Chris Sky Speaking At An Anti Lockdown/Anti Mask Rally in Toronto..... Chris Sky With Police Friends
Here Chris Sky Successfully Fends Off 30 Cops Who Attempted to Arrest Him in His Own Driveway in King City, Ontario, Canada for refusing to wear a mask, refusing to social distance, refusing to Quarantine, and for public speaking world wide against the Lockdowns!  This is what we ALL MUST DO!!   Follow Chris on Instagram
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Learn about Dr. Delores Cahill and Freedom Airway & Freedom Travel Alliance here! Please join, I did! Theres safety in numbers!
IAHF List:
All of us, world wide, have a choice to make RIGHT NOW if we want to DEFEND OUR FREEDOM! We must RISE UP, or we will soon be living in a communist, global totalitarian state with a Chinese styled Social Credit Score ruling us as the Banksters seek via the "GREAT COVID RESET" to do away with cash!  (More here.)
We can either oppose and STOP the COVID Lies, Masks, and Lockdowns, and we can learn and teach others the TRUTH about whats REALLY going on with this PLANDEMIC, or we can pretend everything is going to be "ok"- and thats NOT a good idea given that the ruling elite are moving to kill 15 out of 16 of us!
Death awaits us if we meekly submit to the tyrannical dictates of Xi Jin Ping, Pedo Joe, Kameltoe, Fauci, Gates, the Vaccine Manufacturers, the W.H.O., Klaus Schwabe of the World Economic Forum, and the OTHER scum who were present at Event 201..... where those who are benefitting economically from it planned the PLADEMIC 10 weeks before the first deaths at WUHAN....
With Covid 19 being 99.7% recoverable, there is no need for ANYONE to take a so called "vaccine", nor is there ANY NEED to wear a mask (the masks are DANGEROUS- see proof below!!)
We're up against weaponized propaganda combined with biological warefare! The REAL danger is in the JAB, not Covid! In the VAERS database at the CDC we seen that these Moderna and Pfeizer "JABS" are killing and maiming millions of people world wide! Those who get the JAB have their immune systems wrecked, while they shed a far more difficult to treat form of COVID which will spread it exponentially, (except to people wise enough to follow my instructions below on how to BEEF UP your immune system!
The JAB is INTENDED to cull the human herd! What is driving this is UN Agenda 21/ 2030- the population control/ societal control agenda that I first warned you about in 2012 in this article and in this one published in the Wise Traditions Journal of the Weston A. Price Foundation!
Just like Chris Sky, I have a medical mask excemption signed by a Dr., and I carry it with me. You can do what we are doing! I never wear a mask, I never social distance, due to this information I for damn sure WON'T be allowing the Moderna or Pfeizer Societal Control/ Death Jabs to be shot into my body, and I'm encouraging all of you who subscribe to the IAHF list to join me in fighting back, no matter where in the world you are!
Below you can learn how to
A) Boost your immune system naturally and safely
B) How to protect your assets so you don't get SCREWED by the "GREAT RESET". (Coming Separately in my Next Newsletter! Be sure to encourage friends, family, colleagues to subscribe to the IAHF list so they'll get this too!) (At the link above people should scroll down to the sign up menu.)
C) How to rally others so everyone gets into the battle world wide! (World Wide Rally For Freedom & Democracy March 20.)
I have a letter from a Nurse Practitioner that states that I suffer from PTSD, and can't have a mask covering my nose or mouth because it could trigger flashbacks, nightmares, tachycardia, a heart attack or stroke, and also becasue I have C.S. (Common Sense) and have read the article below which proves that masks are dangerous!
(Please forward this urgent newsletter to everyone within your sphere of influence!)
Please read this article "Masks Are Harmful- 17 Ways Masks Can Cause Harm" by Jim Meehan, MD
  1. Medical masks adversely affect respiratory physiology and function
  2. Medical masks lower oxygen levels in the blood
  3. Medical masks raise carbon dioxide levels in the blood
  4. SARS CoV-2 is armed with a “furin cleavage site” that makes it more pathogenic
  5. Medical masks trap exhaled viral (and other) pathogens in the mouth/mask interspace, increase viral/infectious load, and increase the severity of disease
  6. SARS CoV-2 Becomes More Dangerous When Blood Oxygen Levels Decline
  7. The furin cleavage site of SARS CoV-2 increases cellular invasion, especially during hypoxia (low blood oxygen levels)
  8. Cloth masks may increase the risk of contracting Covid-19 and other respiratory infections
  9. Wearing a face mask may give a false sense of security
  10. Masks compromise communications and reduce social distancing
  11. Untrained and inappropriate management of face masks
  12. Masks Worn Imperfectly Are Dangerous
  13. Masks collect and colonize viruses, bacteria, and mold
  14. Wearing a face mask makes the exhaled air (respiratory plumes) go into the eyes
  15. Contact tracing studies show that asymptomatic carrier transmission is very rare
  16. Face masks and stay at home orders prevent the development of herd immunity
  17. Face masks are dangerous and contraindicated for a large number of people with pre-existing medical conditions and disabilities
1. Order Dr. Schultz "Intestinal Formula Number 1" It contains cascara sagrada, an herb that triggers peristalsis (muscular contractions that start breaking up the thick, tenacious toxic mucoid plaque that you must jettison from the walls of your small intestine! (Doing this will noticibly BOOST your energy level, when I did it 10 years ago I suddenly had the energy level of a healthy 11 year old in my early 50s, Every year I do the Bowel Detox again to maintain!)  Intestinal Formula Number one also contains other herbs that synergistically help to remove the mucoid plaque.
You take one capsule per night, adding additional capsultes in consecutive days until you are having 3 very easy, no strain bowel movements every day! Once you have achieved that goal you are ready to add Intestinal Formula #2 which contains Bentonite Clay that acts like a magnet to help pull toxic heavy metals from your inernal organs, and you are ready to start making smoothies using filtered or distilled water mixed with organic grapefruit, apples, and other fruits mixed with Super Food Plus (the world's best super foods all ground up into a powder that you add to your smoothies.) While doing this program its best to do at least a half hour of walking to help the process.
You remain on this regimin for as long as it takes to jettison your mucoid plaque which can take anywhere from a few days to much longer, in my case it took around 3 weeks. You will know when you jettison your mucoid plaque because you can see it in the toilet, and it is the worst smelling stuff that will EVER exit your body! It looks like THIS:
I have guided many people through this process.
Get Intestinal Formula #1, one jar per person.
Get Intestinal Formula #2, one jar per person.
Get Super Food Plus, one jar per person.
You will need a high speed blender such as a Vitamix or other to make your smoothies, and you will need either filtered or distilled water. Chop up a lot of organic grapefruit, apples and other fruits of your choosing and add 2 scoops of Super Food Plus. If you are hypoglycemic and it would raise your blood sugar too much to do this without any animal protein you can eat sardines, but I don't recommend having any red meat while you do this detox because it will hamper your efforts, you need to give your digestive tract a "vacation" while you break up the mucoid plaque that you seek to jettison from the walls of your small intestine.
As I said, this pays HUGE DIVIDENDS! When you finally get RID of it, your energy level will SOAR and you will really feel it! You will then wish you'd paid attention to my exortations long before now!
While you do this, I recommend you ALSO take sulfur, one teaspoon per 100 lbs of body weight twice a day (in the am and around lunch time.) (At the link scroll down past the article to order.) This will open up your cell membranes allowing optimal oxygen input into your cells so that they become more porous, more permeable and can work the way they're supposed to! (Without adequate sulfur, your cells become LEATHERY and you are setting yourself up for cellular malfunction, the biggest cause of all disease! Don't do that to yourself!
Once you've completed your Bowel Detox, contact me and I will explain how you can then go on to detox your other organs of elimination: your liver/ kidneys, and blood!
If you do these things, you will provide your immune system with a fighting chance because with the massive global roll out of this severely DANGEROUS push to have people mass vaccinate with gene altering experimental drugs that have never undergone any animal testing, you can't afford to be around the WEAPONIZED MUTATED forms of the Virus that will be shed by people who destroyed their natural immune system by making the MISTAKE of taking the Pfeizer and Moderna "jabs!"
Most people will not realize the danger we're all in from the Moderna and Pfeizer "jabs" unless you forward them this to them so they will watch this interview! Please do what you can to help wake people up!
What is driving all of this is UN Agenda 21, which they're now calling UN Agenda 2030. Unless we derail their global population control, societal control agenda the ruling elite intend to kill off 9 out of 10 of us by 2030. They want to turn us into non reproducing cyborgs, and via nano technology using chemtrails which we're breathing in, and other means, this evil effort has been underway for years, but we're NOT POWERLESS to fight back!
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