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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach

- April 2006 -


Pittwater Council General Cleanup

Scotland Island 24th April 2006

Please, Please, Please - do not put out your rubbish prior to the week before the 24th April.

Do Don't
Place materials on the kerbside not more than 1 week prior to collection date

Appliances such as hot water heaters, refrigerators, stoves, etc - doors must be removed

Furniture - doors must be removed

General household items

Paint tins - empty and lids removed


No Vegetation (keep for vegetation cleanup)

No Food scraps and wrappings

No bricks or other building materials

No tyres or other car parts

No soil

No Recyclable materials such as paper, glass, PET plastic

No Paint and oil (take to Belrose Waste Management Centre)

Other News

Some brush turkeys have been spotted on the top of Scotland Island. While it is lovely to see these beautiful birds in the wild, they are at great risk from the famous wandering Scotland Island dogs. Please - if you see a dog pestering the birds, do your best to dissuade them!


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