride my bicycle 20 minutes over the border to Tsawwassen BC Canada to the Vitamin House health food store. Can't buy DHEA, its a class one felony to possess in Canada. Can't buy Acetyl L-Carnintine. Can't buy a TON of things that I can buy here in Los Estados Unidos.

I will NOT let that happen here! Thats why I'm writing this to you. I know that some of you will hear me. I know that some of you will have what it takes to get off your asses and FIGHT!

Some of you already are, but I need MORE of you to, a LOT more, and I want you to know that we CAN WIN and that we're GOING to win, but I can't do it alone, I'm just one guy typing at you from his living room in a little tiny town in the extreme NW corner of this country.

I'll go to DC for you in July when this is out of committee. We have no chance to get our amendment past Waxman and Dingle in Committee as they're our arch enemies, our chance will come in July when this reaches the House floor andTHATS what we're planning for. I might also attend the NPA Trade show in Las Vegas July 20-21, but am playing that by ear because we don't know when this will reach the House Floor. If its still in process at that time, I'll go to Vegas, I already have a badge to attend courtesy of some friends who belong to NPA. If any of you will be in Vegas at the show, please let me know as Ill need your help on the show floor regardless of whether I'm able to attend or not.

If any of you can help lobby in DC, let me know, we can make it a team effort. If you don't live in the DC area but want to go there with me you might want to stay at the Red Roof Inn in Chinatown, but if thats too expensive, I can suggest cheaper alternatives, so let me know.

We're gonna do this folks! We HAVE to! We're gonna win the old fashioned way: Any Way We Can, because NECESSITY is the MOTHER of INVENTION.


Please help IAHF get to the NPA vitamin trade show in Vegas, and to DC: Your donations are urgently needed- we'll send you copies of Byron Richard's book Fight for Your Health- Exposing the FDA's Betrayal of America and copies of Kevin Miller's Anti Codex DVD and if you already have them, we'll send more that you can pass out to friends and neighbors as you go to wake them up to the HUGE TIME BOMB lurking inside S.1082/ HR 1561!  Please be PROACTIVE in helping IAHF get the Emord amendment, because we can't do it without your help!

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