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 Another Spring, March 2013

What's on Where
'Pear-shaped Explorations Project' by BEA DE VISSER staged for the Urban Explorers Festival 2013 in Dordrecht.
A sound-based investigation into the meaning in between or beyond the words, stretched in time and space.
Staged and recorded on 11-12 May 2013
with special guests:
Z'EV: sound art

with the cooperation of:
OSCAR VERHAAR: voice, counter tenor
DAWN MASTIN: actress

first test phase

URBAN EXPLORERS - 10 up to and including 12 May 2013, Dordrecht, NL
Urban Explorers (UE) is an annual multidisciplinary festival. Limits are exceeded and elaborated on the cutting edge. Dividing lines fade with crossovers of (sound) art, performance, film, music, theater and dance. Urban expeditions, with unexpected acts in unexpected places, form the thread in the programming.
'Pear Shaped Explorations Project', film-interview 15/04/2013 by Renier Mouthaan, IDordt TV

Chairs Missing by Bea de visser will be screened at Espace Cercle Carré (ECC), May 9, 19h30, ESPACE CERCLE CARRÉ, 36 rue Queen (Montréal), Canada.
In the Program CONVULSION.

'Yours in Solidarity / Reading Anarchism', The Statement Series by Nicoline van Harskamp at the New Art Space Amsterdam (NASA)
Exhibition from 10 March until 19 May 2013.
'Reading Anarchism' every Wednesday evening on 13, 20, 27 March 3,10,17, 24 April and 1 May from 19:30 to 21:30 hrs. Admission free. And on 17 May from 12:00 to 18:00 hrs Admission 7 EUR.

The Reading Anarchism on 13 March will be performed by Jan Ritsema and Bea de Visser. Following participating speakers: Michnea Mircan, Geert Lovink, Mariko Peters, Ahmet Öğüt, Charles Esche, Elena Bajo, Nienke Terpsma, Frans Bromet and others. All titles of their chosen books will be available as a laser printed booklet at NASA, and can be downloaded for free at The Anarchist Library

Reading of Bea de Visser in this series: "On Language and Thought", Dada Manifesto of Hugo Ball as opposed to the thesis of the 'universal grammar' by Noam Chomsky and the statement: living Anarchism.

'Chairs Missing' by Bea de Visser (remarkable translation of the saying into French: Chaises Manquantes) present at the exhibition of Art Souterrain in Montréal, Qc in March.
Art Souterrain
Here are some text quotes from the audio tour and a separate IPhone Application:
"I swam my 4th kilometer the week that I realized that the pool would be demolished. I heard it by the sound of the fans and the purification systems. This over the years developped complex of connected buildings was the ideal location for the film I wanted to make into a labyrinthine public space. After every corner, behind every door hides the 'other' and the risk of an encounter."
"Bluntly: I want to tell a story without telling a story ... What interests me is how.
My strong inclination to the (dance / drama) performance in the film comes, I think from a background of music / sound performance and painting. I choose especially for the physical approach to performance and image oriented drama. Interesting for me are musicality, rhythm, tone and timbre, sometimes cruel absurdity, perversion and the balance between the banal and the human spiritual identity.
The grid of my work comes from the interrogation of the visual logic in conjunction with a strictly visual poetry. My strategy emphasizes the importance of challenging our preconceptions of what film can and should touch."

'A Breath Hush' by Bea de Visser at Art Rotterdam Projections. Programme with Erwin Olaf, Jeroen Kooijmans, Lydia Schouten and Wim Gijzen. Curated by LIMA Amsterdam. Lima represents the collection of the Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk)now the NMIk no longer consists.

News Short films produced by Anotherfilm:
‘Motor’ by Simone Bennett was screened on main festivals and venues in 2012 and is part of the DVD “Dutch Shorts” by EYE Film Museum 2013. Distribution Eye Film Museum, Amsterdam. ‘Chairs Missing’ by Bea de Visser has been screened among others at the Rencontres Internationales in Paris, Madrid and Berlin, Short Film Festival Sao Paulo, Brazil and the Festival du Nouveau Cinema in Montreal, Canada. Distribution: Videographe Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Vidéographe is an artist-run center for artists dedicated to the creation, dissemination and distribution of independent media artworks. List of screenings of both films ‘Motor’ and ‘Chairs Missing’ at ‘screenings’.

Films in which Anotherfilm participated/ is credited:
'Inventory of the Motherland' by Ben van Lieshout in theatrical release by Mokumfilm Amsterdam. A colorful celebration of image, sound and music of the Russia just before the Revolution and of Russia now. Inspired by the work of photographer Sergei Prokudin-Gorskii (1863-1944), inventor of color photography in Russia. NL 2012, 75 min
trailer of INVENTORY OF THE MOTHERLAND by Ben van Lieshout


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Since 2005 Anotherfilm has developed itself in an initiative that participates in contemporary and renewing film projects by a small ‘group’ of visual artists and filmmakers. Anotherfilm works as an art consultancy and curator. It provides lectures and workshops.
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