ChemBombs Add to Chemtrails..................More and More People Contracting Morgellon's Disease Due to Massive Spraying...............
IAHF List: Along with chemtrails, we've now also got chembombs to contend with, these are aerosol bombs that burst and HAARP ionizes the atmosphere to move weather patterns around. HAARP is a gigantic array of microwave antennas in Alaska. Watch this video from Bruce Douglas of Maui Sky Watch about chembombs. In Maui- Bruce is spearheading an effort to pass the Maui Clean Sky Ordinance, an effort that should be emulated nationwide.
Hurricanes, including Isaac which just hit Louisiana, are being steered via this means for weather control purposes as our would be overseers seek to create floods and droughts in different areas for population control and food control purposes and of course to exterminate as many of us "useless eaters" as they can as they rain death upon us from the skies.
Watch "Why in the World Are They Spraying?" and show it to your family, friends, and neighbors to awaken them to the danger we're all in. Alert them to the antidote so they can stock up, the spraying is getting worse!
Your friends, neighbors, and family don't realize the danger they're in! Show them this stunning video of commercial aircraft caught spraying aerosols. Warn them that they're being sprayed with very toxic heavy metals including aluminum, barium, strontium, arsenic, mercury, iron, zinc, also antibiotic resistant bacteria containing man made nano fibers such as the purple ones shown in the photo at top right which are causing Morgellons disease.
This spraying is intended to kill off millions of people, and it has been causing a huge rise in Alzheimer's disease, cancer, mental illness, Morgellons disease, etc, but we're not powerless to protect ourselves.
Please get active in the fight back! We must pass legislation such as the Maui Clean Sky Ordinance all over the world, and join forces to fight back against this madness, and awareness is the first step!
You've got family members who haven't seen any of this. Please do them a favor, get them some sulfur and explain to them that it chelates all the toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us, safely removing them from their body! Tell them that even aside from that, drinking sulfur water gives anyone a huge energy level, while also helping people feel very calm and grounded!
When we're under biological attack, and the world is going to hell in a handbasket, at least you can feel calm, grounded and happy regardless! I love the energy I get from drinking about a pound a week- far more than most people would drink, but I'm also regenerating damaged nerves from when a tree fell on me in a tornado when I was 16. (I drink the same amount that someone with an autoimmune disease would drink even though I don't have one.)
With chem BOMBS now being dropped on us, along with chemtrails, I figure its smart to be careful! I don't want to get Cancer, Alzheimer's disease, or Morgellon's disease! I don't want the NWO to take me out, so I have been gearing up in all kinds of ways!
Soon, your cash will be WORTHLESS WALLPAPER, so spend it NOW on sulfur which will also have huge BARTER value in the near future because we're about to become like the Weimar Republic where people will be taking wheelbarrow loads of worthless dollars to grocery stores to buy non existent loaves of bread! 
Along with sulfur, I recommend you get heirloom seeds, and learn how to plant a garden.... and it wouldn't be a bad idea at all to also build a greenhouse such as this inexpensive hoop styled one because you might not get your seeds to germinate otherwise. Monsanto has patented aluminum resistant seeds that can handle the chemtrails, but you won't want to use those.....

  (Got Sulfur???)