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Here's our monthly newsletter to inform you of our things to come! This weekend we have two special and unique events coming up in our hometown Antwerp which you should definitely not miss! We are very happy to say the VNV Nation Show of November 17th completely SOLD OUT!
So don't forget to order you tickets for this weekend events! 
This weekend!
21.10 FORCED TO MODE (DM tribute) + CURTIS (Joy Division tribute) - Antwerp
23.10 SEVERED HEADS + CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE @ Het Oude Badhuis - Antwerp - B
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21.10 Clash of The Titans II - Forced To Mode vs Curtis @ Oude Badhuis

BodyBeats productions & Het Oude Badhuis proudly present:
(Depeche Mode Tribute, D)
 + CURTIS (Joy Division Tribute, B)  
On huge demand and after the succes of the first edition of Clash Of The Titans by we decided to invite FORCED TO MODE, representing Electro-Synth-Pop juggernauts DEPECHE MODE, one more but to Antwerp this time. Our second band of that night will be CURTIS, representing the legendary Punk/Cold Wave formation JOY DIVISION
23.10 Crash Course In Science + Severed Heads @ Het Oude Badhuis
BodyBeats Production & Het Oude Badhuis present:
Yes, unbelievable but true but we managed to get these two overseas electronic music pioniers & renowned New-Wave Club Classic bands to play on the same night and same stage for a BELGIUM EXCLUSIVE and full club show!  People that visited our BIMFEST before will certainly remember both bands remarkable performances. So it's up to you not to miss this unique opportunityto see them play!
Tickets are limited and pre-sale has already begun and is already going fast
 Tickets Facebook Event Crash Course In Science Severed Heads 

28.10 Dive, The Juggernauts & True Zebra @ Bahnhof Langendreer

BodyBeats Productions & Zwischenfall2 proudly present:
28.10 A Special Belgian Night @ Bahnhof Langendreer, Bochum, D 

The people from the former and legendary Zwischenfall Club in Bochum have invited yet again three of our BodyBeats artists to play one of their nights. Since the original club sadly burned down after a lightning strike in 2011 the spirit of these renowned club nights lives on at different location in and around the city of Bochum. One of their coolest locations is Bahnhof Langendreer, where this night will take place. While Dive will play a selection of tracks chosen from his very vast oeuvre, both The Juggernauts and True Zebra will 
present their recently released new album.  
17.11 VNV Nation - Compendium tour 2016 @ Togenblik - SOLD OUT!!!
BodyBeats Productions & Neuwerk Management proudly present:
Togenblik - Beveren - Antwerp - B
An evening With VNV Nation: In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the first VNV Nation album, the group is celebrating with a series of 3-hour concerts. The shows will 
take fans through history of the band, covering songs from every album and single, along with rarities, different setlists at all shows, and a meet and greet after the concert. 

We are sorry but the concert is sold-out!
16 & 17.12 BIMFEST XV with à;GRUMH... , Suicide Commando & more!

BodyBeats Productions, Peek-a-Boo Magazine & De Casino present:
16 &17.12.2016 - De Casino 
As you might have noticed our 15th anniversary BIMFEST edition is complete & 100% Belgian! On this edition Johan Van Roy will come to celebrate the 30th anniversary of SUICIDE COMMANDO with a full carreer oversight & Best Of show! UNDERVIEWER the pre-Front 242 project by Jean-Luc De Meyer and Patrick Codenys, will come & present their very first album! And If that's still not enough we have  à;GRUMH... Yes, unbelievable but true! à;GRUMH... will come & celebrate their 35th anniversary with a WORLDWIDE-EXCLUSIVE-ONE-OFF SHOW! Other great artists performing are A SPLIT-SECOND & AROMA DI AMORE, who don't need any introduction anymore, DIVE, Dirk Ivens solo project, EX-RZ, is what the name already suggests, the 'solo' project of RED ZEBRA frontman and singer Peter Slabbynck,  SIGNAL AOUT '42, the dark electro/EBM project of Jacky Meurisse, STRUGGLER post-punk-cold-wave cult & minimal/electro pioneers VITA NOCTIS! Last but not least are the public choices of our Dark Demo(n)s Nights EUFORIC EXISTENCE & SUPPER DRAGON PUNCH!! 
Tickets are limited so order them now & save up to € 5/day or € 10/combi-ticket
Some more up-coming BodyBeats powered events!
Peek-a-Boo Free Music Magazine #23 Out Now! 20.10 - 23.10 Crash Course In Sciene Tour 21.10 CCIS @ Paradiso
Amsterdam - NL 
03.12 DIVE @ Bunker
Reithalle - Dresden - D
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