Help Needed to Expose and Stop SCYTL Election Fraud
IAHF List:
In 2010, a Seattle based watchdog group called "Voter Action" had their attorney send this letter to the Office of the Inspector General of the Election Assistance Commission to complain about their fraudulently allowing web based vote counting systems such as SCYTL's to be used in the election...
Today, in 2012, the problem has grown even worse as 26 states and more than 900 voting jurisdictions are now involved in this scam where our votes will be sent to Spain to be counted by a foreign company called SCYTL, whose servers were once hacked by students from the University of Michigan after the company invited people to attempt to hack their system... The students saw evidence that hackers from China and Iran had also hacked the system...They rigged the system to play the Michigan fight song "the victors" after each vote was counted...China controls our debt.... don't you think they'd love a way to control our election? Should we just LET them?
With this web based SCYTL scam- No back checking is possible at the Precinct Level, and there is no way to stop this by acting as a poll watcher as Bev Harris of has suggested as a way to protect the vote in past elections, because now there is no paper trail whatsoever to follow.
I am outraged by this and you should be too!  SCYTL is being run by two former Goldman Sachs execs, one of whom contributed the maximum to Obama when he used to live in Illinois.
I just sent the following letter of complaint to the US Election Assistance Commission, my US Senators, my State Legislators, and to several Patriot Groups as well as to a radio show host of the show I was just on today. I urge you to do the same- lets make this go viral!! - this information must be called to the attention of the masses or America is toast!
Here is the letter I sent, please join me in sending it out to more people and groups and please join me in putting the US Election Assistance Commission on notice that you know they're allowing this scam:
Office of Inspector General
U.S. Election Assistance Commission
1201 New York Ave, NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20005
Brian Hancock, Director of Voting System Certification,
US Election Assistance Commission, 1201 New York Avenue,
Suite 300, Washington, DC 20005

Phone: 1-866-552-0004
Fax: 202-566-0957

Also to: Voter Action c/o Attorney Corey Way
Also to: Washington State Elections Office
Also to: Washington Senators Patty Murray/ Maria Cantwell
Also to: State Senator Doug Erickson, State Representatives Jason Overstreet, Vincent Buys
Also to: ,
,,, ,,,, THE IAHF LIST

Inspector General, Chair Donna Davidson and Brian Hancock:

I have read this letter from Voter Action in Seattle regarding their concern that
SCYTL,a Spanish company, is illegally counting the votes from 26 states, (900 voting districts), plus the Military vote.
The GAO, and the State of Florida have both invalidated use of web based vote counting systems, so why is SCYTL being allowed by the US Election Assistance Commission to be involved in counting the votes from numerous states in the 2012 election with no back checking possible at the precinct level???
Hackers from the University of Michigan were able to hack the SCYTL system. Foreign governments could easily do the same! I am outraged by this, and am calling this to the attention of as many people as possible! 

See Voter Action's demand letter sent to you in 2010


Outsourcing US voting system: To Foreign Company  See  See "Congressman Burr's Office: "Nothing We Can Do"
See "Spanish Company Will Count American Votes Overseas in November"

A mitigation against fraud by SOE insiders has been the separation of voting machine systems from the SOE results reports. Because most US jurisdictions require posting evidence of results from each voting machine at the precinct, public citizens can organize to examine these results to compare with SOE results.
Black Box Voting spearheaded a national citizen action to videotape / photograph these poll tapes in 2008.

With the merger of SOE and SCYTL, that won't work (if SCYTL's voting system is used). When there are two truly independent sources of information, the public can perform its own "audit" by matching one number against the other.

These two independent sources, however, will now be merged into
one single source: an Internet voting system controlled by SCYTL, with a results reporting system also controlled by SCYTL.

I demand to see your reply to Voter Action's complaint, and demand to know why you are allowing election fraud to occurr in the 2012 election??? I demand to know what you intend to do to protect my vote? SCYTL is run by two former Goldman Sach's executives. Goldman Sachs was Obama's biggest campaign contributor in the last election, and is Romney's biggest in the current election. Obviously, SCYTL can rig the election any way they want! That angers me!  The implications for the future of America are terrifying. It is not clear who controls SCYTL. What do you intend to do about this? I intend to make this very widely known and would like an immediate response!

John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
1-800-333-2553 H&W Pacific Time