Richard Herring Newsletter
May 2015
A New Beginning...
Hello and welcome to my brand new swanky newsletter with all pictures and proper links and stuff. I know, it's super crazy. I have caught up with the first decade of the 21st Century.
I will be keeping you up to date with what I am up to each month and hopefully providing a few extra funnies for you too.
Lord of the Dance Settee Tour
The tour continues and there are only around about 20 more opportunities to see this show. And the DVD record is just around the corner (May 15th at the Bloomsbury).
Here are the gigs coming up in May
May 9th   City Varieties, LEEDS (VERY LIMITED)
May 14th/15th Bloomsbury Theatre LONDON (DVD RECORD on 15th - selling fast)
May 18th  WREXHAM
May 19th Sutton Coldfield (SOLD OUT)
May 23rd SWINDON
In June I will be on in Eastborne, Bridport, Ullverston and Hebden Bridge
RHLSTP returns + Kickstarter
We're recording loads more RHLSTPs every Monday in June and July. No confirmed guests as yet, though some exciting possibilities (and monthly subscribers will be the first to find out the big name guests). Keep your eye on my Twitter feed and the LST website for details
But all the guests will be ace so take a chance and book now
The podcasts will go up as free audio as usual, but we don't know whether we'll be filming them this time. It costs £1500 an episode to film and edit and as we're doing 18 of them that would use up all our badge money for a year. So we're giving you the chance to decide if we film the podcasts as well via this kickstarter campaign with some fabulous prizes and chances to get your name on the podcasts or even your face and your own question.
All the details are there. If you fancy it then chip in, but if people don't want to then the podcast will continue in audio only.

The King of Edinburgh Fringe
Tickets are already selling for my marathon attempt to do all 11 of my solo shows, plus a new one over six weekends in August and September. The new show is going to be called "Happy Now?" You can get tickets to individual shows, but you get discounts if you buy for three or more, or six or more and to see all 12 is only £100 plus you get a one-off hand-drawn and signed T-shirt that I will have created for you.
I will be previewing some of this stuff throughout June and July - keep your eye on my gig guide.
Lots of chances to see or hear me prattling on:
We're putting up retro RHLSTP videos on my Youtube channel, but they're also available on vimeo and iTunes
There is a semi-regular, Lord of the Dance Settee podcast giving an insight into life on tour and how I put the show together at the British Comedy Guide and iTunes.
I am recording Warming Up when I can. It's on Soundcloud and iTunes.
And I am getting in the occasional frame of self-playing snooker in Me1 Vs Me2 Snooker.
You can buy longer versions of all six episodes of Meaning of Life on video and/or audio at gofasterstripe. Or watch the 45 minute free versions on Youtube or iTunes.
Other attempts to make money to create brand new internet content and hopefully a new monthly series of AIOTM in 2016 include:
My ebay page - weekly additions of old scripts, Lee and Herring memorabilia and poorly drawn T-shirts and signed snooker balls. All the money goes to future internet projects.
Monthly subscriptions - Pay a pound (or more) a month (or make a one-off donation) in return for a badge, entry into a monthly prize draw, access to a secret channel of exclusive extras (like additional backstage interviews at RHLSTP) and a badge.
Other Stuff
My daughter Phoebe is approaching her fourth month of life. She is utterly delightful and full of urine. I can make her laugh which is just the best thing ever. If you want to know more then I go on about her in my blog and Metro column.
I am trying to get back into doing more full on writing, but so far to no avail, but hope to begin work on some sitcom pilot scripts this year. I don't think anything new is coming up on the radio or TV at the moment.
Ultimately I am trying to have a bit more of a life and spend time with my daughter and wife. It's been really amazing. I am like Jim Carey at the end of all his films, though it's taken me 47 years to realise family is more important than work when it only takes him 90 minutes. To be fair he always forgets what he's learned and makes the same mistake in his next film, so he is more of an idiot than me.
Thanks for reading,
I hope you enjoyed the new style newsletter. Have a great May
Richard Herring
Mr President
ABC Company, 123 Any Street, Any Town
I have left that in from the template because I thought that it was cool that I was a president. And lived at 123 Any Street. You may disagree. But you'd be wrong.