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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
May 10, 2010
Notices for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia

Meriton Apartments Development at Warriewood
Your Action is necessary NOW to HELP STOP this development

I believe a lot of people are very disturbed by the application by Meriton Apartments to the Minister for Planning for the development of 600 apartments in sixteen 3 and 5 storey blocks Warriewood, but feel helpless to do anything about it.

With any luck this type of development will never happen on Scotland island but it could easily happen in Mona Vale, maybe Newport.
They are both on a Major bus route and Mona Vale is a major centre and Newport has a lot of everyday services. 

Please do not copy/cut and paste from this document, but paraphrase -- do not just send in word for word submission, change the order and even font.  If you just copy and paste it only counts as a form letter and only as one submission

If you want to view the Meriton application go to http://majorprojects.planning.nsw.gov.au and follow the link to the "on exhibition" page.
Submissions close next Friday, 14th May at 5 pm. You must quote the ref. no. MP 09- 0162,  include your name and address, and the address of the development, 14-18 Bondah Rd Warriewood.
Written submissions should be sent to;
Director, Metropolitan Projects
Department of Planning
GPO Box 39
Sydney 2001
or emailed to
NOTE there is an underscore between plan and comment

copy to 
1725 Pittwater Rd
Mona Vale 2103 
Pittwater Council
P.O. Box 882
Mona Vale 1660
NOTE there is an underscore between pittwater and council

Meriton Apartments have applied to the Department of Planning to build sixteen 3 to 5 storey apartment blocks with 600 dwellings of one, two or three bedrooms  at 14-18 Boondah Rd at its intersection with Mcpherson St. -- on the high side of Mcpherson St. 
Your submission does not have to be long. Any thing that could impact on you, your friends  or our community is good enough reason to write a submission.

It does not have to be backed up with documentation or numbers. Even one issue is worthwhile--it should not take long but may have long lasting effect on your suburb--people power is all we have left.
It seems as though the Dept of Planning (DoP) who used to do the strategic planning for NSW have been forced to forsake that role to concentrate on just getting as much new housing approved in as short a time as possible--like supermarket checkouts in peak hour.

The Valley and it's infrastructure to accommodate the needs of new residents was carefully planned for (approx) 2012 new dwellings.
THE DoP itself decided on this number on the basis of a number of studies commissioned by both themselves and Pittwater Council. 
This averages at about 25 dwelling per hectare, but Meritons application is for 75 dwellings per hectare.
If Meriton's  application is approved there will be 420 more dwellings than planned for BUT it opens the door for land still to be developed to be developed at 75 dwellings per hectare rate.
Meritons alone have already applied to the Govt for an extra 356 extra dwellings--399 rather the the 43 Council had allocated--on their land on the corner of Mcpherson St and Warriewood Rd--and that could  just be  the beginning !!  
Some reasons to write a submission to the DoP may be  (please do not copy word for word or cut and paste or put issues in the  same order. If you all do it, the DoP counts it as one submission)

  • new Part 3a legislation is the way which Meritons now  have the ability to ask the Dept of Planning  to assess this  application. They choose this way this because they can bypass  Council's  Planning Framework for Warriewood Valley which prescribes how much and where development can take place. It is under this  Planning Framework that  ALL  other developers had to drew up their designs--this new legislation is not a fair on previous developers or  home owners in Warriewood Valley.
  • Infrastructure for new residents is paid for by the developers paying into the  Section 94 Contribution Fund. Currently that levy is $62,200 per dwelling. Meritons argue that they should only pay $20,000.  The levy was added into the cost of your dwelling. You  paid the rate which was in place at the time you purchased your dwelling-- it is recalculated regularly as costs rise--
At $20,00 per dwelling how will the extra funds be found to fulfill the needs of the extra residents, over and above the number of new residents whose needs were planned for; e.g for open space for passive and active recreation;  playing fields and associated car parks; multi use paths for  bicycles and pedestrians;  re vegetated creekline corridors and recreational opportunities in those; children's playgrounds; bridges across the creeks; board walks through the wetlands; the management of storm water to flood proof the Valley and North Narrabeen, water quality devices, street trees to shade pedestrians, etc 
  • A developer only has to make good the road and footpath on their half of the road in front of their development--AND the Section 94 fund only pays for infrastructure within the land release area. Who will pay to resurface and kerb and gutter the other side of Boondah Rd ?
Given all the extra residents, and that Meritons only want to pay $20,000 per dwelling and that to do supermarket shopping at Warriewood Centre a car is needed, and that the that these following local intersections are almost at crisis point, who will  pay for roundabouts e.g. at Garden St/Jacksons Rd,  Jacksons Rd/ Boondah Rd,  Jacksons Rd/Garden St, and the Jacksons Rd/entry to Centro Warriewood, Boondah Rd and Vuko Place? your rates will have to fund these upgrades.
  • How will Council acquire the land needed for the extra playing fields, maybe even on Boondah Rd and the associated car parking?
It could be argued that kids will walk to and from Soccer at Boondah Rd. Maybe, maybe not.  Certainly the under 10's should not. The Govt is currently running a TV ad campaign  saying that children under 10 should hold an adults hand when crossing roads. So will Mum or Dad walk with their child to Soccer or will they drive? and maybe shop for the hour the game is on? Where will they park?
  • currently  overflow parking for the N Narrabeen fields and the Boondah Rd fields is at  Warriewood Centro  -- how soon will it be before Centro clamps down by charging for parking?  then where will the cars be parked?
  • and what about safety of children when the car parking for the playing fields is on both sides tof Boondah Rd and the shortest and quickest way from the Meritons Apartments to Warriewood Centro is through this car park?
  • Meritons only want to pay $20,000 Section 94 levy per dwelling. They claim is that this will make housing affordable-- maybe for the initial purchaser, but not for long as there is no mechanism in place to ensure they remain "affordable"
  •  There is limited parking proved for each unit on the site, with just over 1 car parking place per unit. So where will all the other car be parked?
Given the transport difficulties we experience and that the nearest public transport interchanges are at Dee Why, Manly Wharf, Chatswood, York St and Central railway, it is virtually impossible to live this far out of the city and not own a car. With manners being what they are many older residents and even pregnant woman already have to stand most of  the way to and/or from the city.
Even the young singles, couples, young marrieds or single older residents who may be the occupants of the one bedroom units will need a car, as lack of good, public transport makes it virtually impossible to live in Warriewood and not own a car.
Given the example of other town houses in Warriewood a quick car count will show that in the 3 bedroom units there could well be up to 3 or 4 cars per dwelling--where do they park ?
It is an hour or more to the city by bus, before changing from bus to train or other bus to get to a University or TAFE ( except Brookvale with it's limited curriculum))  work, visit Grandma or friends who may live on the other side of the city or indeed even anywhere west of Pittwater Rd!  
  • extra traffic, over and above that calculated by Council's consultant's Traffic Studies, which at the time 19933/4 took into account the intersections and road system in the general area . This has hardly improved since that time and again these factor were taken into account when determining the density of dwellings to be built in the Valley.
How is it that all of a sudden the State Govt can make legislation that allows a developer to apply to built at three times the density of that considered appropriate given the Environmental constraints in the Valley and the level of Government Infrastructure.
  • there will be extra traffic , over and above that shown in the Traffic Study  along Mcpherson St as this is the shortest and quickest way to access Mona Vale Rd and Powderworks Rd.
  • extra traffic, over and above that calculated on Mona Vale Rd and Powderworks Rd. The intersection of Powderworks Rd and Garden St is a nightmare during the evening peak hour causing traffic coming from the west to disperse through residential streets and Jacksons Rd  -- and the others  just sit in a traffic jam.
  • extra traffic over and above that calculated through the intersection of Pittwater Rd and Wakehurst Parkway, Pittwater Rd and Waterloo St, Narrabeen, Forest Way and Mona vale Rd and Wakehurst Parkway and Warringah Rd and from Neutral Bay to the city is already a sea of buses jockeying for places on the already overcrowded road system.
  • parking spaces outside Warriewood Rd houses, east of Vuko Place will be taken over as a traffic lane--where will these residents park and how will they be able to back onto Warriewood Rd in peak hours?
Only one issue you feel grieved about is good enough to write a submission.

Each individual submission will be counted so the more the better each member of your family can sent their own - not just a copy of each other's though !

Politicians want to know how much noise is going on in the community.

The number of submissions received is their way of knowing that.

The Minister for Planning will get to know about any comments in newspapers and the internet--the more the better--just do it, please...

There is a front page article in the Manly Daily  Wed 5 May, on the Meriton proposal so you can post your comments on the feedback page of the paper at:  http://manly-daily.whereilive.com.au/news/story/triguboff/

This is an easy way to get comment out there, and it might get people thinking enough to write a submission on the application.

Lynne Czinner
Ph (02) 9997-1723

Pile Burn at Pathilda Reserve, 16 May

Reduction of E86 services ?
Attention E86 regulars to/from the city:
I have been told by staff at Wynyard that Sydney Buses is considering the ‘reduction’ of E86 services.
He was unable to let me know which particular ones only that it is under consideration. I’m letting you all know because I think we should nip this in the bud prior to anything going ahead.
You might have also noticed that they are currently trialling two extra E89 as well as two extra E87 services out of the city in the afternoon.
If we’re happy with these services then you should also let them know. I personally think the more buses the better as they free seats on the E86.
I’ve found lately that my bus is very busy ex-Wynyard because earlier ones which stop at Collaroy, Narrabeen or Mona Vale have been delayed.
If you feel strongly about keeping our service or would like to comment on any of the below:

additional earlier service ex-Church Point
reinstate the Warringah Mall stop
reinstate ‘first set down Narrabeen’ for services ex-city

Please send them as many emails as you possibly can to: www.ysl@131500.com.au
Thanks everyone!
Grace Marshall
Morning Bay

Increasing Your Physical & Mental Performance
RPAYC - Mitala St Newport
Friday 14th May @ 7pm - 8pm
Information for anyone interested in increasing your overall health performance.

click image to load flyer

Goalkeeper Wanted
Pittwater RSL   Under 16 Division 1 B team are looking for an experienced goalkeeper to play for us this season, as our goalkeeper has recently become unavailable.  Training is every Tuesday and Thursday at 6.45pm at Kitchener Park but if this is difficult, we may accept a suitable player to just play matches and not come to training.  The matches are on Saturday mornings usually kick off 8.30am.
If interested, please contact Gary on 0410 314 567 or just come to training at Kitchener Park this week for a try out.

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